Cause Fascist

A "cause Fascist" is someone is someone who is so fanatical about a cause that they become similar to Osama bin Laden and his rabid pack of fanatics. They always know they are right, anyone who disagrees for any reason is evil and an enemy, existing only to be crushed. Existing in significant (and dangerous) numbers in North American, cause fascists are seen in many groups, including ecoterrorist and Ecofundamentalist groups, back-to-earthers and the entire Decivilization movement (including all Antitechnics and Neoprimitivists), gay-marriage fanatics, as well as die-hard communists in the US university system. Generally these people are delusional, atheists, and fanatical left-wingers. Many of them are extremely fundamentalist, trying to harm or kill those who believe differently and they are a leading cause of division within the United States government and society because of their unyielding "cause" that they support. Many unions fall into the cause fascist system as well and most cause fascists can be dangerous, supporting death threats against public officials (see the recent Wisconsin union fight against the state's governor). 

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