The AAnn race are a highly militaristic reptilian race located near Thanagar Empire and the Dionii Hive. Unfortunately for the AAnn, both of their neighbors are very militant as well, waging constant war as a way of life. Only the high tech advantages that the AAnn have built over the millenia allows them to survive in such a chaotic environment. Waging war and gaining honor are the primary goals for most AAnn. Individually, these reptile aliens are very aggressive and violent, takng umbrage at the slightest provocation and using hand to hand violence to resolve any such situation.

The AAnn homeworld is called Blasusarr and is mostly desert. They prefer temperatures higher than 90 degrees and require very little water. They only live about 60 yers and are egg-layers. Their society is organized according to a strict military heirarchy. They are ruled by an Emperor and the Pack of Lords. All are chosen by merit. Individually, AAnn consider power the ultimate measure of a person's worth; their society is filled with minor ways to demostrate power. Torturers are especially well regarded among the AAnn. Few who spend time in AAnn prisons ever return, and those who do are seldom willing to discuss their experiences. AAnn as a race are exceptionally intolerant of other alien races. On their march into space they have destroyed dozens of alien races near their space and virtually annihilated the entire Calimarr race; an inoffensive clam-like race located near the Goldfishhead Nebula.

AAnn have especially poor relations with the Thanagarians, as well as the hyper-aggressive Dionii race. They have no known allies and are as hostile to the FAR as they are the Atorians (a foolish position to be in). Military experts believe that during the next Atorian Expansion into this region that the AAnn will refuse to negotiate (their leaders are all male, the Atorians all female) and their micro-empire of just 80 worlds will fall quickly to the antimatter-equipped Atorian military. 



The militant AAnn's most famous trade goods are:

 Star Killers

 Planet Reducers

 Space Warpers



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