Earth 13 is a typical planet, but the British Empire rules this world. Trade has been opened up between this planet and Earth Central (Earth 15). Current year is 1888.

Earth 14 current year is 1944 and the war is going badly for the Allies. Britain is staving and the USA is neutral; Hawaii wasn't attacked in 1941 but Japan has conquered most of Asia by now.

Earth 15 is "Earth Central", a empty planet that is being used by the Company (Abt) for its main trade and warehousing operations. These facilities are fairly new and expansion continues to grow as the Company increases its inter-dimensional trade with other Earths.

Earth 16 is Reich 3, where Germany and Japan defeated the Allies but the United States holds out grimly against a growing Axis threat. Current year is 1964.

Earth 17, a relocation planet for many refugees. The Company is expending significant supplies, energy, and effort to help humans from a dozen worlds relocate to this planet. Dimensional travel cures people of their injuries and illnesses, but mental issues continue to plague many survivors on this world. 

Earth 18 is Soviet 1, a planet dominated by communism and the USSR. Current year is 1978 and the USA is in disarray; communist sympathizers paralyzed the government in Washington DC until it was too late. Leftist professors in the US university system indoctrinated millions and the nation surrendered without firing a shot.

Earth 19 is Reich 4 and the year is 2012. The nations being suppressed by Germany and their weaker Japanese allies are restive, with serious revolts in North America, Asia, and Poland being recently put down. 

Earth 20 is Islam 1, where muslims hordes were not stopped in France by Martel and the Byzantines were wiped out by mohammedans. The only real cultural bastion on this world is in China, which is a puppet state to Islam. The year is 2007.

Earth 21 i Soviet 2, the year is 2022 and communist Moscow is weakening its grip on the world. Militant flareups are occurring globally, but the Soviets routinely put them down.

Earth 22 is Islam 2 and the entire world is ruled from Mecca. Current year is 2017. (AMBER ZONE: access restricted)

Earth 23's timeline was advanced, ending in the year 2015. A pandemic flu has annihilated most of the nations of the world. Less than 15% of humanity survives, most of which are in "survivalist retreats" or primitive villages around the world. The Company has chosen this world as one of its re-population efforts.

Earth 24 is a empty world with no sign of human habitation. The current year (from weather patterns) is the 1800s. The Company has chosen this world as one of its re-population efforts.

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