I absolutely love blimps, zeppelins, and other Heavier-Than-Air (HTA) craft. I think the time has come for this technology (which is now mature) to be utilized in new and innovative ways, from sky cranes that can carry large loads that roads and railways cannot handle to sky-going liners that are able to show tremendous views that cannot be seen on the ground. In many places aeroscraft can be used to better our lives without pouring billions and trillions into road and rail infrastructure. One of the more interesting uses of blimps is for scouting, long-endurance AWACs patrols, ballistic missile defense, and Navy resupply (which can be done 3 times faster using blimps). Heavier-Than-Air ships can carry much larger loads than traditional blimps and zeppelins as well and emergency blimps with communication packages can be launched after major earthquakes or attacks to allow emergency services cell phone use in its aftermath.

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