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Ablative Armor: First developed by the United Federation of Planets (UFP) in 2368, it was field-tested on several vessels and was used heavily in the Resolute War on many Allied starships. This defensive armor was given to the Klingons as part of a technology exchange while both politys were attacking the Romulans and proved very effective when used on the battlefield. Eventually the combat escort-ship USS Defiant (NCC-74205) at the strategic port Deep Space 9 was upgraded with the armor as well, and was also confirmed to be very potent during the Dominion War. The armor was later superseded by the USS Voyagers' "transporter armor" and later by the "compressed armor" of the Second Federation. When in use, ablative armor was extremely effective against enemy energy weapons fire. 

Adriatic Federation: Thrown back in time almost 1000 years, a small United Federation of Planets colony fleet emerged near the giant star Canopus. Over time the survivors colonized their new homeworld (Adriatic Prime) and a half dozen neighboring planets as well, growing in population to nearly 3 billion people before eventually contacting the modern version of the UFP in 2370 AD. The Adriatic Federation later joined the United Federation of Planets and is now a support center for colonization of the nearby Jenolan Dyson Sphere.

Adriatic Prime (planet): Capital of the Adriatic Federation, a lost colony world of the United Federation of Planets. The majority of the population is human, with a population of almost 2 billion people. It is located in the Federation Annex Zone (UFP territory).

Adriatic Star System: Located less then 100 light years from the Jenolan Dyson Sphere, this planet helped the Alliance win the war against the Romulans and now plays an important role in colonizing the region. It has 10 planets, of which Adriatic Prime is the third in orbit.

Agrama Sector (Romulan): A well-established sector within the Romulan Empire, it fell to Alliance forces during the Resolute War and is now primarily occupied by Klingon forces and their Romulan slaves. 

Akwaterra (2 UFP): An habitable world located in the Second Federation region of space, this planet was the capital of the 2Fed until the area was recontacted by the UFP and rejoined to the core worlds of the Federation more than ten years after its initial discovery and colonization. Its inhabitants are mostly human and it now has a population of over 200 million people (in 2400 AD). It is located 50 light years from the giant star Deneb, and over 3,000 light years from Earth and Sector 001.

Aldebaran: Aldebaran III is home to 1 million alien natives and 2 billion Federation citizens. Aldebaran is also the location of the semi-secret Aldebaran Yards, one of the Federation's most advanced shipyards. A federal republic with excellent ship facilities (A+), Aldebaran is a binary star system: an orange giant and red dwarf star-Alpha Tauri. Aldebaran is 54 lyr from Earth.

Algor Stromgren System (2 UFP): 

Alini Sector (Romulan): A well-established sector within the Romulan Empire, it fell to Alliance forces during the Resolute War and is now primarily occupied by Klingon forces and their Romulan slaves. 

Alliance, the:
Alpha Centauri (star):
Alpha Quadrant: (list major powers and events)

Altair System: This system has two inhabited planets, Altair III and Altair VI. Altair III is inhabited by a native alien race which is very hostile to humanoids. Altair III is a low tech planet and an iceworld. Population and government type are unknown. Altair VI is a high-tech planet with 300 million population. The government is a federal republic and is an Associate Member of the Federation with good ship facilities (B). The Altair System is located 18 lyrs from Earth and it's primary star is 10x's as bright as Sol. Altair also has a companion star.

Alth'ndor Prime (Romulan):
Ambassador-class starship (UFP):
Ambassadorial-class starship (UFP):

Andor (UFP planet): Alien homeworld of 5 billion, the government is a militant androcracy. A Founding Member of the Federation and a ice planet, Andor has excellent ship facilities (A+). Andorians are a very warlike race and are most comfortable on ice planets. The eight of nine planets, Andor circles Epsilon Indi, an orange dwarf star. The Andorians have colonized over a dozen worlds since the creation of the UFP.

Andorians (race): A militant race of aliens with deep blue skin and antennae on their heads, the Andorians are proud to be one of the Founding Members of the Federation and they have an extensive presence within Starfleet

Andromeda Galaxy:
Andromeda Galaxy Exitway:
Annex Zone:

Antares System: This system has two inhabited planets, Antares A II and Antares B III . Both are human colonies and both governments are democracies. Antares A II is a Associate Member of the Federation while Antares B III is an Independent planet. A double star system, Antares A is a Red supergiant and has four planets (including Antares II); Antares B is a Yellow star with five planets(including Antares B III). The Antares Testing Range is the Federation's testing grounds for advanced weaponry and new starship designs. 170 lyrs distant from Earth.

Antares Fleet Yards (Antares IV): A major UFP shipbuilding center.

Archer-class starship (UFP):

Arganthonios (2 UFP): A jumbo-sized waterworld located near the giant star Deneb, it was first discovered by Second Federation survey vessels. It is now a colonization spot for the United Federation of Planets and is noted for its very unique water borne life. Arganthonios is four times the size of Earth but has a much lower gravity than normal, just 1.2G.

Argolis Cluster: A rich cluster of habitable worlds located near Cardassian space and the location of the Tangran and Selelvian homeworlds, as well as several new Federation colonies.

Athega III (planet): Located in the Narendra Sector of the Romulan Empire, this planet was the scene of early fighting in the Resolute War, easily falling to joint Klingon-Federation forces that attacked this world in the year 2368 AD.

Atlantis A: Located in the Dubhe System and colonized in 2168, this planet is a massive waterworld that has significant dilithium deposits. It was colonized by humans from a Earth nation called the "United States" and has a population of over 100 million people.

Atlantis B: Located in the Dubhe System and colonized in 2220, this planet is a massive waterworld that has significant dilithium deposits. It was colonized by humans from a Earth nation called "England" and has a population of over 80 million people.

Atlantis C: Located in the Dubhe System and colonized in 2226, this planet is a massive waterworld that has significant dilithium deposits. It was colonized by humans from a Earth province called "Texas" and has a population of over 50 million people.

Axanar: A alien homeworld of 1.2 billion, the government is a patriarchy. An Associate Member of the Federation with poor ship facilities (D). A single star system (Red), Axanar is the fourth of fifteen planets.

Azuli (race): A bipedal species that was conquered by the Romulans generations ago, their homeworld has become a UFP Protectorate now that the Resolute War has ended.

Azuli Homeworld (planet): Located in the B'Tran Sector of the Romulan Empire, this alien homeworld was liberated by Alliance forces during the Resolute War and is now a "protectorate" held by the UFP.

Azure Sector(Romulan): A well-established sector within the Romulan Empire, it fell to Alliance forces during the Resolute War and is now primarily occupied by Klingon forces and their Romulan slaves. 

Babel: A neutral planetoid where many important Federation situations have been defused, Babel is located in a star system deep within the Federation.

Bajor Sector: The Bajor sector (also known as Federation Sector 47) is a region of space in the Alpha Quadrant. The sector contains the Bajoran system (home of the Bajorans), the Federation space station Deep Space 9, as well as Starfleet's Antares Ship Yards. The sector is notable for its location at the entrance of a stable wormhole, the Bajoran wormhole. A chart of the area indicates that the Bajoran sector is a cubic area (width = 85 ly, length = 102 ly, depth = 90 ly) that contains over a dozen major star systems and many stellar points of interest. The Bajor system is 50 light years from the Federation's outer perimeter.

Bajor (UFP planet): Bajor is a class M planet, the seventh planet in orbit of the Bajoran star system in the space of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, sited near the Bajoran wormhole and the Denorios Belt. Its capital city is Ashalla and it is one of the oldest civilizations in the Alpha Quadrant, flourishing about half a million years ago and undertaking its first interstellar flights around the 16th century. This system was located in the Bajor sector, a area of space in the Alpha Quadrant and is also situated near the Badlands and the Demilitarized Zone. It is also just sixty light years from Ferenginar, a major trade world. It is the largest planet in the system and has five moons, the largest being the semi-habitable Derna and Jeraddo. The planet is the homeworld of the Bajorans, a warp-capable humanoid species and almost 4 billion Bajorans lived on Bajor in 2378. From about 2319 AD to 2369 AD, Bajor was occupied by the Cardassian Union. During this time, the Cardassians not only decimated the Bajoran population and destroyed large parts of its infrastructure, but also poisoned several areas of the planet in order to compromise the food supply after their withdrawal. After decades of Cardassian rule, the planet regained its independence and became affiliated with the United Federation of Planets in 2369. Although Bajor maintained a secular government, religious leadership personified by the Kai as the head of the Vedek Assembly was also an important aspect of social cohesion on Bajor and, thus, also held great political influence. The planet's government is officially named the "Third Republic of Bajor" and it was admitted into the Federation in 2374, but the process was not ratified. Bajor signed a non-aggression pact with the Dominion in December 2373 to avoid becoming involved in that deadly conflict. The Cardassian mining station (Terok Nor) was placed into the custodianship of Starfleet, who renamed the station Deep Space 9 and placed it at the mouth of the wormhole to secure this strategic location. After the Dominion War ended, the planet finally joined the United Federation of Planets on September 29, 2376 AD.

Bajorans: The Bajorans are a humanoid race, distinguished outwardly only by extra wrinkles at the bridge of the nose, have wandered the galaxy and settled on various worlds ever since their homeland was occupied by Cardassians 40 years previously (circa 2328 AD). The ancient Bajorans had a tremendously rich and developed civilization complete with architecture, art, philosophy and even some technology before human beings on Earth became bipedal. Many Bajorans have joined Starfleet despite their home planet of Bajor still being in recovery from the Cardassian occupation, while others prefer to work with the Federation from within the Bajoran system. The depth and complexity of Bajoran spiritual beliefs has been at the core of their ability to survive 40 years of suffering at the hands of the Cardassians. To the Bajorans, the land and the people who live on it are one and the same. Bajorans are led by both a spiritual leader (Kai) and by a provisional government. Since the discovery of the wormhole near the Bajoran homeworld on stardate 46379, the Bajorans have enjoyed an increase in political power in their sector, but only after decades of victimization during the Cardassian occupation of their planet. Bajor's tradition of art and architecture was strewn around countless planets before the occupation. Its science and space programs were back on track soon after the occupation: at least one probe was sent to scan planets and life signs in the Gamma Quadrant. Relations between Bajorans and their former oppressors can still be testy.

Barclay, Reginald (person): A Starfleet technology specialist, Ensign Barclay has been noted for a number of increased high-tech advances within the Federation, including improved transporter functioning, a powerful new shield system for starships, cutting-edge long distance communications, and a new organic-interface for computers.

Barclay's Shield Bubble: The invention of Starfleets' new 5th generation shields was a direct result of Starfleet specialist (Ensign Reginald Barclay) encounter with an unknown space probe while posted aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). It was during an attack by the probe that Ensign Barclay formulated a plan to increase shield power by over 300%. Permanent computer logs over the incident were downloaded at Starbase 221 and analyzed but when asked about his radical new theory, the ensign was unable (or unwilling) to explain it or it's origins. New computer programs outlaying increased shield output were then relayed to all Federation starships, outposts, and member planets in good standing. NOTE: significant warp engine power is needed to sustain the strength of this field and as a result it cannot be formed while travelling at warp speeds.

Barzan Wormhole: The Barzan wormhole was a wormhole which had one terminus near the Barzan homeworld in the Alpha Quadrant and another that was in the Delta Quadrant. In 2366, the Barzan people began taking bids on who would get to own the wormhole, although the negotiations collapsed when it was discovered the other terminus of the wormhole erratic and worthless for use. When it looked likely that the United Federation of Planets and their allies would loose the Dominion War, several small fleets of pacifist colonists decided to risk passage through the Barzan Wormhole on three separate occasions: they wanted settle in a "safe area" away from the fighting. Eventually, signals from these refugee fleets indicated they were able to settle several different worlds successfully but they widely separated by hundreds of light years from each other. Later, a local "garbologist" urged the Barzan government to use the wormhole as a way to get rid of unwanted waste, including those from neighboring star systems and various empires; the politicians agreed to consider the idea. 

Bennaris (planet):
Bennarite (race):
Benzar System (UFP):
Beta Quadrant: list major powers and events?
Betazed (planet):

Beth Delta I (UFP): A mixed Federation colony of 400 million, the government is a democracy. An Associate Member of the Federation, Beth Delta I is an important research colony within the Federation. It is a planetoid in the Myriss System.

Big Blotto: The Alpha Centauri Star System has several habitable worlds with large virgin oil fields which has generated a lucrative export business with nearby Earth. The hunger for petroleum has never abated on humanitys' homeworld even though it ran out two centuries ago. Although Earth now uses the precious fluid only for the production of plastics and pharmaceuticals, Eaarth produces alot of plastics and pharmaceuticals. The Centauri System system contains three stars, Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B, and a very distant Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri C) and there are several habitable worlds in the system, including the Centauri homeworld. The outer habitable planet Centaurus was initially much too hot to colonize by humans until Big Blotto was built. Big Blotto is an automated station in a Luna-type orbit about half a million kilometers from Beta Centauri: it makes one complete turn once per month. The station sets up a hyperpolarized field, and Beta is effectively gone from the sky, blotted out. Beta's heat and light never reach Centaurus now because the planet sits in the 'shadow' of the hyper-polarized field and Big Blotto also absorbs a large amount of solar energy, enough to meet the needs of the citizens of Centaurus and pay for its operation.

Blueheart Nebula:
Bolbod Homeworld (planet):
Bolbods (race):
Bolbold Sector (UFP):
Bolia Prime (planet):
Bolian Wars:
Bo'mosk-class starship (Klingon): DD

Borg Attacks: Earth x2, Penzatti homeworld, destruction of transwarp network

Borg Central Unicomplex:

Borg Communality: After a devastating civil war within the Collective, dozens of freed Borg vessels managed to make it to the Alpha Quadrant and set up a new star nation near the Setisar Nebula. They became allies and technological partners of the UFP and fought alongside Starfleet in several wars after that. This new Federation-Borg Commune  alliance is known as the Setisar Treaty of 2425.

Borg Co-Operative: This small Borg community was the result of a large Borg cube being disabled and its crew returned to their own individual minds. More than 100,000 different aliens were freed when the vessel was damaged and the survivors fled to a nearby world. With Commander Chakotay's help, these local Borg were able to re-assert a more benevolent hive mind. Over time, this Borg colony prospered and contact was re-established by Starfleet some years later. Using the Borg Cooperative's help, Starfleet was able to destroy or disable most of the Borg Collective, but details on how this was done is scanty and apparently Ultra-Top Secret. Starfleet maintains an alliance with the Cooperative to this day.

Borg Collective: One of the galaxy's most destructive forces, the Borg Collective could (and did) destroy or assimilate entire worlds and civilizations, creating billions of victims as it expanded across the galaxy. The Borg were only halted a few times during their aeons of expansion, most recently by a war with a toxic organic species known as 8472, and a serious civil war, and again when Admiral Janeway was able to destroy the Borgs' transwarp network and central Unimatrix. In my timeline, eventually most of the Collective would be destroyed or dissolved by humans from the United Federation of Planets with the assistance of a small Borg enclave located in the Delta Quadrant, the Borg Cooperative.

Borg Transwarp Network: The Borg transwarp network in the 24th century was a vast series of transwarp conduits spanning the entire Milky Way Galaxy. The conduits in the network were connected by six titanically immense transwarp "hubs". The network maintained thousands of exit apertures in all four quadrants of the galaxy, allowing the Collective to deploy vessels almost anywhere within the galaxy within minutes, giving the Borg a decisive strategic advantage. The transwarp network was destroyed in 2378 by Captain Kathryn Janeway and the the crew of the USS Voyager.

Bosphi (UFP planet):
Bosphi Sector (UFP):
Bradley's World (2 UFP):

B'Tran Sector (Romulan): A distant sector within the Romulan Empire, it fell to Alliance forces during the Resolute War and is now primarily occupied by Klingon forces.

Burst Phasers: Developed for the Defiant-class assault craft with the Borg in mind, these beam weapons proved effective during the Dominion War and their use was expanded to several different classes of starships after that conflict ended.

Cait (UFP planet): A founding member of the Federation. Caitians are a friendly cat-like race and their homeworld is a major shipbuilding center.

Candorna System (Romulan):
Canopus Fleet Base:

Canopus: Two inhabited planets: Serenity, population 2 billion with a democratic government, and Vorbarra, homeworld of the militant Vor race, population 6 billion with a autocratic patriarchy. Both are Associate Members of the Federation and have good ship facilities (B). A single star system(Red), Serenity is fourth and Vorbarra fifth of twelve planets.

Capella (planet): A mixed Federation colony of 1.2 billion, the government is a patriarchy. Associate Member of the Federation with poor ship facilities (D). A quadruple star system: two Yellow stars forming a binary, orbited at .17 lyr by a Red Dwarf binary. Capella IV is fourth of eleven planets circling the primary yellow star and it is 42 lyrs from Earth.

Cardassian Union: A large interstellar state ruled by the militant Cardassian race, it has been at war with nearly all of its neighbors at one time or another, including the United Federation of Planets. The governing body of the Cardassian Union was the elected Detapa Council, which had ruled for centuries. However, in recent years the Council's power was usurped by Cardassian Central Command, the military branch of the government, which sadly transformed Cardassia into a police state. The Cardassian Union joined the Dominion after a devastating invasion by the Klingon Empire in late 2374 AD (my timeline) but lost the war with the rest of the Dominion forces in 2376 AD (my timeline). The Union went back to being a more benign galactic power after the war, with the reinstatement of the Detapa Council as the ruling body of the empire.

Cardassian/Federation Conflict: The Federation-Cardassian Wars (known in the Federation as the Border Wars) were prolonged conflicts between the Federation and the Cardassian Union, which started in 2347 AD and lasted into the 2350s: smaller skirmishes, not officially considered part of the wars, continued into the 2360s. The ensuing stalemate by the mid-2360s advantaged neither side in firepower or territory. In 2366 AD, open hostilities between the UFP and Cardassians finally ended. A 2367 truce enforced an end to hostilities but left key questions unresolved; the finalized treaty, unsigned until 2370, formed a demilitarized zone between the powers, creating a new border and clarifying claims to dozens of border planets. Losses during the wars left deep scars on both sides but the signing of the Jankata Accord formally ended the war.

Cardassians: The Cardassians are an aggressive humanoid species from the Alpha Quadrant and they were native to the planet Cardassia Prime, capital world of the Cardassian Union. Known throughout the Alpha Quadrant for being extremely ruthless, the Cardassians became one of the greatest enemies of the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire, when the Cardassian Union joined the Dominion in 2373. Cardassians had a xenophobic attitude towards other species, which was well established throughout the quadrant after the Setlik III massacre during the Cardassian Border Wars, as well as when Cardassian atrocities during the Occupation of Bajor were revealed after they withdrew from the planet Bajor in 2369.  Cardassians are similar to Romulans in their xenophobic tendencies, and also shared a Romulan belief that there was no such thing as luck. Like the Breen, they treated their prisoners with little tolerance or sympathy, and had no qualms with using torture to extract information. Some Cardassians were even known to enjoy torturing their prisoners and to do it whether there was information to be extracted or not. The Cardassians were well known for their photographic memories, enabled by rigorous childhood training. They were well known for genetic engineering, even allowing other galactic powers to study their creations, such as the Federation. The ideal Cardassian life was one of complete loyalty and servitude to the State and family. The Cardassian government was assumed to be omniscient, omnipotent, and benevolent. In a sense, when the Cardassians abandoned their spiritual ways and began their expansion throughout the Alpha Quadrant centuries ago, they simply applied a twisted form of their religion to their political philosophy. During the Dominion War it became blatantly obvious that Female Changeling made territorial concessions to the Breen in 2375 (in order to convince them to join the Dominion) including some Cardassian worlds. Eventually, the Cardassians revolted and Dominion forces began escalated atrocities against Cardassian civilians attempting to quell the revolt, which enraged the Cardassian military. Near the end of the Dominion War, nearly the entire Cardassian fleet turned on the Dominion, allowing the United Federation of Planets and their allies to gain a decisive advantage during the Battle of Cardassia and eventually win the Dominion War.

Castax (star system): Located in Second Federation space, the Castax System is made up of 6 co-orbiting stars and has 5 habitable worlds. It has become a major colonization zone for the Federation. One of these planets is homeworld of the low-tech Castax race.

Centauri (race):

Centauran System: A Founding Member of the Federation with seven planets orbiting Alpha A, including Centaurus and Al Rijil (homeworld of the Centauran race). Big Blotto(in Centauran orbit) blocks Alpha B sunlight from reaching Centaurus' surface, making Centaurus habitable for humans. Alpha C has four planets including Kent, population 50 million in fourth orbit. The Centauran Sysytem is a quadruple star system: Alpha Centauri is a Yellow star, Beta Centauri is a Orange star and Proxima Centauri is a distant Red Dwarf star. System wide population is 21 billion. Founding Member of the Federation. Excellent shipyards, including the Centauri Spaceworks. Starbase Seven is located .25 lyr from the system.

Centauri Raid (2374): During the height of the Resolute War, the Romulan Empire began staging deep penetrating raids into Federation and Klingon space after the Battle of Two Suns, in which the Empires primary warfleet was decimated. The Romulan military command insisted on starting this new style of attack since its warships were virtually annihilated. Admirals in the high command convinced the Romulan Senate that these forms of combat was the only way to keep their enemies off-balance while they tried to rebuild their naval strength. The raid into the Centauri System was partially successful. A dozen Romulan warbirds decloaked at point blank range and began destroying the systems defenses and civilian infrastructure. Being one of the Founding Members of the Federation, the Centauri people began heavily arming their home after the Resolute War broke out and its fixed defenses were able to eventually destroy the Romulan vessels, but the system took significant damage. This attack startled the Federation leadership, waking them up to the new style of warfare that the Romulans would now be engaging in. Starfleet deployments were shifted to a more "home defense" posture for over a year after the Centauri Raid ended.

Centauri Spaceworks (starship construction, UFP): A major UFP shipbuilding center.

Centaurus Crisis of 2268: the Crisis began...annihilation device at Centaurus, with devastating results
Ceta (planet):
Chalder (race):
Chalderescol (planet):

Chancellor Gowron: Gowron, son of M'Rel, was Chancellor of the Klingon High Council in the late 24th century. He ruled during the Klingon Civil War, Klingon-Cardassian War, and the Dominion War. He was killed by the klingon Worf in 2375. Before 2367, Gowron was a political outsider, who often challenged the decisions of the Klingon High Council. After the death of Chancellor K'mpec, Gowron and Duras, son of Ja'rod, became the two leading candidates for leadership of the council. It was suspected that Gowron had in fact poisoned K'mpec to advance his career, though many believe that K'mpec was indeed poisoned by Duras. Once Duras was killed by Worf through the Right of Vengeance, Gowron's election as chancellor was complete. Following Gowron's election, Duras's sisters, Lursa and B'Etor, challenged Gowron's office. They appealed to the High Council to install Toral, the illegitimate son of Duras, as Chancellor. The resulting division of loyalty in the council quickly sparked the Klingon Civil War in late 2367. After a few weeks, Gowron's forces emerged victorious. With the help of the Federation, Duras's family ties with the Romulan Star Empire were exposed. In the aftermath of the war, Gowron found it was best to avoid calling attention to the Federation's support during the war. He ordered that all official accounts of the events omit the Federation's involvement in the conflict and emphasize his own courage and strategic genius. When a clone of Kahless the Unforgettable was created in 2369, Gowron dismissed his right to rule the Empire, though he soon became worried that the clone's existence would plunge the Klingon Empire into another civil war. In order to keep the peace, he agreed to support Kahless as the spiritual leader of his people, agreeing to support his succession as "Emperor" (the title having been defunct for generations), while Gowron would remain leader of the Council.

As the cold war between the Dominion and the Alpha Quadrant escalated during the 2370s, Gowron took prominent Klingon General Martok as his military adviser. Martok had secretly been replaced by a Changeling, and used his position to influence Gowron's military decisions. When a civilian revolt took over Cardassia Prime in 2372, Martok spread misinformation that the Cardassian uprising had been supported by the Dominion. This view gained some credence as it fit the Founders' modus operandi, since they regularly made use of infiltrators to weaken their enemies. Martok led Gowron to believe that the civilian-led Detapa Council had been replaced by Changelings. Seeking to protect the Empire, Gowron ordered the invasion of the Cardassian Union. The move was condemned by the Federation Council, and Gowron withdrew from the Khitomer Accords, ending the decades-long alliance with the Federation. The Klingons conquered a number of Cardassian colonies but failed to take Cardassia Prime. Gowron declared victory anyway. He fortified Klingon positions in Cardassian space and continued expanding the borders of the Empire. He also ordered several attacks on Romulan targets on the Klingon-Romulan border. 

In late 2372, Gowron demanded that the Federation withdraw from the Archanis sector, in particular Archanis IV. During this time, the Dominion planted false information in Starfleet through Odo that Gowron, not Martok, was a Changeling spy. Starfleet sent a team to Klingon military headquarters on Ty'Gokor to expose Gowron. Eventually they discovered that Martok was, in fact, the Changeling agent, and Gowron's men swiftly killed it. After the Cardassians joined the Dominion in 2373, the Klingon forces were driven from Cardassian space. Facing the combined forces of the Dominion and Cardassia, Gowron reinstated the Khitomer Accords and posted a permanent contingent of Klingon officers on the Cardassian border at station Deep Space 9, commanded, ironically, by the real Martok. In early 2374, Gowron was reluctant to involve the Empire in Operation Return. However, he was later persuaded to assist Captain Sisko's forces by Martok and Worf. The late arrival of the Klingon fleet proved critical in the battle, throwing the Dominion lines into disarray and allowed the Defiant to break through. In addition, Gowron played a role, albeit unknowingly, in bringing the Romulan Star Empire into the war against the Dominion. 

Durning the Dominion War, general Martok's actions made him a prominent figure throughout the Empire, such that he was regarded by the Klingon people as their savior. Feeling threatened by Martok's growing political influence, Gowron took direct control of the Klingon Defense Force in 2375. He began trying to undermine Martok's military standing, repeatedly sending him against impossible odds so that he would be forced to retreat. Martok refused to challenge Gowron even after such dishonorable actions, believing it would be tantamount to turning against the Empire. Instead Gowron was challenged by a member of Martok's house, Worf. Worf, who had been subtly directed by Captain Sisko to have Gowron removed as Chancellor, defeated Gowron in one-on-one combat, killing him, and passed the leadership of the High Council to Martok. Despite his disapproval of Gowron's actions, Worf still performed the Klingon death ritual for him, acknowledging the former Chancellor as a Klingon warrior. 

Chatalia (planet):
Chatalians (race): 
Cherenkov Labs:

Chlorzhi (race): A bipedal species that was conquered by the Romulans generations ago, their homeworld has become a UFP Protectorate now that the Resolute War has ended.

Chlorzhi Homeworld (planet): A habitable world located deep within the former Romulan Empire, it is now a Federation Protectorate.

Chodak (race): The Chodak are an ancient alien race that has inhabited part of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants of the Milky Way Galaxy for over a million years. They are powerful, arrogant, and virtually unstoppable. Approximately four thousand years ago, their mighty empire finally collapsed when a group of rebels sabotaged their greatest technological achievement - the Unity Device. After these chains of events, the Chodak declined as a civilization and were eventually considered extinct in later centuries; the Vedalans may have had a part in their ultimate demise. A majority of their territory was claimed by the Romulan Star Empire but the Chodak eventually made a re-emergence in 2311 (searching for the Unity Device) though many were unaware of their activity in the galaxy. They began an all-out war with the Romulans, forcing the pointy-eared aliens to virtually abandoned contact with the rest of the galaxy to fight this extinction-level war with the Chodak, which finally ended in 2364 in the Romulans' favor.

Class V probe:
Cloaking Device (Federation):
Cloaking Device (Klingon):
Cloaking Device (Romulan):
Commodore Joe Allenby
Container, Starship (tug):

Copernicus Fleetyard at Luna (Sol): This major UFP shipyard has built many different classes of starships for Starfleet and the Federation and is considered a "reserve yard" for times of war. 

Coridan System: This system has four inhabited worlds, all of which are under one government. Coridan III, IV, and VII are inhabited, while Coridan IX is a Federation dilithium mining station. The Coridan System is the richest source of dilithium crystals within the Federation. A single star system (Yellow Star), the system has ten planets.

Curry-class starship (UFP):

Daa'Vit Assembly: A small militant empire located near Klingon space, these humanoids have waged an on-again off-again war with their bumpy-headed neighbors for 300 years. Located between UFP space and the Klingon Empire.

Daniel Heller (Vice Admiral):
Dark Matter Warheads (2 UFP):
D'armok-class starship (Romulan): DD
Dasin II (2 UFP):
Daystrom Defense Insitute (DDI):
D'deridex-class starship:
Declan Keogh (Commodore):
Defiant-class starship (UFP):

Delta (UFP planet): A major UFP shipbuilding center and homeworld of the sexually advanced Deltan bipedal species, it was also one of the early members of the United Federation of Planets.

Deltans (race):

Deneb Kaitos System: There are three inhabited worlds in the Deneb System, all of which have evolved intelligent life (Deneb II has evolved two intelligent species). Deneb II is the homeworld of the Deirr and the !'hew, population 1.8 billion. The Eyren inhabit Deneb IV, as do 170,000 human colonists. The Klaha inhabit Deneb V, population of 20 billion plus another 7 billion system wide. Deneb III is class-M (a waterworld) and currently has no inhabitants. Five planets circle the star Deneb Kaitos, a yellow star. A binary system. All inhabited planets are high-gravity environments. 

Deneb Station (UFP):

Deneb Kaitos: A major UFP shipbuilding center.

Deneb (star/region):

Deneva-class starship (UFP): large cargo
Denobula Prime:
Depot (UFP): mention Depot 44 and 47 raids
Depot Command:
Dewan-class starship (Romulan): hvy cruiser
Dewan'n (race): slavery empire
Dewan'n Slaver Empire (aliens):
Dimorus Sector (Romulan):

D'Korin-class starship (Klingon): A advanced battleship first built during the Resolute War (by the House of Torm, this battle-proven warship was later one of the first in the Klingon Imperial Navy to receive transwarp drive.

Dominion, the: The Dominion was a major interstellar state in the Gamma Quadrant that was over 10,000 years old. Technologically advanced and millennia old, the Dominion was founded under the absolute rule of a group of Changelings known as the Founders, whose will was carried out by the Vorta and the Jem'Hadar. The Dominion was dedicated to imposing the Founders' vision of "order" upon the universe, i.e. bringing all other civilizations under its control. By the mid-24th century, the Dominion had conquered hundreds of species. In the 2370s, the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole brought the Dominion into contact with civilizations in the Alpha Quadrant. The Founders then initiated long-term plans to weaken and subvert the Alpha Quadrant. In 2373, the Dominion was able to secure both the wormhole passage and a power base in the Alpha Quadrant, through the absorption of the Cardassian Union. By the end of the year, open war erupted between the Dominion and a joint opposition consisting of the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Later during the "Dominion War" the Romulan Star Empire joined the war against the Dominion. Despite various reversals and an eleventh-hour alliance with the Breen Confederacy, by early 2376, the Dominion verged on defeat and was additionally beset by a Cardassian uprising. The war ended when the Female Changeling agreed to surrender, in exchange for a cure to a morphogenic virus afflicting the Great Link and most the Dominion forces retreated back into the Gamma Quadrant.

D'Roviss-class starship (Romulan): DD

Dubhe Crisis of 2367: An emergency military situation in the Dubhe System sparked by Romulan interference, it was solved by the intervention of the USS Zeus (NCC-4466), Starfleet's newest dreadnought, and the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701D). The Dubhe System is located deep in Federation space 125 light years from Earth. The critical situation arose when the insane Warlord of Han Kao opened fire on all spacecraft orbiting within the Dubhe System. This incident crippled the Excelsior-class starship USS Fearless (NCC-4598) that was patrolling the region and killed over 200,000 civilians across the star system. The Warlord further threatened to fire his more powerful "warp torpedoes" at the other member planets. The new dreadnought USS Zeus and the USS Enterprise were rushed to the scene in an effort to avoid civil war within the Federation and Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Captain Ryan Farris (of the USS Zeus) discovered the Romulans were behind the plot after four warbirds decloaked and opened fire at the height of the crisis. In the ensuing conflict both Starfleet vessels were heavily damaged but they won the battle.

Dubhe System (UFP system): A four-star system with 9 inhabited planets. A major UFP shipbuilding center; population 8 billion people. Seven planets in this system were terraformed (and abandoned) by an advanced race even before the Federation was formed. Since the early days of the Federation, planets in this system have been colonized by various Federation races. 

Dultiphar (planet):
Duras Family: Duras, Lursa and B'tor
Dyson Spheres:
Dyson Support Command (UFP):

Earth: Capital of the United Federation of Planets and homeworld of humans, Earth is one of the most technologically advanced planets in the Federation. It produces 43% of all the vessels and weapons systems used throughout the UFP. This planet is a Founding Member of the Federation and the Terran Star System also contains the Martian and Jupiter colonies, as well as innumerable independent space stations and orbital habitats. Population system wide is 25 billion. A single star system (Yellow star), Earth is the third of nine planets.

Enterprise NCC-1701C:
Enterprise NCC-1701D:
Erumet System (Romulan)

Esta Yards (Dubhe System): A major UFP shipyard located above the planet Ceta, it is only activated during wartime and produces only military-grade starships. 

Esta-class Phaser Pod (UFP):
Excell-class starship (UFP):
Excelsior Saucer Surplus (2368):
Excelsior-class starship (UFP):
Exceptional-class starship (UFP):
Extensive-class starship (UFP):
Fifth Generation Shields (Barclay's Bubble):

Formahaut: A mixed Federation colony of 210 million, Formahaut has is a parliamentary republic. An Associate Member of the Federation, Formahaut has several asteroid belts rich in corbanite, dilithium, and deuterium. A single star system, Formahaut is the third of nine planets and is 28 lyrs from Earth. The star Formahaut is known as the "Solitary One".

Fourteeth Fleet (UFP):
Fronomios (planet):
Frontier-class starship (UFP):
Furrosul (2 UFP):
Gallipoli Defense Station:
Galor IV (UFP):

Gamma Dolphi (UFP planet): A waterworld located in UFP space but near the Romulan Neutral Zone, it has extensive dilithium deposits and a thriving multi-racial Federation colony under the surface of the planet.

Ganges-class Runabout (2 UFP):
Gasko Sector (Romulan):

Geneva: An ancient city located on Earth, it is the Federation capital while Starfleet Command is in San Francisco.

Goksun System (Romulan): Located in the Narendra Sector of the former Romulan Empire, this world was one of the first to be attacked in the devastating Resolute War. It is currently occupied by Klingons as a trusteeship; 8 million Romulans live on the planet.

Golden (UFP planet): Located in the Dubhe System, this world is only partially habitable and is the home of the genetically engineered human sub-race created during Earths' Eugenics Wars. Although the planet is an Associate Member of the Federation, these so-called "Khan people" rarely leave their world and interact with outsiders due to their militant beliefs in their superiority.

Grengrak V (Romulan): Located in the Narendra Sector of the former Romulan Empire, this world was one of the first to be attacked in the devastating Resolute War. It is currently occupied by Klingons as a trusteeship; 11 million Romulans live on the planet.

Han Kao
Harn (UFP planet)
Harn Sector (UFP):
Harpoon (planet):
H'atoria Sector (Romulan)
Heart of Virtue: honor, loyalty, duty
Heavy Antimatter Torpedoes:
Hetharri (planet):
Hobus Supernova:
Hodgkin's Law of Parallel Planetary Development:
Holoban System (Romulan):
Hooper (planet)
Hooper Sector (UFP):
Hotep Sector (Romulan):
House of Duras:
House of Konjah:
House of Kor:
Howlers, the (race):
Hudlar (race):
Humans (race):
Hus (race):
Hydra-class starship( UFP): heavy tug
Ian Eisenhower (Commodore):
Ian Worlds:
Ians (race):
Iconia Sector (Invasion of, 2368?):
Iconia Sector (Romulan):
IDIC Epidemic:
Illensa (planet):
Illensans (race):

Izar (planet): A successful and wealthy Federation colony of 1 billion people, the government is a democracy. the planet is Federation Member with good ship facilities (B). Izar is an important Federation member and former Earth colony world. A double star system (Orange-Blue Dwarf), Izar is the third of five planets.

Jambitchow (race)
Jambitchow Homeworld (planet):
Jambitchow Sector (UFP):
Jav'tal-class starship (Klingon):
Jenolan Dyson Sphere:
Jose Medina (commodore):
Jrlb (race and planet):
J'task-class starship (Klingon):
Jupiter-class starship (UFP): hvy transport-people
Kaleb System (UFP):
Kal'tesh-class starship (Klingon): DD
Kal'tosk-class starship (Klingon): BB
Karm (UFP):
Kelgia (planet):
Kelgians (race):
Kentasai Kor (Thought Admiral):
Klingon Civil War (2367-68):
Klingon Empire

Knnn (race): A bug-like species that was conquered by the Romulans generations ago, their homeworld has become a UFP Protectorate now that the Resolute War has ended.

Kren (race):
Kren Homeworld (planet):
Kukmor Fleet Base (Klingon):
Lanihan (planet):
Leander-class starship (UFP):
Legacy-class starship (2 UFP):

Lemnor (UFP planet): One of the Founding Members of the Federation, this planet is the homeworld of the Lemnorian species and a major starship production site. It is located less than 100 light years from the UFP capital on Earth. Alien homeworld of 3 billion, the government is a federal matriarchy. Over the last few decades, Lemnorians have contributed many new scientific inventions to Starfleet. Lemnor has excellent ship facilities (A+) and is the fourth of eleven planets circling it's Red primary.

Lindstur (2 UFP):
Lyserting Homeworld (planet):
Lysertling (race):
MacPherson-class starship:
Magna Roma (UFP):
Mako Sector (UFP):
Mako (planet):
Malagasy System (UFP):
Marco Rota (Admiral):
Mar'tok-class starship (Klingon): hvy cruiser
Melf (planet):
Melfans (race):
Meramar (UFP):
Mibrannu (race):
Mikulak Massacre:
Mikulaks (race):
Militar (UFP): planet, shipards, near Romulan Border. A major UFP shipbuilding center.
Minicor Minor (2 UFP):
Miri's World (UFP):
Mirror-Earth Worlds:
Mqdrekkor (race):
Multi-dimensional phasers:
Narendra III:
Narendra Sector (Invasion of, 2368):
Narendra Sector:
Nebula-class Pod:
Nebula-class starship (UFP):
Nelvana III:

New Aberdeen Yard (Aldebaran): A major UFP shipbuilding center located in the Aldebaran System.

New Trombay (2 UFP):

Nimitz Yards (Pike System): A major UFP shipbuilding center.

Nimitz-class Carrier Pod (UFP):
Nipigon (2 UFP):
Nisus Colony (UFP):
Nisus Virus:
Noro Sector (Romulan):
Nova-class starship (2 UFP):
Okinawa-class starship:
Operation Full Circle:
Orgilians (race):
Orglia (planet):
Originator Planet-Maker
Originators (race):
Originator Gateway:
Oriskany (planet):
Oriskany Sector (UFP):
Or'Loth-class starship (Klingon):
Otoni III (2 UFP):
P.O. Holland (Vice Admiral):
Palmachan Fleet base (Romulan):
Pennon System (Romulan)
Phaeton Colony (UFP):
Picard, Jean-Luc (Captain):

Pike System (UFP planet): Location of the Pike System Wormhole and Associate Member of the Federation, this world has a population of 3 billion people. The system has three habitable planets and all are descendants of more primitive humans, possibly relocated there by the Preservers.

Planet-Maker, the:
Pol (2 UFP):
Polarized Phasers:
Poly-morphic Shields (2 UFP): large areas only, exceptional for starbases
Port Allenby (UFP):
Preservers (race):
Primisaurr Empire (aliens):
Prometheus-class starship (UFP):
Ptolemy-class starship (UFP): strategic tug
Pyairr (planet):
Pysairr Sector (UFP):
Quad-Eye Sensor Array (2 UFP): 50LY range
Qualor Depot:
Quantum Tordpedoes:
Quantum-class scouts (2 UFP): (with transwarp drive)
Raid Over Miri's World:
Raid Over Q'onoS (2374):
Rator Intervention:
Rator System (Romulan):
Resolute War (2368-2374)
Rhine-class starship (2 UFP):

Rigel System: This system has four inhabited planets. Rigel II has 8 billion human colonists and it's government is a autocratic monarchy. Rigel IV has 300,000 Centauran colonists and is a gynarchy. Rigel V is the homeworld of the Rigelian race, population 1.8 billion. Rigel V is a agro world and Rigelians are related to Vulcans. Thay also believe in multiple marriages, with 24 spouses the average. Rigel VIII is home to 5.4 billion Orions. Rigel XII has a automated Federation dilithium mining station on it's desert surface. The Rigel System is a quadruple star system, a Blue White Supergiant (no planets), a Blue White Giant with thirteen planets (including Rigel XII), a Red star with fourteen planets (including Rigel II, IV, and V), and a Blue star with ten planets (including Rigel VIII). All inhabited planets are Associate Members of the Federation except Rigel V, which is a Federation Member. The Rigel System is 543 lyrs from Earth and is listed in this directory due to it's importance within the Federation. The star Rigel is 18,000x's brighter than Sol.

Romulan Biowarfare (2371):
Romulan Deep Range Strikes-Klingon Empire:
Romulan Deep Range Strikes-UFP:
Romulan Empire
Romulan Monitor-class starship:
Ryan Farris (Captain):
Sailor (planet):
San Francisco: Starfleet HQ
Seabright (planet):
Second Federation: re-found by UFP in 2394 AD
Sector 915 (UFP):
Sector 916 (UFP):
Sector 918 (UFP):
Sector 930 (UFP):
Selachee (race): 
Selachee Homeworld (planet):
Selachee Sector (UFP):
Selelvians (race):
Sentinel (planet):
Sentinel-class starship (UFP): light cruiser class
Setisar Treaty of 2425:
Shelly-class starship (UFP):
Silverblue (planet):
Simosium (metal):
Solanae Dyson Sphere:
Sortal (Admiral):
SPY-EYE Sensor (UFP):
St. Joan (planet):

Star System Defenses: In the UFP is multi-gigaton missiles and massed phaser emplacements, torp launchers on moons and strategically placed asteroids. MORE HERE

Starbase 1:
Starbase 117:
Starbase 123:
Starbase 13:
Starbase 221:
Starbase 36:
Starbase 520 (2 UFP):
Starbase 522 (2 UFP):
Starbase 660 (Malagasy Sysyem):
Starbase 7 (Centaurus System): half a light year from the system, strategic rear area base
Starbase 915 (UFP):
Starbase 916 (UFP):
Starbase 918 (UFP):
Starbase 919 (UFP):
Starbase 920 (UFP):
Starbase Deneb (2 UFP):
Starfleet Rescue Command: (new, for mass casualties on a planetary scale)
Subspace Minedropper:
Summerlands (UFP):
Sunnybeach (planet):
Taela Shanthi (Admiral):
Talynn Nebula:
Tarabay (2 UFP):
Task Force 12a (UFP): destroy Borg sphere, USS Voyager home

Task Force 12b (UFP): As Starfleet stood down from combat operations against the Dominion following the successful end of the war, only a half dozen starships were actually located near Earth. These ships (two Galaxy-class, one Nebula-class, one Prometheus-class, one Excelsior-class, and two Defiant-class ships) disappeared on a routine fleet exercise in 2380 AD.The Task Force somehow ended up near Bradley's Planet, over 3,000 light years away near the star Deneb....

Task Group 117 (in 2368):
Tellar (UFP):
Tellarites (race):
Tellurn (UFP):

Terra (UFP planet): Capital of the United Federation of Planets and of Starfleet Command. A major UFP shipbuilding center, its population is over 10 billion people.

Thallonian Empire:
Thallonians (race)
Thought Admiral:
Thruspace Inc:
T'iokol (Romulan):
T'Kon (race):
Todd Roy (Master Chief, UFP):
Tothpal (race):
Traltha (planet)
Tralthans (race):

Transporter Armor Arrays (2 UFP): (compressed matter), starbase defense (large area coverage)

Transporter Armor:
Tranth Colony (UFP):
Triangle, the:
Triangulum Galaxy Exitway:

Tri-Cobalt Device: A devastating missile weapon invented by Starfleet as a result of the UFP-Cardassian War, its warhead is one of the largest in the Federations' inventory and is rarely deployed on starships except in times of war.

Trill (planet and race): The Trill (or Trills) refers to two species from the planet Trill; one is humanoid and distinguished by a pattern of spots from the top of their head to their toes, and the other is a symbiotic slug-like organism called a symbiont. The symbionts would often "join" with a humanoid host so they could experience the universe at large. The symbionts live for almost 1000 years while their humanoid hosts live a normal lifespan of less than 150 years. The Trill are a very technologically advanced species and the Trill Science Ministry is a leading center of learning and experimentation in the Federation. Trill officially became a member of the United Federation of Planets in 2360 AD and later came under attack several times during the Dominion War (2374-2376) but the planet was never occupied. In 2402 AD, Trill scientists helped develop a solar suppression system for the overactive star surrounding the Jenolan Dyson Sphere, opening up the immense object to colonization by the Federation.

Tri-System (2 UFP planet): Located near the giant star Deneb in the Second Federation Zone, three worlds located in this lifeless system were located exactly within the "goldilocks zone" surrounding this star. Using the ancient Planet-Maker artifact, the Second Federation invested a great deal of time, resources, and effort to convert all three planets into Earth-like worlds, a process that took just 50 years. Renamed the Tri-System, they became a major colonization zone for the old UFP, with humans, Bynars and Bajorans flocked to these planets.

Tylissos (2 UFP):
Tyrellia Prime (planet):
Tyrellia Sector (Romulan):
Uelterra (2 UFP):
United Federation of Planets: 
USS Adriatic NCC-2254 (UFP):
USS Archangel (NCC-91984) Excelsior-class BB (Mark III update) 
USS Crazy Horse NCC-????: Excelsior class
USS Enterprise-D:
USS Fearless NCC-4538:
USS Galaxy: brief class history, destruction, convert to Olympus class, total numbers built, where it was destroyed
USS Hades NCC-????: Olympus class DN
USS Hera (NCC-62006) Nebula-class heavy cruiser (Mark II) 
USS Hercules (NCC-27565) Prometheus-class attack cruiser 
USS Incessant (NCC-75636) Defiant-class escort (Mark II) 
USS Kategatt (UFP):
USS LaGrange NCC-3916B (UFP):
USS Madison (NCC-1755) Galaxy-class battleship (Millenium update) 
USS Majestic (NCC-1756) Galaxy-class battleship (Millenium update) 
USS Majestic Intent (NCC-????): a Alexander-class battleship, UFP
USS Odyssey NCC-71832:
USS Yorkshire (NCC-77777) Defiant-class escort (Mark II) 
USS Yukon (UFP):

Utopia Plantia (Mars): A major UFP shipbuilding center located in the Sol System.

Vedala (race): An ancient race of cat-like creatures, the Vedala are a mysterious race that the United Federation of Planets knows little about. The Vedala are extremely powerful, and one of the oldest starfaring races known. In fact, the ancient Tkon Empire makes reference to this race and their enigmatic planetoid ships. The Vedalans disappeared around the same time as the Chodak, and some Federation philosophers have speculated that there was a conflict between the two races, a conflict which wiped out both species. But no one knows for sure. 

Voga System (UFP):

Voltanis Sector (Romulan): A distant sector within the Romulan Empire, it fell to Alliance forces during the Resolute War and is now primarily occupied by Klingon forces and their Romulan slaves. 

Vulcan (UFP): Alien homeworld and system wide population of 14.9 billion, Vulcan is a Founding Member of the Federation with excellent ship facilities. The planet Vulcan (population 7.7 billion) and her twin planet, T'Khut, revolve around each other. The system 40 Eridani is a triple star system and Vulcan circles 40 Eridani A. There are three planets in the 40 Eridani A system (Vulcan-T'Khut are 3rd) and asteroid belts. 

Vulcan Colonies: one destroyed, one for fanatics
Vulcan Colony 23:
Vulcan/Romulan Reunification Attempt (2366):
Vulcans (race);
Warlord, the:

Warp Torpedoes: Invented by near-insane leader of Han Kao (a Federation world), these missile weapons can move at warp speed and hit targets several light years away. They were rumored to be developed with Romulan assistance. Since their capture in the Dubhe System, they have been reverse engineered and are now used by Starfleet military vessels in combat.

Warrantors of Peace:

Whil (UFP planet): A Federation colony world located at the entrance to the Deneb Arm, it is the central supply lane for the journey down the Arm.

Willall (race): A servitor (slave) race of the Klingon Empire.

Withiki (race): A servitor (slave) race of the Klingon Empire, they are notable for their having wings.

Wotan (2 UFP):

Yaty (UFP planet): A Federation colony world located at the entrance to the Deneb Arm. Inhabitants are mostly Betazoid and Human. Yaty is a jumbo-sized world, 3 times larger than Earth but with the same gravity as humanity's homeworld due to its small potassium core.

Yelchin-class starship (UFP):
Yennara (planet):
Yuller (UFP):
Zakdorn (race):
Zeus-class starship:
Zoe-class starship (2 UFP):


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