A rich cluster of habitable worlds near Cardassian space and the location of the Tagran and Selelvian homeworlds, as well as several new and important Federation colonies. The Cluster is located in neutral space between the UFP and the Cardassian Union. Federation colonization of the cluster began more than 100 years ago.

This city-planet is located adjacent to the Second Republic of Bajor and is the Bajorans primary trading partner. With a population of well over 1 trillion humanoids, this planet is a enormous commercial market for all nearby worlds. Artellia is also a very very technologically advanced world and it is defended by automated weaponry and huge impenetrable planetary force fields. However the planets' inhabitants desperately need food imports from neighboring powers, especially from the Second Republic and they sell advanced medical technology in return to their allies.

Bajor is a class M planet, the seventh planet in orbit of the Bajoran star system in the space of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, sited near the Bajoran wormhole and the Denorios Belt. Its capital city is Ashalla and it is one of the oldest civilizations in the Alpha Quadrant, flourishing about
half a million years ago. It is the largest planet in the system and has five moons, the largest being the semi-habitable Derna and Jeraddo. The planet is the homeworld of the Bajorans, a warp-capable humanoid species and almost 6 billion Bajorans lived on Bajor in 2378. Bajor has a religious government, with the Kai as the head of the Vedek Assembly. Officially named the "Second Republic of Bajor", this small interstellar nation controls 30 other star systems. In addition, a old-style Federation "Watchtower" space station (Jia'kaya Station) was placed at the mouth of the wormhole when it was first discovered, and eventually handed over to the Bajorans for custodianship.

This long-distance tunnel through space starts in the Alpha Quadrant and exits deep in the Gamma Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. Since the discovery of this wormhole near the Bajoran homeworld on stardate 46379, the Bajorans have enjoyed an increase in political power in their sector. When the Dominion attacked through this space-time bridge the Prophets sealed it up at the behest of Vedek Bareil.

This alien races is one of the more prolific species inhabiting the Thul Dyson Sphere. They prefer nearly 100% humidity when breathing and use a life-support mask when outside their home areas. They get along well with the United Federation of Planets and the second Republic, often hiring out as spaceship boarding parties or assault marines since they can soak up a huge amount of damage. Hand phasers and projectile weapons do very little damage to adult Branx. Within the Thul Dyson Sphere, their population is estimated at over 200 billion individuals.

This small armed resupply ship was built by the UFP more than 100 years ago and most have been retired. However, three were donated to the Second Republic of Bajor as part of the "Gift", a tranche of slightly outdated starships. These vessels are used primarily on supply runs to the Thul Dyson Sphere.

The Chinko are a extremely technologically advanced non-humanoid race that live solely within the Thul Dyson Sphere. This immense space construct is located adjacent to the Second Republic of Bajor space. These odd aliens use antigravity support to get around and prefer a liquid environment. They also trade primarily with the Bajorans and are considered close allies of the Second Republic. They are a very organized and deeply spiritual people, and they almost never use violence, except in self-defense or defense of others.

The Chin'toka System is a important Bajoran Second Republic system located near the Federation border. It contains seven planets, two of them inhabited with almost 3 billion Bajoran settlers, and it is located in the Alpha Quadrant. The primary star of the Chin'toka System was a G-class star.

Chin'toka (primary star)
Chin'toka I
Chin'toka II and III (both M-class, shared orbit)
Chin'toka IV
Chin'toka V
Chin'toka VI
Chin'toka VII

This star system is heavily armed, mostly by automated weapons but both habitable planets are protected by immense planetary force fields purchased from Artellia. The field generator is located on a small asteroidal moon in a low orbit around one of the two inhabited Chin'toka planets. 

This race of intelligent robots lives on the world Rantor'r Minor, with the population reaching into the hundreds of billions. Their homeworld lies within the borders of the Second Republic of Bajor and is consider a member world of the Republic. They trade primarily with the Bajorans, mainly industrial and servant robots but some automated space weaponry as well. The E'khl are brilliant engineers and they specialize in nano construction, mainly starship production. They do not sell any hardware of any type to the enemies of the Bajoran people.

This alien race is very bear-like in appearance and attitude, being very aggressive towards anyone outside their family group. Their homeworld is located just outside Bajoran space and is a official protectorate of the Second Republic. They are a low-tech race that specializes in brutal hand to hand combat, as well as starship to starship boarding parties if they are mercs. All Grizzellans get along famously with the Bajoran people are considered "pack" by this race, threaten them at your peril if their bear-like ally is nearby.

This space station was donated by the UFP to the Bajoran people after the discovery of the wormhole located in their home system. It is a old-style "Watchtower" class station and it still stands guard over the mouth of the wormhole, even though it is now considered permanently closed.

A Bajoran Vedek, Bareil Antos, commander of the starbase by appointment of Kai Opaka. He sacrificed himself by going inside the wormhole to meet the Prophets face to face, to beg then to seal the wormhole against Dominion invaders. He was never heard from again: the wormhole was abruptly sealed that day and remains closed.

Kai Opaka Sulan is the spiritual leader of the Bajor people and has been so for decades. One of the most respected figures in the Bajoran culture, Opaka has led her government unswervingly and with a firm hand through recent turbulent times in the Alpha Quadrant. Opaka was born in the Kendra Province on Bajor. As an adult, she rose to great prominence among the Bajoran spiritual community, eventually becoming Kai. She has supported stronger relations with the "secular" Federation when most other religious

leaders in the Republics' government did not. She has also continually opposed relations with the Cardassian people. When visiting the Kai, she explores her guests' 'pagh' (roughly translated: energy meridian) by grasping their ears that seems to reveal their true nature. Opaka also seems to have an awareness on a higher plane of consciousness, knows things she cannot possibly know. She is also the Emissary of the Prophets, as has been most past Kais'.

This predatory space-going race can (and does) eat the flesh of other sentient species, preferring them to eating lesser animals. Their reign of terror over parts of the Alpha Quadrant were finally ended by several wars with the UFP, in which the Federation was victorious. The Second Republic of Bajor was also attacked a dozen times by this extremely militant race and were grateful when the Federation fnially defeated them, creating a no-go region around their space and limiting the size of their warships by treaty. However, they occaisionally try to break out of their treaty zone.

This alien race lives within the Thul Sphere and is a hexapod species. They dislike carnivore races and recently have cultivated trade ties with the Bajorans, exchanging various goods and technologies with the Second Republic, including valuable "zero point energy" devices. Unable to develop this super-advanced energy source on its own, the Bajorans have enlisted the aid of Starfleet in developing the system for use in warp drives (instead of outdated dilithium crystals). So far the trials are proceeding on schedule.

This avian race is infamous in the Alpha Quadrant for their extremely militant reactions to nearly any trespass into their space. The sudden attack by the Klingon Empire against the Federation badly ruffled the feathers of the Skorr, since all their homeworlds are within Federation space but considered "neutral". Nearly 100 billion aggressive Skorr counter-attacked the Klingons in the second year of the war when they came too close to their borders. The resulting battles were brutal, and without mercy on both sides, resulting in the destruction of the entire Skorr fleet and nearly 80% of the Klingon fleet attacking from former Cardassian territory. This action gave the UFP time to build defenses and eventually the Skorr joined the Federation as the war escalated, bringing their superior military skills to Starfleet. After the war ended, the Skorr were able to quickly breed another major army....just in case.

This network of artificial "Einstein-Rosenberg" tunnels were developed by the United Federation of Planets after more than a century of fooling around (and failing at) transwarp technology. The return of the Starfleet vessel USS Voyager and its unique interactions with the Borg enabled the Federation to leap ahead and rapidly create this distance-bridging technology. At the behest of military defense planners, the first transwarp gate was not built in the Sol System but just nearby, in the Alpha Centauri star system. The secondary connection gate was built in orbit of Bajor, close to the now-closed wormhole, enabling Starfleet to send ships quickly to the former Cardassian (and now Klingon) border. Additional gates were then set up at the distant Federation colonies around Deneb (more than 3,000 light years away) and the remote but vital Federation system Rigel (800+ light years away). This allowed Starfleet vessels to move into those regions of space in mere seconds, when normally it took months at high warp speeds. Additional UFP transwarp gates are now being constructed, and will soon be emplaced at a dozen strategic sites within the Federations' borders.

This small race of humanoids are one of the most feared aliens in the Alpha Quadrant; they enjoy abusing other alien beings with their long-range mental powers. Their desolate homeworld (Talos IV) has been interdicted by various races for centuries but that hasn't stopped them from sporadically wreaking chaos across the galaxy. Once the Klingon Empire attacked and began overrunning the Federation, UFP ambassadors asked the Talosians to intervene on their behalf; they immediately did so, tricking entire fleets of enemy vessels to self destruct in various gruesome 
ways. They enjoyed the mayhem they have generated and their heinous efforts caused enormous suffering among the Klingons. Their dreadful assistance was very helpful in ending the war between the Federation and Klingon Empire. Ten years later, this entire race completely disappeared, leaving a hollowed out, dead homeworld behind that was empty of everything; no one has seen them since.


This small moon orbits the Terriblis gas giant in the.....








The Valo System is located within Second Republic space and is heavily populated by the Bajorans. With three habitable worlds, this star system drew colonization early on, even though the planets all needed some form of terraforming. The population has reached over 5 billion Bajorans in the system, with planet two (B'hala) having the largest population (3 billion), with Waro and Marko having lesser populations.

The Valtese Empire is a micro-state that sits between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Long neutral, both sides have tried to ally with this extremely technologically advanced race, but the Valtese were having none of it, rebuffing all attempts at alliances by either galactic power. The Valtese Empire holds a dozen worlds (most being heavily populated) and trades primarily with the Federation. 
Since they have discovered and now utilize a powerful Iconian network of portals, they don't use starships at all. Eventually when the Klingon Empire attacked the UFP and started defeating them, the Valtese and their Kriosian allies began infiltrating and destroying critical infrastructure within the Klingon Empire by using this long-range transport system. The Iconian gates allowed the Valtese to strike huge blows against the Klingons in the latter part of the war. Protected by massive planetary force fields and defenses, none of the worlds of the Valtese Empire were ever successfully assaulted during the interstellar struggle. They, along with the Organians, hosted end-of-war talks between the Federation and Klingons, enforcing the treaty with their vast star-spanning powers.



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