Greetings and hello! My name is Maxx and I have been involved with roleplay games since the 1980s, starting with D&D and moving onto a fabulous game called Villains and Vigilantes (2nd edition). I have been heavily interested in a game called Traveller and Starfire, and I flirted with the GURPS system briefly. Then I came across an incredible RP system called Palladium, and fell in love with their Heroes Unlimited part of the universe. Over the next 20 years I played and GMed with most of the products that Palladium produced but stuck mainly with Heroes.

The links you see to the left of this section is a culmination of my work within Heroes. A few items I totally ganked from other sources (like the Force of July) but I forget who wrote it up or where they are, so I am including them here as a "favorite". Feel free to download and use anything in this section!

Heroes Unlimited is a great roleplay game because you get to play the good guy as an adult, catching the bad guys like you used to do as a kid! I've enjoyed the imagination to create numerous evil organizations that needed to be defeated, ultimate bad guys that deserved to be jailed, and the whole "saving the world" thing. I mean who doesn't want to save the world, eh?

So, again, feel free to use this material for your own roleplaying. I had fun with it all and hope you will too. More on the Heroes Unlimited universe can be found over at the Palladium website, enjoy!
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