"The Dubhe Emergency began when the Warlord of Han Kao, using his most advanced warp torpedoes, blew every space station, starship, and satellite in the Dubhe System out of the sky. He then threatened planetary strikes on the members of the Techno-Group if Han Kao and his allied planet (Liaoning) were not allowed into their lucrative economic alliance. The USS Enterprise and the USS Zeus, Starfleet's newest dreadnought, have been called in to help, but can they prevent the war among these Federation members from spreading? A war which could ultimately lead to the destruction of the entire Federation!"

(The Dubhe Emergency is a Star Trek book I have been working on (and off) for over 10 years. I hope to get it finished in the next year or two. Until then, enjoy some of the nifty details on this page. The Dubhe Emergency occurs in 2367 AD, three months before the Klingon Civil War, TNG (Picard at Kronos).)





*Nearly a thousand years ago, the ancient Vedala race begins terraforming a half dozen planets in the Dubhe Quaternary System but then abandon the project. Some of the worlds can easily sustain humanoid life, but others are only partially habitable (the Atlantis waterworlds, Golden, and Han Kao).

*First explored by Centauran scout Maule Geran'nus in pre-Federation days(2122 AD).

*Initially colonized six years after Earth-Romulan War ended and five years after the founding of the Federation, in 2166 AD. All smaller worlds in the system showed signs of Vedalan terraforming (on six different planets) but the work was only partially completed.

*Initial colonizers were genetically engineered outcasts from Earth who settled on the third planet (Golden) in 2166 and human isolationists from the old United States colonized the waterworld Atlantis A (Dubhe B I) in 2168 AD. Ten years later, Vulcan Colony 23 was established on the fourth planet of Dubhe A to ease overpopulation on the Vulcan homeworld. The planet Ceta was colonized by Centaurans in 2189 and Tellarite miners began mining the rich asteroid belt around Dubhe A (
naming their newly formed company Thruspace Inc.) and establishing its heqadquaters on a small planet in 2191. Han Kao, the sixth planet and Liaoning, the seventh planet orbiting Dubhe A, were colonized by Asian supremacists fleeing Earth in 2199. Atlantis B (Dubhe B II) was colonized in 2220 by natives of an Earth nation called England and Atlantis C was colonized by humans from an Earth provence called Texas in 2226. Thirteen years later major deposits of dilithium on Atlantis C caused a serious crisis during which the Federation was barely able to contain hostilities within the system. The three waterworlds, Atlantis A/B/C founded the Techno-Group that same year, creating a very profitable economic cartel. Later, as the Dubhe System grew in importance within the Federation and trade expanded, other planets joined the Techno-Group. Han Kao and Liaoning were left out due to the poor performance of their socialist economies. Long-term rumors of Romulan influence with these two planets has never been substantiated.


*Atlantis A(2168)
*Vulcan Colony 23(2178)
*Thruspace Inc(2191)
*Han Kao(2199)
*Atlantis B(2220)
*Atlantis C(2226)

*Dubhe means "Bear". The main star Dubhe A is also known as Alpha Ursa Majoris. It is located in the Big Dipper (or Great Bear). It is 125 light years from Earth and is actually a double (wide) binary star sytem.

TECHNO-GROUP HISTORY        Founded in 2239(128yrs ago)

*The Techno-Group (a trading cartel) is founded initially by Atlantis A, B, and C
*Federation trade with the Group begins
*Ceta enters TG(2257)
*VC23 enters TG(2261)
*Golden enters TG(2270)
*Starfleet liaison office established, Federation trade increases(introduces new mining techniques)
*TG/Tellurite Memorandum of Understanding signed(mining deal), Thruspace Inc joins TG in 2320
*TD sales to the nearby religious worlds of the Reformation Group triples
*TG/Orion trade agreements signed
*TG denies Han Kao entry(cites poor economic performance, Janata massacres, and racial fanaticism)
*TG enters into economic agreements with the Holot Empire
*First ‘aid package’ made available to Han Kao(basically a bribe to keep Han Kao from attacking), Oon Federated Alliance signs dilithium deal with TG
*TG again denies Han Kao entry, dilithium sales at all-time high, second ‘aid package’ to Han Kao
*Han Kao threats, terrorist bombing of TG Tower on Atlantis B, third ‘air package’ to Han Kao
*”Pirate’ activity upswing in Dubhe System, several Dubhe worlds begin arming
*TG envoys receive Klingon ambassador(trade agreements signed), Federation upset, Ka’tharra TG Conference bombing on Klingon Homeworld, fourth ‘aid package’ to Han Kao
*Fifth’aid package’ to Han Kao
*TG again denies Han Kao entry, TG ministers assassinated at Murranji TG Conference
*TG President Bob Walker assassinated, Atlantis diplomats recalled from Han Kao
*Declaration of Angelos signed, Coonawarra Incident
*Devastating bomb at Sarkanis TG Meeting on Ceta kills 13,000 people, including the President of the Techno-Group, Han Kao thought responsible
*Ceduna TG Conference disrupted(assassinations), Klingon mercenaries warships secretly hired by Atlantis C to protect their planet from Han Kao
*TG Comptroller assassinated on Risa
*Dilithium pricing collapse, coup on Atlantis C
*Han Kao opens fire on all TG members in the Dubhe System (2367 AD)





The Olympus-class dreadnoughts have the following capabilities:
Heavy Internal Reinforcement
New advanced shields*
Two high-capacity engine rooms
Two main computers
Attack fighter capability
Advanced high-capacity warp core x2
22 advanced torpedo launchers
Subspace bubble minedropper
Can carry up to 2500 marines
New burst phasers (saucer only)
Limited time travel capability
Heavy military-grade phaser collimator rings
New long-range subspace transporters
Subspace Antimatter Mines
Ablative Armor
Tactical Defense Drones
Spinal Lance Phaser (after 2375 AD)
Phased Cloaking Device
(after 2375 AD)  
Transport Armor: Compressed Matter (after 2375)                    

*Advanced triple shielding

The USS Zeus has limited time travel capability. It has used this ability to travel back in time to rescue the timeship USS Wolverine.

 The USS Zeus also has two extremely large and advanced warp core that enables it to maintain warp 9.9995 indefinitely. Two engine rooms(Alpha Engineering and Beta Engineering) also allows for much more power than the Galaxy-class starship. One engine room is located in the Saucer Section, enabling it to fly at warp speeds once separated from the Drive Section. The USS Zeus has two complete engineering teams to operate these two sections.

The USS Zeus carries 1000 quantum/photon topredoes for it's twenty-two torpedo launchers. The USS Zeus also carries 96 attack fighters, which it beams out to one billion kilometers distant using the new advanced subspace transporter. Heavy phaser collimator rings and heat flush intakes allow for longer firing times for the phaser systems. Starfleet's newest phaser, the burst phaser, was also incorporated into the dreadnought design.

The USS Zeus has 150 security officers, 96 pilots, 120 flight support crew, 50 Cyberwar Specialists, and two complete engineering crews for a grand total of 900 crewmembers. No families are allowed onboard, it's a warship. It has the standard Saucer seperation ability.

The USS Zeus was built in twelve months using new transporter construction technology. It was already six months into production as a Galaxy-class Explorer when it was turned over to the Aldebaran Yard for a refit into the Olympus-class dreanought.

The current Captain of the USS Zeus is Ryan Farris. Born and raised on Kennedy, he briefly attended the Betazed University before applying to Starfleet. Captain Farris attended Starfleet Academy and graduated top of his class in Applied Tactics and Weapons Theory. Starfleet Command then stationed him on his homeworld as military liaison for a year. After rising rapidly in the ranks, he was the transferred to the USS Yamato as third officer. He also did a stint on Admiral Nechayev's staff until he was given command of the USS Essex, and Excelsior-class vessel. Clearly Starfleet was grooming him for flag rank. After three years, Captain Farris was given command right from the yard of the USS Zeus, Starfleet's first prototype dreadnought in a hundred years.

Captain Farris' first deployment of the USS Zeus brought a new, very advanced race into the Federation, the Tolats. The Tolat homeworld was discovered by the USS Zeus while on it's initial shakedown cruise, over 5,000 light years from Earth.

   *The fighters onboard the USS Zeus have a 360-degree rapid-fire phaser bank mounted on their roofs and two torpedoes mounted under the warp nacelles.
   *Micro-miniturization of the warp core and new advanced shields gives each fighter the firepower and lethality of a small starship!

   *On the Saucer of the USS Zeus there are two top mounted and two bottom mounted burst phaser emplacements.

   *NOTE: The USS Zeus transporters can beam through most Threat ships shields.

USS Zeus (NCC-4466)
USS Olympus (NCC-23100)
USS Hades (NCC-4472)
USS Medusa (NCC-4467)
USS Chimaera (NCC-4468)
USS Cerberus (NCC-4469)
USS Demeter (NCC-4471)
USS Poseidon (NCC-4470)
USS Trident (NCC-4476)        Mark II
USS Hercules (NCC-4473)        Mark II
USS Pegasus (NCC-4474)        Mark II
USS Minotaur (NCC-4475)        Mark II

USS Cerberus (NCC-4469)
USS Chimaera (NCC-4468)
USS Demeter (NCC-4471)
USS Hades (NCC-4472)
USS Hercules (NCC-4473)        Mark II
USS Medusa (NCC-4467)
USS Minotaur (NCC-4475)        Mark II
USS Olympus (NCC-23100)
USS Pegasus (NCC-4474)        Mark II
USS Poseidon (NCC-4470)
USS Trident (NCC-4476)        Mark II
USS Zeus (NCC-4466)



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