Homopagans are an unofficial but influential and growing movement among the gay community of the United States. They are being used by the political left to help destroy leftist enemies, with right-wing Christians being especially targeted. They have significant allies in the "mainstream media" since many major information figures are homosexual themselves, especially in the Hollywood community. Radicalization of this group has been occurring for some time, which has included targeted assassinations on Republicans (Katherine Harris in 2004 and others), death threats against Sarah Palin and her children, and the murder of several pastors in the USA, including two ministers who have been shot down in their own pulpits for "preaching against homosexuality". This radical group of sexual deviants believes that right-wing Christians have an agenda to seize power in the US government and will try and outlaw or kill the gays in America, an absurd fantasy.

Homopaganas are a hate movement, which is creating terrorists and murders. They are a hate group, pure and simple with extensive connections to the left-wing media in the United States that provides them cover when they are caught in violent acts. In the USA they target mainly Christians and Republicans for a campaign of harassment, assault, sexual stalking and even murder and attempted murder.

Homopagan allies include the following groups in the United States:

Media Matter (terrorist media organization)
Nation of Islam (in USA)
Welfare Blacks
Major Left-Wing Media (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc)
Wiccan Pagans
George Soros-funded organizations
Communist groups
Anti-Defamation League

Homopagans are another type of cause fascist, people who cloak their hatred for their fellow human beings under a banner of a "cause". These bigoted zealots are found mainly in America (mainly due to pro-gay propaganda) and are anti-Christian haters. Their main goal is sabotage democracy in the United States by trying to keep Christians in America from having any political say in the democratic process. Being a type of "cause fascist", these blatantly vicious haters shroud their leftist ideology in "rights" and believe that religious people (especially Christians, not muslims) shouldn't have the right to vote on moral issues when they come up in the political process. Their political allies on the left and especially in the "mainstream media" like ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN promote this anti-religious bigotry, reinforcing this wave of hatred across the country and causing serious strife in the nation: when you try and deny the majority their right to vote, they will revolt. Homopagans are so fanatical in their beliefs that they become what they most hate, true fundamentalists; people that you are unable to reason with. Their open hatred of Christians is so shocking and vile that they should be denounced by all open-minded people around the world, and especially Americans who hold that everyone gets the right to vote in this country, even if you are religious. These murderous zealots have encouraged the assassination of Republicans in the USA and Christian religious leaders, both publically (mainly on hate blogs) and privately amongst their "friends" (fairly typical talk in a gay bar). Increasingly they are a dangerous left-wing force who espouses violence and much hatred towards people who believe differently than they do. Most homopagans are ardent anti-religious fundamentalists.

To prove my point, there have been a notable number of incidents involving the issue of homosexuality and the suppression of religious liberty in regards to dissent and the objectionableness of homosexuality.

In 2005, David Parker was arrested and put in handcuffs at his child's school in relation to a lesson promoting homosexuality called the "King & King" being taught to first graders in the Massachusetts school. David Parker desired parental rights but the principal at Esterbrook Elementary School in Lexington defended the “King & King” lesson and denied parents the right to be informed about it and to opt their kids out. The "King and King" violated David Parker and his wife's religious beliefs regarding homosexuality. The Massachusetts anti-homosexual agenda organization MassResistance has a webpage devoted to the events surrounding the David Parker issue and the ongoing legal battle associated with the matter.

In 2004, eleven Christians, who have been dubbed the "Philly 11", were arrested at a Philadelphia event promoting homosexual-rights and some of the charges were felonies. Among those who were arrested were Arlene Elshinnawy, a 75-year-old grandmother of three, and Linda Beckman, a 70-year-old grandmother of 10 who were arrested for sharing their faith on the public sidewalk. In 2005, after national publicity led to widespread criticism of the arrests (especially the heavy penalties being threatened) a judge dismissed all criminal charges. In 2006, a United States federal judge ruled the group of homosexuals could not dismiss a lawsuit against the homosexual activist group Philly Pride Presents which was brought against them by the Christian protestors.

Harry Hammond
In October of 2001, a 69 year old street preacher named Harry Hammond from Bournemouth, England was subjected to assault by an angry crowd of 40 people while he proclaimed his Christian views in the town center which included a call to repentance in respect to homosexuality. Mr. Hammond was arrested, prosecuted and fined but no arrests were made in respect to those who assaulted him. Appeals to overturn the verdict, which included an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, were dismissed.

WorldNetDaily reported the following regarding the famous St. Patrick's Cathedral Incident involving homosexual and abortion activists:

“One infamous incident was the assault on New York’s famed St. Patrick's Cathedral on December 10, 1989. While Cardinal John O'Connor presided over the 10:15 Sunday morning Mass, a multitude of "pro-choice" and "gay rights" activists protested angrily outside. Some, wearing gold-colored robes similar to clerical vestments, hoisted a large portrait of a pornographically altered frontal nude portrait of Jesus. "

Time Magazine reported the following incident regarding the Roman Catholic Church and homosexual activists: "In San Francisco gay activists smeared handprints in paint and hung posters depicting sex acts in the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption and the archdiocese chancery."

In Canada and France legislators have been fined for publicly criticizing homosexuality.

In Canada a printer was fined several years ago for refusing to print a homosexuality related contract that he said violated his traditional Christian beliefs.

According to WorldNetDaily: "A website featuring comments by, for and about "principled conservatism" is being investigated by the Canadian government, and could be fined or ordered shut down for some postings about Islam and homosexuality ....The Human Rights Commission is appointed to investigate complaints that "hate speech" or other illegal activity has been detected, and issue rulings or recommendations to the national Human Rights Tribunal, which has yet to find any defendant innocent in such a case."

The First Baptist Church in Gravois Mills was vandalized and threatened by homosexual activists and received obscene phone calls. An FBI agent refused to list the incident as a hate crime.

A Swedish hate crimes law was used to jail for 30 days Pastor Ake Green who preached that homosexuality is a sin.

In March of 2000 in New York City, a pastor was compelled to remove a billboard display from a city street because it violated the city’s homosexuality related anti-discrimination law. The billboard simply quoted Leviticus 18:22: “Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind. It is abomination.”

The First Baptist Church in Gravois Mills was vandalized and threatened by homosexual activists and received obscene phone calls. An FBI agent refused to list the incident as a hate crime. The incident involved an anti-homosexuality Bible verse on the churches' sign.

A British couple were told they were denied the chance to adopt because it was determined that their Christian religious faith might 'prejudice' them against a homosexual child put in their custody.

According to WorldNetDaily: "Already in the United States, Catholic Charities of Boston halted all adoption operations in the state after being told under Massachusetts' pro-'gay' nondiscrimination law, only agencies that placed children in homosexual-led households would get licensed by the state."

Five Christians in St. Petersburg, Florida which included two pastors were arrested at a homosexual rally for merely stepping onto the public sidewalk instead staying caged in their officially designated "free speech zone."

In Elmira, New York police arrested seven Christians for praying in a public park where a homosexual festival was getting started.

Finally, a typical homopagan response to the attempted killing of a Republican woman running for office can be seen below:

Run Her Down -- She's Just A Republican
Stepping into the fetid swamp that is the Democratic Underground, John Hawkins (doing it so I don’t have to) brings us the DU thread of the day, which is dedicated to the man who nearly ran down US Representative Katherine Harris (October 7th, 2004) and a group of people who were standing in support of her during the election. This murderous gay fanatic (Barry Zeltzer) was sentenced to prison for his attempted assassination of Katherine Harris and her friends; Harris was running for Senator of Florida at the time.

skypilot: "I hope he had a big maniacal smile on his face. Imagine it from Katherine’s point of view. Everyone around you scattering and a big silver Caddy hurling towards you with a broadly smiling driver behind the wheel. I’ll have that image in my head all day."

Well it is important to keep a positive mental attitude when committing a crime!  “I’m good enough.  I’m smart enough...”

slor: “I hope he voted already. No point in losing that vote due to poorly planned heroic behavior!"

Of course the most important thing is hoping that this idiot had already voted.  Not that he committed aggravated assault.

mitchum: “The car would have needed the Super Deluxe Wash. considering all of the makeup. Better luck next time."

Well keeping your car clean, especially after using it to commit a crime, is important!

HawkeyeX: “Hell, someone give that man the Congressional Medal of Honor for assaulting the woman who is single-handling responsible for the entire destruction of the United States for the last four years. Hell, he should be hailed as a hero. (While we’re at it, throw a Purple Heart for having to touch the slime of a woman) Instead, let that woman rot in jail for 100 million years."

By all means, let us give this man this nation’s highest military decoration for committing a crime!  Let us give this man a Purple Heart for committing an act of violence against a woman!  Let us hail this man as a hero and lay rose petals at his feet when he walks!  And of course Katherine Harris should go to jail for 100 million years!  Why?  Well because she is Katherine Harris, that’s why!

Generic Other: “Let’s BAIL the guy out! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

So he can get another shot!

Artemis Bunyon: “He should have floored it. And he shouldn’t have swerved."

His only crime was that he missed!

The_Casual_Observer: “I feel sorry for the guy. Harris certainly isn’t worth the trouble he has caused himself. The all around low value of people like harris normally keeps them safe and guarantees a long life."

Katherine Harris is a woman of no consequence!  Misogyny runs rampant at the DU it seems.

henslee: “He can’t get off with comm. service. Running her down is comm. service"

Running down Republicans (especially if the Republican is a woman) is a community service!  

Finally a more open and honest discussion of homosexuality can be found HERE.


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