The Dionii

This race of man-sized intelligent insects seek to learn all ultra-technology knowledge, particularly the secrets of the power crystals, cloning, genetic reconstruction, and robotics. They have been (and apparently still are) the Mechanoids' oldest and most loyal allies. Like the Mechanoids, they loathe humans and humanoids (as well as all animal life), using them for slaves, playthings, food and experimentation. The Dioniis' cruelty is nearly as legendary as the Mechanoids. These are devastatingly ruthless, methodical creatures that engage in the conflicts of war as a way of life.

The Dionii are composed of four species of insects, combining to create a powerful warlike society bent on expansion and intergalactic dominance of all other life. The four insect species are the victors of a great interracial conflict, in which they proved to be the strongest of their people. As with all Dionii battles, there was no place for the weak; thus, all other species (some 37 intelligent insect species) were annihilated. Total genocide. The four victorious Dionii types are the Drone, Warrior Beetle, Scout, and Vanguard. All Dionii possess some type of natural body armor (exoskeleton) in addition to any artificial armor or protection they might employ. Compounded with their super physical endurance, strength, speed, and predatory instincts, they are the deadliest creatures of their galaxy. Their natural vision is also superior to most animals', being sensitive to ultra violet and infrared spectrums as well as normal color vision. They communicate with each other by using an elaborate code of clicks and whines. These sounds are transmitted by a type of natural low-frequency radio wavelength. This unique form of communication has a range of about 200 meters unless artificially enhanced. Fortunately, the Dionii are devoid of any form of psionics.

The Dionii have colonized several hundred worlds (600+) near the outer edge of the galaxy, near Atorian space and will come into conflict with that superpower sooner rather than later. However, the Dionii outnumber the Atorians (with a population well over 100 trillion) but the Empire will surely take this into account when combating these alien bugs in the future. FAR military specialists believe the Atorians will use biological weapons against the massive Dionii horde; only time will tell.

The genocidal Dionii's most famous trade goods are:
Power Crystals (and nearly never, Protoculture)

Advancing Cloning Techniques

Genetic Reconstruction (and Uplift)

Advanced Combat Robots

The Vanguard: The elite of the Dionii are the parasitic wasp-like insects known as the Vanguard. They are the electrical engineers, navigators, pilots, research and field scientists, and leaders of the Dionii. They are brilliant, cunning and quick thinking. The Vanguard, as any Dionii, hate all animal life. As far as the Vanguard are concerned, animals (including" intelligent animalslhumanoids) but three purposes: to serve as Dionii slaves, food and host bodies. The Vanguard lay their eggs in a host body of a living animal. The eggs (1-6 in a human-size host) are laid just under the skin, where they draw nourishment from the host body. As the larvae within the eggs grow, the host slowly withers and finally dies; the young larvae hatching from a midst its rotted remains.

The Warrior Beetle: The Warrior Beetle is a relatively intelligent, surprisingly quick and deadly predators. Their attacks are as brutal as they are devastating. They will relentlessly fight on until the last one has died (never surrenders) or until the objective has been attained. The perfect soldiers, they do exactly as ordered without question or concern for personal safety. Powerful in limb and natural body armor, they are twice as deadly when cast in artificial body armor and wielding energy weapons They are obedient to both Scouts and Vanguards.

The Scout: These fly-like creatures. are the smallest and fastest of all the Dionii. In the air, few can match their natural prowess. They can fly forwards, backwards, up, down and hover with equal ease; their wings beating so quickly they are nearly lost to sight. Scouts, like the Vanguard, are very intelligent free-thinkers.

The Drone: These heavily armored, slow (by Dionii standards) moving beetles are the largest of the Dionii, standing 2.7 meters tall and 6.1 meters long. Drones, being the least intelligent, are limited to physical labor, construction maintenance, and nursery (in the hatchery) work. They will obey any of the other Dionii, and dislike animals/humanoids.

All Dionii larvae and adults; are carnivores, feeding on mammals.
Natural predators. Evil and Selfish alignments. Average life span; 120 years.


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