The reality for abortion is this: it takes TWO to make a baby and the sad fact is most states in the USA do not allow a man to have  say in the termination (or non-termination) of the baby he created. The woman gets to "choose", not the man, which I find grossly unfair and wrong. In reality, many women can hold men hostage with a (real or not real) pregnancy. It would be enlightening to see how much money has been blackmailed out of men from women over this issue.


From all the data discovered about abortion in the United States, some shocking information has come to light. First, taxpayer-funded abortions is a BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS. That in and of itself is sickening and just plain wrong. Also, most abortions are done on black women (62% of all abortions), many of them 5 or 6 times each. Abortion should NEVER be used as a contraceptive, but often it is, and the taxpayer foolishly has to pay. In fact, Democrats are so wedded to abortion that they routinely pay for it being done overseas, mainly in Africa. Every time a Republican President comes into office, he slashes or suspends the Abortions for Africa program, and every time a democratic President comes in, he reinstates it (paying back his proabort allies). Despicable.


The number of aborted children in America alone equals the total population of the states blacked-out below! We are talking MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people! This is so sick!


Abortions per State (note: California refuses to publish its numbers but its known to be the #1 abortion state in the Union)


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