The Golgan Republik contains a wild array of alien races, but most of them are in the process of abandoning the Republik for a better life on their own. The Golgans themselves are still the dominate race, and a small number of other races are expected to stand with them for the time being. However, it will only be a matter of time and circumstance before those minions go off on their own, leaving the Golgans to fend for themselves once more. The Republik has nearly 800 worlds and relations with neighboring states like the Viltrumite Empire continues to deteriorate as the Golgans empire falls apart. Large sections of the Republik have broken away and are now small independant states or free worlds. Both the neighboring FAR or the more distant Atorians have a neutral stance about the dissolution of the Republik (neither helping nor hindering the fall).

Golgans are a tall, thin, pink amphibian rce that are not very hardy but they know how to build an empire. By getting other beings to fight for them, these frail folk have lived long in the Milky Way galaxy, at times ruling huge portions of it. The Golgans today are a far cry from what they once were. Originally a happy and outgoing people, the Golgans have gradually turned cold, cynical, and paranoid. Their once great accomplishments have been lost to greed and war. Their current situation is the direct result of their being invaded and attacked by their neighbors so many times, and subtle but significant efforts by the Atorian Empire to undermine them. As a result, the modern Golgans trust nobody but themselves and no government that does not have an entirely Golgan leadership at the head of it. They still maintain a veneer of civility and warmth to non-Golgans and to foreigners to their society, but make no mistake: behind every Golgan smile or handshake is a nervous alien waiting for the moment to pull his sidearm and start firing.

All Golgans are intellectual elitists, looking down on those not of their station. They are also racist, looking down on any non-Golgan, all of which is exacerbated by their knowledge of the once glorious Golgan history. Golgans today are the descendants of a once great interstellar power that has lost its station and greatness, to be cast down to near the bottom of the heap in the hierarchy of the Milky Way galaxy. Most Golgans cannot come to grips with their reduced station even though it has been this way for centuries.

The most popular Golgan trade goods are:

Everything is for sale in Golgan space!

Wraith Space Drives

Simosium Metal

Triple Bubble Shielding




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