Adam Troxel: Born on New Idaho, Troxel was a PSU admiral who commanded 8th Fleet. After Red Rocks, he moved his remaining forces down the New Beijing Chain in a desperate effort to stop the Hre'Daak advance to Terra. He died in the New Beijing nova bombing on November 20th, 2465.

Alpha Centauri: A major star system located just off of the human homeworld of Terra, Alpha Centauri was a major staging ground for allied forces in fending off Hre'Daak attacks. The entire star system was badly damaged when Hre'Daak forces broke through and ravaged it in late 2465, destroying its defensive fleets before warping out for Terra. Four separate human fleets were wiped out during the "Slaughter of Alpha Centauri".

Armageddon War: A devastating conflict fought between the uber-tech Hre'Daak Empire and the human-led Pan-Sentient Union and their allies. Humanity had never faced a threat like the Hre'Daak and was badly prepared for the war (which lasted almost 2 years). The annihilation of Terra and New Valkha during the conflict caused the collapse of the PSU into several smaller micro-states. Although the Hre'Daak were eventually defeated, over 200 billion humans and 32 million military personnel were killed during the conflict. The war lasted from January 15th, 2465 to February 21st, 2466.

Arretria: Located in the Palma Sola District, it was nova bombed in June, 2465. Over 90 million people were killed in the blast.

Balthasar Chain: A heavily populated chain of worlds that came under attack during the Armageddon War. Before the war, the chain was economically and politically Empired by the planets' Ultimo, Kennedy, and the high-population world Uttar Pradesh. Numerous worlds down chain suffered nova bomb attacks by Hre'Daak forces and the entire area was virtually depopulated by the end of 2465. Eventually, enemy forces were stopped at Balthasar's World in late 2466.

Balthasar’s World: Located in the the Balthasar Chain, this planet has a population of 2 billion people. The second Hre’Daak thrust was halted here on December 12th, 2466.

Battlepods: Hre'Daak weaponry was heavily biased towards phase weaponry, and Heavy Battle Pods were a prime example of that technology. Battlepods mount very heavy weapons and are automated. They can move independently of their mothership and can phase in and out of reality, firing their automated weapons at enemy warships with ease. These pods (most using dis warheads) destroyed hundreds of human and human-allied warships during the Armageddon War and were never countered effectively.

Biomechphilists: A quasi-mechanical and organic race discovered next to the high value Olympus System, the Biomechphilists were a militant species bent on absorbing any and all species into their group mind. They were finally overpowered by PSU naval fleets that were rushed into the area in 2459.

Britannica: Located near the Reformation Group, this heavily populated Corporate World was ignored by Hre'Daak forces as they passed through the system. Colonized directly from the island nation of Britain from 2160 to 2305, this planets' people have a very distinct pattern of speech which makes them well known across the PSU.

Chandler Doctrine: An outdated human military doctrine that kept large fleets of warships in centralized locations deep within the Terran Federation instead of dispersed across the entire region. Reversed by Skymarshal Ellen Devore in 2450 but only after widespread political resistance was eventually overcome. The infighting over the reversal made Fleet Admiral Devore persona non grata at many Corporate Worlder functions thereafter.

Chatapoultec: Located in the Balthasar Chain, this planet had a population of 150 million colonists, most from Terra's South America region. It was depopulated by Hre'Daak bioweapons on May 15th, 2465.

Corporate Worlds: The economic backbone of the Terran Federation, these well-developed worlds are primarily governed by corporate interests and are usually very wealthy planets. Cruel Corporate World interests sparked the political crisis that led up to the Terran Civil War and these planets have tried to cope with the aftermath of that disaster ever since.

Crucian Union: A multi-racial empire located near the Pan-Sentient Union and a nominal ally of the PSU. The Crucians declared neutrality as the Armageddon War started, much to the dismay of their allies. Some fighting took place near Union space but overall they were spared much of the destruction that the Hre'Daak wrought.

Dakota System: Located in the New Beijing Chain, this system has over 200 million colonists; all are asteroidal colonies that are mining the rich system. They were ignored by Hre'Daak forces when they passed through the system on the way to Terra.

Depika Bora: A PSU Admiral and commander 2nd Fleet. He died in Red Rocks and Vice Admiral Wang Yi succeeded him, fleeing with just two battle squadrons down the Balthasar Chain in a futile attempt to avoid the Hre'Daak. Admiral Bora was born on Indianus.

Destruction of New Valkha: The capital of the Orion half of the Pan-Sentient Union. The Khan of the Orions vowed not to evacuate his capital homeworld since he believed it would have caused wide-spread panic and loss of morale within the Khanate. When Hre’Daak forces finally cut off New Valkha and entered the system, an immense battle took place but the Orions’ ultimately lost. New Valkha was finally destroyed by the Hre’Daak and the hereditary leader of the Orions was killed on the planet. Terra itself had been destroyed ten days before, neatly decapitating the PSU. Eventually (when the war abruptly ended) the PSU broke up into many smaller interstellar states, with the Orion Cantons being formed out of the former Khanate of Orion.

Destruction of Terra: After the Slaughter of Alpha Centauri, the defense of Terra collapsed and on February 9th, 2466, a Hre’Daak battlemoon slowly orbited humanity’s homeworld, reducing the heavily populated planet to a smoking ball of ruin. The destruction of Terra would have far-reaching effects on the rest of the human race.

Devon’s World: One of the first worlds’ to be nova bombed, over 150 million colonists perished in the system-destroying blast.

Dhassa: A jumbo-sized world located in the Balthasar Chain. More than 2 billion people on the planet were saved when they were ignored by Hre'Daak forces that passed through the system. The governor forced the local military commanders to stand down, thus saving the planet.

Dis: A devastating nanotech weapon used solely by the Hre’Daak, these missile warheads dissolved anything they came into contact with; warship armor, weapons, and even human flesh.

Doug Hatchett: A PSU Admiral who was born on the heavily industrialized and wealthy Corporate World Austeel. He commanded 12th Fleet and died during the Slaughter of Alpha Centauri.

Dueteronomy System: Site of the Dueteronomy System Disaster; a conflagration that sparked the rebellion among the Reformation Group population during the Terran Civil War. The TFNS Python, a Dire Snake-class battleship under the command of Igor Propochek sparked the detonation of the highly volatile atmosphere of Dueteronomy, eventually killing 50 million people on the planet. The shock of these deaths created a rapidly expanding revolt in the Reformation Group which was a pacifist group of planets located in the Terran “Fringe” area. In the end, the Disaster created a stronger and more powerful group of planets in the region, who were ultimately able to fend off bug attacks during the Second Arachnid War and help defeat the Hre’Daak using very advanced Tolat weapons and tactics.

Eighth Fleet: A large warfleet consisting of Admiral Winzel’s Fleet Train, and supporting battlecruisers (108 ships) and light carriers (24 ships). Commanded by Admiral Adam Troxel.

Eleanor Maccoby: Elected twice to the Presidency of the Terran Federation, Maccoby was over-ridden by her Prime Minister (Sun Cen) during the Armageddon War but eventually forced Sun's resignation over the poor handling of the war. She re-instated Admiral Ellen Devore as Skymarshal but was killed along with everyone else on Terra when the Hre'Daak forces broke through their defenses on February 9th, 2466.

Ellen Devore: The top military leader of the Pan-Sentient Union during the Armageddon War, born on April 27th, 2425 on the Fringe World of Alta Gracia in the Islands Chain. She was appointed "Skymarshal" (the supreme commander of the PSU military) in late 2459. She was in the Centaurus System when the Hre’Daak arrived during the “Slaughter” and survived the war.

Esteel: A heavily industrialized Corporate World, Esteel’s population of 3 billion people was saved when the second Hre’Daak axis was stopped here on May 11th, 2466.

Everest: A large high-gravity planet covered by enormous mountain chains, Everest has a population of 8 million colonists. It was virtually ignored by Hre'Daak forces during the Armageddon War and several emergency military hospitals were placed on the planet following Red Rocks, caring for survivors of that battle.

First Fleet: The primary fighting force of the Pan-Sentient Union, First Fleet was commanded by Fleet Admiral Winzel Braun and consisted of 30 SM, 42 MT, 24 CVA, 24 SD. First Fleet was the core battlefleet of the PSU and all the PSU's supermonitors were located within this armada. First Fleet was almost completely annihilated during the Battle of Red Rocks on January 15th, 2465. Surviving units fled under Admiral Noah House, Yevgeny Knox, and Vice Admiral Wang Yi.

Fourth Fleet: The main carrier fleet that covered First Fleet during the Battle of Red Rocks. Total forces included 52 carriers (CV) and 84 light carriers (CVL). The total small craft from all these carriers was several thousand fighters and other small craft. Although most of these ships survived the initial Hre'Daak onslaught, its' entire small craft contingent was decimated during the fight. Fourth Fleet was commanded by Admiral Noah House.

Free: A rebellious colony world located in the Balthasar Chain, Hre’Daak forces bypassed this planet of 15 million colonists. Free leaders went on to join the expanded Reformation Group.

Fringe, The: Lightly populated worlds located on the "fringe" of the Terran Federation, these planets (now officially known as thr Terran Republic) rebelled after the Corporate Worlds proposed joining with their former enemies (the Khanate of Orion) into a galactic superstate. After a pyrrhic victory in the Terran Civil War, the Fringers created their capital at Beaufort and remained cordial with most other interstellar states. The Fringe Worlds joined the Pan-Sentient Union in trying to fight off the Hre'Daak attack in 2464 and many Fringer warships were destroyed in the process.

Frontier Alliance Worlds: At the end of the Armageddon War, the Pan-Sentient Union had been neatly decapitated after Terra and New Valkha were eliminated by Hre'Daak military forces. Amid numerous recriminations, humans decided to form several different political states out of the ashes of the PSU, and the Frontier Alliance Worlds was one of these states. The FAW are several hundred lightly populated worlds that were colonized directly from the Heart and Corporate Worlds, and Terra itself. Politically they follow the lead of the new capital planet Urbanos.

Frontier, The: A new and very large region of space opened up by the Pan-Sentient Union after the loss of "the Fringe". The Frontier later became the region of the FAW.

Garsten Yards: A heavily automated shipyard built in the "Frontier" with Corporate World money, the first PSU juggernaut-class warships laid down here. These yards are capable of laying down 30 large warships at the same time.

Gujarat: A heavily populated Heart World (4 billion people), it was nova bombed on Sept 7th, 2465, killing all inhabitants of the system and wiping out the heavy planetary defenses that had been built up since the introduction to the Hre’Daak, a year earlier.

Hamimoto: Located in the Palma Sola District, this planet was heavily defended and was nova bombed by Hre’Daak forces on March 5th, 2465.

Hamyang System: First skirmish of the Armaggedon War took place here; 7th Fleet was crushed by the advancing forces of the Hre’Daak in this system. There were no colonists or habitable planets located here.

Hamyang, Battle of: The opening battle of the Armageddon War, the Battle of Hamyang lasted a mere 10 minutes. PSU Admiral Yevgeny Knox commanded 7th fleet (12 SD, 16 DN, 12 CVA, 30 BC). Although he had over 500 fighters, 300 gunboats, and 400 UCAV, Knox's fleet was completely outclassed by the enemy forces, consisting of a Hre'Daak Arbiter-class battlemoon and its supporting units. Out of the 70 PSU warships, only 26 survived but all were heavily damaged. These ships included 4 SDs, 3 DNs, 12 CVA, and 5 BCs but 95% of Knox's small craft were obliterated. His command ship (the PSNS Wyoming) survived the battle and retreated to Red Rocks, where the Hre'Daak forces followed.

Hardrock: A penal colony with 18 million colonists; the planet was ignored by Hre'Daak forces as they passed through the system.

Harn Shipyards: A large spacestation stationed in the Akwaterra System (Fringe), the Harn Shipyards developed the first heavy combat carrier (CVH) and dozens were produced there.

Hektor Gika: A PSU Admiral whose command was the PSNS Gorgon (a Direwolf-class carrier). He was born on Uttar Pradesh and died in Red Rocks on January 15th, 2465.

Honshu: A heavily populated Heart World, this planets’ 2 billion people were killed by Hre’Daak bioweapons.

Hre'Daak Empire: An ancient conglomeration of races endowed with super-technology and bent on bending the will of every race they encountered to their own. With the Hre'Daak it was either assimilate or die. When the Hre'Daak encountered the Pan-Sentient Union (PSU) and its' allied races in 2463, it was only the second time for them that a very large interstellar empire had been discovered. The PSU on the other hand had never ran into another race that was as advanced as the Hre'Daak; from moon-shattering torpedoes to shocking system-destroying nova bombs to indestructible (and unstoppable) warships, the PSU was aghast at what to do as the Armageddon War broke out with the Hre'Daak forces.

Irina Rubinova: A famous PSU Admiral who died in 2nd Bug War; a monitor class named after her (Wa2 equipped).

Iso Mishima: PSU Admiral, commander of 6th fleet. Born on Honshu and died in the nova bomb blast in the Gujarat System in October 7th, 2465.

Ivy Chain: A wealthy and ecologically friendly string of Fringe worlds located deep within the Terran Federation at the end of the Terran Civil War, the Ivy worlds tried to make a go of it economically but were later assimilated back into the Federation when their economies collapsed under Corporate World pressure. A major war was averted over the whole affair only by the intervention of then-Admiral (and now Skymarshal) Ellen Devore.

Javier Medina: Commodore within the PSU fleet, Medina commanded the new heavy combat carrier division (CVH) that arrived in Red Rocks just before the Armageddon War started. He was a very experienced and popular officer and died in Red Rocks on January 15th, 2465.

Jehovah Station Fleet Yards: The Jehovah Yards are a massive shipyard facility located in the Reformation Group region that are capable of laying down 40 large warships at the same time. The first Fringe juggernaut-class warships laid down here. This is also the location of the strategic Deuteronomy Warp Point Nexus and Terran Federations’ “Boneyard”.

Jurgen Habernas: Born on Terra, Habernas was a PSU Admiral and was the commander of 3rd Fleet during the Slaughter of Alpha Centauri. He died during that battle.

Kali: A heavily populated Heart World, 2 billion people died when the Hre’Daak nova bombed the system on June 15th, 2465.

Kennedy: A major Corporate World located in the Balthasar Chain, over 4 billion people perished when the Hre’Daak depopulated the planet using bioweapons.

Kilimanjaro: Over 50 million colonists were killed when the Hre’Daak used a phase torpedo on this planet. The system was then nova bombed on May 15th, 2465.

Leviticus: A Reformation World with a population of 600 million people; Hre'Daak forces stopped here by allied forces on July 20th, 2465.

Mannerheim: A major Corporate world that was nova bombed in the Palma Sola District.

Margaret Gruter: A very experienced Fringe Admiral who died in the Slaughter of Alpha Centauri. She was born on Ringbolt Station in the Fringe and commanded 9th Fleet.

Maui System: Nova bombed, located in the Palma Sola District.

Myanmar III: Nova bombed, located in the Palma Sola District.

New Beijing Chain: A new sector of space was opened up after the destruction of the Arachnids. This chain was initially impassable at first (cut off by a black hole at BH-31) but successive probes found a asteroid belt was the culprit and it was cleared. Heavy colonization directly from Terra and Alpha Centauri allowed a population growth unseen in previous colonization waves but the area came under attack during the Armageddon War and many worlds were depopulated or badly damaged during the fighting. New Beijing itself suffered a massive and devastating nova bomb attack which wiped out all the defenders in late 2465, killing millions of inhabitants within the system.

New Beijing: A major colony world with 200 million colonists, it was nova bombed on Nov 20th, 2465 by Hre’Daak forces. Nearly all defensive forces in the area were wiped in the blast and coordinated defenses in the chain collapsed in its’ aftermath.

New Human League: A new political state that arose out of the ashes of the Armageddon War, the New Human League (or just the League) was founded by political leaders among the Heart Worlds, especially Galloway’s World. The League has serious border disputes with its’ neighbors.

New Idaho: A rebellious colony world with 80 million colonists, it was by-passed by Hre’Daak forces. Location of a secret high-tech naval repair yard. Admiral Wang Yi fled here after the Battle of Red Rocks for repair and re-supply.

New Jerusalem: A major Reformation World with a population of 200 million people. Threatened by Hre’Daak forces.

New Kenya: More than 35 million colonists were killed when this system was nova bombed on June 1st, 2465.

Noah House: A PSU Admiral and commander of 4th Fleet. His flagship was the carrier PSNS Direwolf. And he was born on New Bethlehem. During the fighting in Red Rocks, Admiral Houses' carriers were depleted of fighters and when the battle was over, he fled down the Balthasar Chain to the fleet yard at Esteel to re-equip his carriers.

Noah Trinary System: A Reformation Group world with 280 million colonists. The three populated planets were ignored by Hre'Daak forces when they transited the system.

Nouveau Dijon: One of the first systems to be nova bombed, some 62 million colonists died in the blast on January 21st, 2465.

Nouveau Quebec: More than 20 million colonists died during this nova bombing.

Nova Bombs: A devastating Hre'Daak mega-weapon that induces a star to partially nova, sending out a massive radiation and plasma wave across a star system at near-light speed. This weapon was used against several heavily defended human worlds, wiping out all life in each system. During the Armageddon War, nova bombs were used against 23 PSU worlds before the Hre'Daak were finally stopped, killing over 200 billion humans.

Olympus Affair: A political crisis within the Pan-Sentient Union that erupted in 2459 when a star system with four stars and eight habitable planets was found by a human scout near the Frontier. Claiming the worlds for humans, scout Nicholas Andoya initiated a significant political blunder which was only overcome when human leaders in the PSU Congress finally offered up half of the new worlds to the Orions’ for colonization.

Olympus System: A distant double binary system, the Olympus System has eight stars and eight habitable planets, with 850 million colonists (major colonization zone).

Orion Cantons: After the destruction of New Valkha and the death of the Khan of the Orions, regional governors decided to go their own way and form what is now know as the Orion Cantons; twelve large districts ran by Orion leaders who are often at odds (including armed odds) with their neighbors and nearby human states.

Palma Sola District: The Palma Sola District of the Terran Federation is a rich and fairly populous sector of space, including popular resort locations for civilians from the Heart Worlds. Located near the supergiant star Antares, Palma Sola was discovered early on in 2144 and was noted for the large number of human habitable worlds located in the area. Colonization from Terra's Asian areas was heavy, giving the region a strong ethnic influence. With the heavy influx of colonists to Palma Sola, the entire district became fabulously wealthy but in late 2464 the area was scouting by the enemy Hre'Daak forces before the outbreak of the Armageddon War. This event sparked fears and a massive military build-up within the district. When fighting finally broke out between the newly integrated Pan-Sentient Union (PSU) and the Hre'Daak, the Palma Sola defenders found itself on the front-lines of the galaxys' worst-ever fighting. Nova bombs used by advancing Hre'Daak forces crushed the human defenders in the region. By the end of the war the district was virtually destroyed by invading Hre'Daak forces and loss of life was heavy, with over twelve billion Palma Sola civilians being killed in nova bomb attacks alone. Enemy forces retreated after the destruction of Terra and the region became semi-independent after the break-up of the Pan-Sentient Union into its' component parts in 2466, with Governor Alexander Crow ruling the district for over 20 years thereafter.

Pan-Sentient Union: A huge super-state that combined the Terran Federation and the Khanate of Orion into one large multi-racial empire. The creation of the PSU sparked the Terran Civil War, and ten years of destructive fighting. At the outbreak of the Armageddon War, the PSU was the largest and most powerful state in the known galaxy.

Phase Technology: A unique and devastating threat, phase weaponry was used to annihilate most of humanity’s warships in the Red Rocks System. These weapons phase in and out of reality, making them almost impossible to hit. Humanity later adopted these weapons to defend themselves against further Hre’Daak attacks.

Phillyda Law: A PSU Admiral who was born on Alpha Centauri; her command was the PSNS Budapest. She commanded the carrier screen (TF 3.2) that covered Admiral Knox and died in Red Rocks in January, 2465.

Pi Puma: Nova bombed, in the Palma Sola District. A unique star system with a neutron star.

Pilgrim System: A major Reformation world, the system sports over 200 million colonists. The system was ignored by Hre’Daak forces.

PSNS Profane: The only PSU ship that was able to ram the Hre'Daak battlemoon; it did no damage. This battlecruiser was under the command of Captain Roy Kerrigan.

Quetzalcoatl: A system in the New Beijing Chain, the planet was depopulated by bioweapons on February 26th, 2465.

Rajasthan: A major Heart World in the Balthasar Chain, over 3 billion people were killed in the nova bombing on August 3rd. 2465.

Red Rocks: First major battle of the Armageddon War took place here; the allied races lost. No colonists and no inhabitable planets were located in the system.

Reformation Group: A Fringe-allied state located deep within PSU space. A group of religious pacifists settled this region in more than 200 years ago. Site of the Dueteronomy System Disaster and the location of some fighting during the Armageddon War. The Reformation Group went on to create a much large state of Fringe worlds after the disastrous end of the Armageddon War under the watchful eye of their high-tech Tolat benefactors.

Renaldo Chavarra: A fleet captain who died during the 2nd Bug War, for his renowned bravery; a super-monitor class was named after him (Fvc equipped).

Rim Federation: A small micro-state that was fiercely loyal to Terra during the outbreak of the Terran Civil War. It endured multiple attacks by the "rebel" Terran Republic and was forced to become an independent state when its lines of communication were destroyed during the fighting. Physically separated from the Pan-Sentient Union, the Rim went on to become a strong and vital mini-state located between the Terran Republic and the Orion portion of the PSU.

Seabright: More than 80 million colonists were killed by Hre’Daak bioweapons here. Located in the New Beijing Chain.

Second Arachnid War: After the Fourth Interstellar War, a single system (The System Which Must Be Concealed) escaped detection and during an eighty year lull grew to threatening size. The local Fringe world polity (the Reformation Group) discovered the new bugs and began the Second Arachnid War. Outclassed and outgunned, the Reformers eventually called in the Pan-Sentient Union for help late in the war. These combined forces crushed the remaining bug forces and ended the war (which lasted from 2450 to 2454).

Second Fleet: A major warfleet that covered Admiral Winzel’s First Fleet, it was commanded by Admiral Depika Bora and his staff and was comprised of 72 SD, 138 DN, and 150 escorts (including 35 CVA). Second Fleet was mostly destroyed in the Battle of Red Rocks.

Silverblue: This planets’ population (some 12 million colonists) were killed by bioweapons. Located in the New Beijing Chain.

Slaughter of Alpha Centauri: When the unstoppable Hre'Daak attacks reached Alpha Centauri, it sparked panic within the human government on neighboring Terra. Weak military reinforcements reached the system but were unable to stop the enemy from badly damaging the inhabited planets and wrecking the entire systems’ economic infrastructure. Four separate human fleets were slaughtered in Alpha Centauri before the Hre'Daak finally warped out to Terra, annihilating humanity's homeworld.

Springworld: An icy world with 20 million colonists, Springworld is a rebellious PSU-colonized world located in the New Beijing Chain. The planet was ignored by arriving Hre'Daak forces.

Sunnybeach: This  planets’ population was killed by bioweapons (43 million people perished). Located in the New Beijing Chain.

Terra Sola: This heavily populated planet (located in the Palma Sola District) was nova bombed, killing all the inhabitants of the system (over 2 billion people).

Terran Civil War: A brutal conflict which lasted from 2438 to 2444, the rebellion was sparked by the amalgamation of the alien "Orions" into a new super-state, the Pan-Sentient Union. Many low-population "Fringe Worlds" located on the periphery of the Terran Federation rebelled and began a vicious six year conflict. In the end, the Fringe won it's freedom but the massive civilian deaths across the Terran Federation crippled future relations among the many human and alien states in the region. Most nearby states officially (and wisely) sat out the conflict, including the Khanate of Orion.

Terran Republic: After the end of the Terran Civil War, several smaller states emerged from the chaos, including the Terran Republic. Made up of low populated but independently minded worlds, these planets were also known as "the Fringe". The Terran Republic is on cordial terms with all neighboring states and has a powerful military with which to back it up.

Tiamat, TFNS: Built at the Jehovah Station Fleet Yards, the TFNS Tiamat (a Red Dragon-class juggernaut) was only one of two ships of the juggernaut-class to be completed before the war ended because of their immense size and long construction time. The Red Dragon-class weighed in at 900,000 tons and has 9,000 personnel. The Tiamat was lost in 2468 and later was discovered to have traveled halfway across the galaxy in its size-year search for home.

Toby Chu: A Commodore in the PSU Navy, Chu commanded the primary battlecruiser screen covering Admiral Winzel's forces in Red Rocks. He was born on Palmer Station and commanded the warship PSNS Ganges during the battle. He escaped with Admiral Knox's forces to Esteel.

Tolats: The crab-like Tolat race are allies of the Reformation Group and possess extremely advanced technology. They have shared this technology with their allies (the Reformers), much to the consternation of the newly formed Pan-Sentient Union. They helped the Reformers fight off the Hre'Daak at Leviticus and their history goes back over 2 million years.

Ultimo: Over 2 billion people were killed by Hre’Daak bioweapons that were fired at this planet. A high-value Heart World, re-colonization is commencing.

Upland System: Nova bombed, in the Palma Sola District. Two billion civilians perished in the blast.

Uttar Pradesh: A major Heart world located in the Balthasar Chain, more than 3 billion people died in the nova bombing in this system on June 7th, 2465.

Wang Yi: A PSU Vice Admiral and born on Namtow, he survived the battle of Red Rocks. He assumed command of the remains of 2nd Fleet and regrouped at New Idaho. His forces (two badly wrecked battle squadrons) helped stop the Hre'Daak forces at Balthasar's World.

Winzel Braun: A Fleet Admiral for PSU, he commanded all allied forces in Red Rocks (a total of 758 warships, 65% of the PSU standing fleet) and 1st Fleet as well. His command ship was the PSNS Drake Belgrano. He died in Red Rocks in January, 2465.

Wyoming, PSNS: Fleet flag for Admiral Yevgeny Knox in the Battle of Hamyang. Considered a "lucky ship", the PSNS Wyoming was a Colorado-class superdreadnought and survived the war relatively intact.

Yangtze System: A heavily populated system in the Palma Sola District, Yangtze was nova bombed by Hre’Daak forces. At the time the system was very heavily defended.

Yevgeny Knox: An experienced combat veteran who fought in the Second Bug War, Admiral Knox was born in the Andoas System. He commanded the PSU 7th fleet during the Armageddon War. His forces were completely crushed in the Battle of Hamyang and after the loss in Red Rocks he rallied the remaining allied forces in the area and retreated down the Balthasar Chain, desperately trying to lure Hre'Daak forces away from Terra. He halted their advance at Balthasar's World.

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