The Altess Dynasty has, through genetic engineering and breeding techniques, refined its people into a slightly more evolved version of the human race. On the surface, there is nothing unusual about them except they are especially good-looking and physically fit. However, they possess attributes and abilities far beyond the range of ordinary humans. The Altess see themselves as supermen who are destined to one day control the entire universe, except they are so smug and secure and so insulated by their vast wealth and power that they generally do nothing to advance their race's station in the Milky Way galaxy. As a result, the average Altess is lazy and non-productive, and far more likely to pay somebody to do something for him than to do something for themselves. The Altess like to live a life of luxury, enjoying the finer things, and generally distancing themselves from adversity and hardship as much as possible.

The Altess have few problems and nearby races have learned to avoid Altess space due to their very advanced technology and weaponry. The only serious contenders against the Altess are the high-tech Viltrumites and the aggressive Atorians. The FAR has some dealings with the Dynasty but it is the TGE that has the most direct relations with the Altess, selling them hundreds of billions of credits worth of luxury good and items every year.

For more information on the Altess, please see the Rifts Dimension Book Five; Anvil Galaxy for more details on this magnificent race. ;) 

The most popular trade goods sold by the Altess are:

Advanced Commercial Products

Advanced Automated Weaponry

Super Science: Genetic Mastery




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