The Kittani are a technologically advanced race from another dimension. In the past, they had used their vast technological superiority to dominate their homeworld and then moved on to conquer others. They are incredibly inventive, resourceful, brilliant, and aggressive. They love challenges, whether it be in the laboratory, building some new marvel, or on the battlefield in mortal combat. They are a high spirited, energetic, cheerful people, but also cruel and evil. They see most other lifeforms as their inferiors waiting to be conquered, enslaved, tormented, thus they get along well with the Atorians.

The Kittani had conquered many worlds and were exploring the outer reaches of their galaxy when they encountered a race of aliens obsessed with the annihilation of all humanoid life. To the Kittani's disbelief, they were no match for these new invaders and their billions of cybernetic warriors. These alien marauders, who call themselves the Mechanoids, were relentless in spite of heavy losses. In fact, the seven year conflict that ensued was one of the most extensive and cataclysmic wars the Mechanoids had ever waged. But in the end the Kittani fell, as had all others.

Oddly, a vast fleeing Kittani armada filled with refugees was swallowed up by a wormhole as it was trying to escape an encroaching Mechanoid fleet. Saved from the brink of destruction by this dimensional opening, the Kittani found a new homeworld and began the effort of repopulating their peoples. The Kittani have prospered and now have a large micro-empire near Viltrumite space. Neither the Atorians nor Kittani get along well, having fought several battles over border worlds but both are now in a state of cold war with one another, and now the Kittani are apparently snuggling up to the nearby FAR.

The most popular trade goods sold by the aggressive Kittani are:

Dimensional Weaponry

Automated Weaponry

Hyper-Speed Missiles  



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