Greetings and hello! My name is Maxx and I have been involved with roleplay games since the 1980s, starting with D&D and moving onto a fabulous game called Villains and Vigilantes (2nd edition). I have been heavily interested in a game called Traveller and Starfire, and I flirted with the GURPS system briefly. Then I came across an incredible RP system called Palladium, and fell in love with their Heroes Unlimited part of the universe. Over the next 20 years I played and GMed with most of the products that Palladium produced but stuck mainly with Heroes.

The links you see to the left of this section is a culmination of my work within Heroes. A few items I totally ganked from other sources (like the Force of July) but I forget who wrote it up or where they are, so I am including them here as a "favorite". Feel free to download and use anything in this section!

Heroes Unlimited is a great roleplay game because you get to play the good guy as an adult, catching the bad guys like you used to do as a kid! I've enjoyed the imagination to create numerous evil organizations that needed to be defeated, ultimate bad guys that deserved to be jailed, and the whole "saving the world" thing. I mean who doesn't want to save the world, eh?

So, again, feel free to use this material for your own roleplaying. I had fun with it all and hope you will too. More on the Heroes Unlimited universe can be found over at the Palladium website, enjoy!


These guys are useful as NPCs when a REALLY bad guy or group of people are running amok and your players/party are unable to stop them easily. These non-player heroes won't kill with these "finishing moves" but they will certainly bring down most major bad guys and are a good "back up" for any superhero group.

They can also be excellent BAD GUYS....their Finishing Moves can be pretty horrifying to the players, muwhahaha! Of course if these are Bad Guys, then they CAN kill NPCs and Players with their Finishing Moves.

Aqualung is a superhero (or villain) who has the following powers: Animal Brother superpower (all amphibians) and the Amphibious superpower, and the devastating strike called the “Frog Mob Finishing Move”. This finishing move is used only in dire circumstances, since the target will most likely die. When activated, this powerful option makes all nearby snakes, frogs and toads, and any other amphibious creature obey Aqualung's commands and arrive at the scene of battle within 2 minutes. These minions begin "mobbing" the NPR or player that Aqualung has targeted with this powerful attack!

Since many of these creatures are highly poisonous, there is little doubt anyone could survive this attack.
In addition, many heroes and villains are immune to many different types of superpowers, but poison is often overlooked and would be devastating to most of them. Aqualung does not have to touch the target to make this power move work, he can be up to 100 feet away. In locations like Florida and Louisiana, this power could be instantly fatal to anyone since a high number of crocodiles live in those regions. Aqualung cannot duplicate this attack more than once per week. GMs can decide how much damage is being done during the Frog Mob Finishing Move. GMs are also encouraged to describe in intimate details the Frog Mob Finishing Move; its one of the cool things you will almost never see in the game and should give the players a fantastic memory of the event.

Chrome is a superhero (or villain) with the following super powers: Energy Punch, Energy Resistance, and APS Metal. He also has this deadly attack: the “Ultimate Shock Punch Finishing Move”). This lethal blast is only used in dire circumstances since it could kill most low level NPCs and players. During this attack, the NPC Chrome uses nearly a minute to "power up" this devastating blow. When he strikes, he must physically hit the target with a fist punch, and gets just two chances to do so before this "finishing move" powers down. It does enormous damage to anyone, including those not normally harmed by physical damage. This power move is a shock to most NPCs and players who believe they are immune to physical attack. This move only involves his fists, feet or legs cannot be used.

A massive build-up of electricity in Chrome's metal hands makes this attack possible, and deadly because if the physical damage doesn't do in the target, the electrical shock it produces most certainly will. Final damage is up to the GM, since he can gauge best who and how much this should hit. Chrome cannot duplicate this attack more than once per week.

Ice Storm has the following super powers: APS Ice and Detonation. With these she creates this lethal attack: “Explosive Ice Finishing Move”. This powered assault is extremely deadly to everyone nearby and should only be used in dire circumstances; it can easily kill most low level NPCs and players. During this attack, the NPC Ice Storm uses nearly a minute to "power up" this devastating blow, which when released affects everyone within 80 feet. During this "finishing move", shards of deadly ice are exploded at anyone nearby, causing tremendous damage. Its an area effect weapon and is perfect for any situation where the players are about to be overrun by the bad guys. Sadly it also doesn't discriminate between friend or foe. Because Ice Storm is putting all her power for an entire week into this massive finishing attack, these ice shards are not blocked by regular body armor, but defenses like force fields and intangibility do work against it. The final damage to the entire area should be decided by the GM, since its his scenario and he knows best on how to use (or misuse) this option. Ice Storm cannot duplicate this attack more than once per week.

Mach 5 has the following super powers: Sonic Speed, Super Human Jump, and Supernatural Strength. He has a brutal attack called the “Pounder Finishing Move”. This super attack, by the NPC is a devastating final assault upon one enemy combatant. It is used only in dire circumstances, since the (single) target will most likely die. When activated, it takes 2 minutes to fully charge, during which Mach 5 cannot be in direct combat with anyone. This is a physical attack that overwhelms even players and NPCs that are immune to physical attacks (supernatural strength). When fully powered, this attack occurs as follows: Mach 5 begins a supersonic run that can barely be seen (and cannot be countered or stopped), he leaps into the air, and then he then physically attacks the target with numerous huge punches that dig the enemy into the ground, while also severely damaging the foe. GMs get to decide how much this damage is. He literally pounds the target into the ground using this technique. Mach 5 cannot duplicate this attack more than once per week. His other powers, however, remain available. 

Minus has the Negate Super Abilities and Absorb Powers and the “Ultimate Drain Finishing Move”). This devastating assault is designed from the beginning to severely and permanently deplete its (single) target. It is used only in the most dire circumstances since the NPC is a "good guy". Minus uses this power in the following way: he must have 2 minutes of non-combat to activate this attack. He then merely touches a NPC or player and that person's powers, health, and vitality (hit points) are drained into Minus, giving him all the hit points that he just drained. In addition, the target loses all his superpowers and upon death during this combat scenario loses them permanently (if brought back to life, he has none of his former powers). In addition, Minus can permanently absorb 1 of these powers when this super attack is used (GMs choice). The target is left with 1 hit point, and no powers whatsoever. Minus cannot duplicate this attack more than once per week.

Vortex has the super-powers of Bio-Ghost and Spin at High Velocity  and can combine them into this devastating attack: the “Ghost Vortex Finishing Move”. This combat move is only used in dire circumstances since it could kill most low level NPCs and players. During this attack, the NPC Vortex uses nearly a minute to "power up" this devastating blow. All he has to do is get near his target, within 30 feet, to start causing enormous damage. Its an area effect weapon and cannot distinguish between friend or foe. When Vortex begins this attack he starts to spin at high velocity and using his bio-ghost powers he moves at unheard of speeds (-10 to be hit). His powers drain everyone in the area according to the Bio-Ghost power while inflicting high wind damage of 2d6 per melee. This attack to an outsider looks like a large rapidly whirling fog bank. Vortex cannot duplicate this attack more than once per week.

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