The M'dok Empire was an interstellar state bordering the United Federation of Planets and ruled by the M'dok. Very similar in nature and disposition to the Kzinti, they also have the disgusting habit of eating other sentient beings, often alive. The M'Dok are a extremely dangerous race and these cat-like creatures have expanded across the stars in an orgy of violence and conquest for over 100 years. Their star systems are located near Tholian territory and they continued their expansion throughout the 2250s until they came into contact with the growing United Federation of Planets.

The distant Ilyra Sector, in which the M'Dok Empire was situated, was a far distance from the core worlds of the Federation and little interest was taken in the region until human surveyors found the Woolamurra Star System. This system has two habitable worlds but no higher life forms, and is the location of a significant dilithium crystal deposit on the fourth planet (a dead marsbody). The Federation promptly annexed the unclaimed system and began sending colonists, including many from Earth and the Australia region.

Being so far distant from the Starfleet Headquarters, it was deemed unwise to build an expensive starbase in the area and a portable depot station was instead assembled, and thus Depot 37 was born. Starfleet is continuing to explore the region and is as yet unaware of the aggressive M'Dok.


In a new golden age of exploration, led by powerful, long-reaching survey cruisers, the Federation’s frontier has grown faster than new Starbases could be put in place to support it. The Changmor-Skeck (CS) Depots are an affordable and fast solution to the problem and have begun dotting Federation’s perimeter.

Designed around the standardized cargo pods of the Ptolemy-class, two tandem Ptolemy’s can port the components to a location and assemble them in under a week. The three habitat modules plug into a central comm/sensor hub with much of the systems integration being automated. As the frontier expands, these deep space installations should be able to be disassembled and relocated further out.

The CS Depots serve as logistic support, supply resource, science station, communications relay, and of course reconnaissance. In addition to serving whatever craft are temporarily assigned duty to the sector, they usually have one or two dedicated small scouts which are assigned to them.

Pictured is Depot 37 – a typical CS Depot. In addition to having a number of small craft at its docking arms, an Odin-class light cruiser (the Taranis) hangs in space nearby as it’s executive staff beams aboard the depot for a consult/debrief meeting with the depot’s science staff.


The USS Bombay is a Soyuz-class precursor vessel and only three were ever completed. They were a test design for many new Starfleet engineering systems, many of which performed so well that most were added in the new mass-produced Soyuz-class starships in the mid 2250s.

Captains Log, Stardate 8871.2. This is captain Drake Howard of the starship USS Bombay recording. We left Port Nogi yesterday, fully restocked and resupplied. Our new mission is to explore sectors 331 and 332, both of which are vast uncharted regions adjacent to Federation space. Starfleet Command believes in exploring these new areas for future possible expansion. The crew's morale is high, as is expectations. I have been in command of the Bombay for two years now and still look forward to finding new worlds and new civilizations along our journey. Drake, out.

Captains Log, Supplemental: the addition of a new and extremely capable long-range sensor array located on the upper pylon of the ship is causing intermittent power-loss problems. However, I believe it won't significantly interfere with the operation of the ship and we will arrive at our new posting in under 12 hours. A technical report on the issue will be sent to BuCon shortly. Drake, out.

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