The Resolute War came to a sudden and shocking end when the Klingon Empire, in retaliation for the Q'onos Attack, used a new and deadly weapon to destroy a large part of the Romulan Empire. Utilizing one of their new D'Korin-class transwarp battleships, the Imperial Navy fired an exotic matter torpedo at Hobus, a supergiant star located within the Romulan Empire. Its protomatter warhead instantly detonated the star into a supernova and the D'Korin vessel was able to wrap its transwarp field around part of the flare and directed it outwards at incredible speed. Within a few hours, every world within 100 light years was swept of life and the capital world of Romulus was utterly destroyed, killing billions and billions of Romulan civilians. After this catastrophic blow, it took several weeks for a new Romulan government to form and formerly surrender to the joint Federation/Klingon Alliance. More than 30 billion Romulan civilians were killed in this attack, as well as at least 2 million soldiers; in orbit 12 shipyards, 510 orbitals, and 112 warships were annihilated. Seven major Romulan worlds were destroyed, a total of 18 planets depopulated in mere hours.

After this brutal attack, both the civilian and military leadership of the United Federation of Planets was shocked into near paralysis. No one within the Federation knew that the Klingons had developed such a devastating weapon and no official response was ever heard from Q'onos, despite repeated inquires at the highest levels of government on Earth. Starfleet military strategists pointed out that the Hobus Torpedo was obviously far more dangerous than the Genesis Torpedo, the Hobus was a true superweapon of galactic proportions. Its violent use against the government and civilian population of the Romulan Empire enormously alarmed UFP; to be able to destroy entire sectors of space was appalling in the extreme. Federation warp theorists began studying the after-effects of the weapon and later concluded that the exotic matter warhead paired with a warp-expansion apparatus could easily wipe out large sections of the Federation with ease and the UFP secretly began R&D into countermeasures to this weapon of mass destruction (WMD).




When the Resolute War entered its third year and chaotic fighting was occurring across the Romulan Empire, the Romulan Senate and High Command saw the writing on the wall and began contingency planning for a new Romulan way of life by preparing a evacuation fleet that would somehow find sanctuary in the deeper reaches of the Beta Quadrant, far away from the current boundaries of the Federation and Klingons. A large new colony ship was designed (the Rihanssu-class) and 12 ships were laid down at the Dimorus Shipyards, with a huge slew of resources allocated for their construction. The first of these vessels (the RSS Blacklight) coming off the production lines just a few months later. In all, eight were completed before the Hobus Supernova erupted, destroying the final three colonizers (the Forge, Firestorm, and Lance) in their docking bays. The other ships (the Blacklight, Bloodwing, Pennon, Shield, Starcatcher, Sunheat, T'Hie, and the Vengence) had left the region and were staging in the nearby Algeron Sector when the Klingons launched their final attack on Romulus by detonating the star Hobus. Commanded by now Fleet Admiral Donatra, this fleet eventually left Romulan space on September 4th 2374, seeking a new homeworld to establish a new Romulan Empire. Each colonizer ship carried 25,000 civilians in stasis and the fleet was guarded by two badly damaged D'deridex II-class battleships, a couple of jumbo-sized cargo vessels, a few small scout ships. Unfortunately, the dreams of a new Empire came to naught when the Romulan colony fleet strayed too close to the Setisar Nebula and the newly formed Borg Communality. These self-aware Borg refugees knew the dangers of the Romulans and refused to allow a rebirth of their militant empire, destroying all the vessels in a sudden attack on Stardate 67619, thus finally ending the Romulan Empire forever.



By the time the Romulan Empire leadership realized that they had truly lost the war the entire region was at a major crossroads. The military command was unable to field large enough warships to thwart Alliance attacks and even in large numbers the new D'armok and D'Roviss-class destroyers couldn't halt the joined Federation and Klingon advance deep into Empire  space. As a last hope the Romulan government began to create colonist ships in order to flee the warzone and start the Romulan Empire anew. Just 6 months before the final collapse of the Romulan military was also faced with a serious quandary: eight brand new Ha'feh-class battleships were nearing completion in the shipyards of Romulus itself but they would most likely never see any action. These enormous battlewagons had twice the firepower of a D'deridex II-class warship and had enormous crews. Sadly, the way the war was going it became extremely doubtful that they would be completed and put onto the battlefield before the Senate would have to surrender to the Alliance. With that in mind, construction was halted on the half-finished Ha'fehs' and they were quickly converted to vast cargo carriers. The weapons systems of these enormous battleships hadn't been installed yet so converting them was easily done, but only two were finalized and joined the Romulan evacuation fleet before the Klingons fired the Hobus Torpedo, wiping out a huge swath of Romulan territory and both Romulus and Remus. These cargo Ha'fehs' met their end with the rest of the fleet in an attack by rogue Borg vessels but this vessel design impressed the Alliance military leadership when they eventually looked over the captured ship plans. It was estimated that only a few Federation or Klingon warships could battle the brute Ha'fehs' effectively, and the Alliance was grateful to not have to face that option.


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