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During wartime, many new weapons were developed to counter an enemies strengths, and the Enhanced Phaser Cannon (EPC) was one such weapon built by the United Federation of Planets during the immense Resolute War. Designed and first built by Starfleet defense specialists at Beth Delta I, this weapon was fabricated with the destruction of capital ships in mind. Housed in a special heat absorbing casement, this 6 barreled high-energy rotating phaser cannon was constructed into a dedicated forward-facing armored housing and it was extremely effective against immovable objects like space stations and starbases, and very large warships. 

The EPC is a extremely high powered military-grade phaser, even stronger than a Type X planetary defense phaser and it proved very effective on the battlefield. Its only negatives were the massive power requirements and its forward-only facing firing arc, which severely limited its ability to traverse the battlefield with energy weapons fire compared to standard pod-mounted phasers and phaser collimator rings. Since it had a limited firing arc, it was almost never mounted on static Starbases or other orbital defenses in Federation space. 

It also had huge power requirements and most starships mounting this weapon needed a back up energy source to fuel its power-hungry needs and standard fusion reactors fell far short of the energy demands needed. Ultimately, only a micronized secondary matter/antimatter power plant could feed the weapon the amount of energy it needed. On the field of battle, the weapon worked exactly as predicted: it was short-ranged but very powerful. Luckily, the weapon also had very few kinks to work out and could be mounted on frigate-size and larger starships. Later, it also proved extremely effective against Dominion capital warships in the Dominion War (2374 to 2376 AD) and became a mainstay of Federation warship design.



In the second year of the war the Romulans fielded the ultrafast Empire-class Scout, which escorted and scouted for the much larger Romulan fleets. It had life support issues but overall was a well-rounded design, and it was able to be built in a fraction of time that the much larger D'deridex-class warbirds were. In fact, over 600 of these vessels were constructed, most at Pilatus. T'Liss, and Burgas Prime.

The drive system of the Empire-class scout was exceptionally robust; it didn't use a quantum singularity core like its larger predecessors but instead had a highly compressed matter/antimatter core and extensive fuel tankage, enabling it to go far behind enemy lines. One of this class was thought to have scouted the Klingon Homeworld prior to the Romulan attack on that system, a potentially devastating raid that almost ended the war completely.



Centered around six MacPherson starships with Nimitz carrier pods, the 9th Tactical Wing was assembled at Gallipoli Station and sent forward in support of Klingon attacks in the Iconia Sector. The Wing also operated three MacPherson-class starships with the Esta phaser pod and guarding fleet elements and when Romulan warships came into range of this deadly fleet, they died in spectacular fashion as over 1,000 advanced fighter craft and enhanced ship-based phaser mounts blasted them from the sky. 

USS Einstein (NCC-27314)
USS Hampton Roads (NCC-27320)
USS Indyk (NCC-37330)
USS Tongdao (NCC-27321)
USS Xia (NCC-37322)
USS Yazov Sea (NCC-37333)

USS Zaj'put (NCC-37325)
USS Zarana (NCC-37327)
USS Serrano (NCC-37329)

Commanded by Commodore Taka Sato (a Centaurian), the 9th Tactical Wing was able to sneak behind enemy lines and liberate the Azuli Homeworld. Strongly entrenched in the foes' rear in B'Tran Sector, the Wing destroyed many damaged Romulan vessels as they fled the front lines against the Klingons. Commodore Sato then claimed Azul as a UFP protectorate shortly thereafter.

The USS Beverly Shelly (NCC-36353) joined the Wing at the Azuli Homeworld; it was the first of the Shelly-class carriers built in the Federation Annex to join the war and it began extensive field testing on the battlefield. Armed with over 100 advanced warp fighters, this carrier starship is able to project power many times father than a standard starships due to its various attack wings being able to move autonomously from its carrier base, up to a dozen light years away. As the Klingons began to run amok in the sector, the 9th Tactical Wing was able to claim the Chlorzhi Homeworld for the Federation as a protectorate as well, leaving the rest of the worlds in B'Tran to brutal Klingon occupation.



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