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Greetings and hello! I want to thank you for visiting my Starfire page. This is a game that I have invested over 20 years into and its owned by Marvin Lamb. The files listed below are the summary of my work, my best work. Feel free to use them for your games. All are written with the 3rd or 3rdR rules in mind. Best wishes, Damon Bradley


Interstellar War One: The first truly intergalactic conflict for humanity, this war was sparked over tension between the Terran Federation and the Khanate of Orion, a race of cat-like beings who had a much larger empire than mankind. A six-year series of battles ended with slight human victory, leaving the opening for a much larger and more deadly conflict 16 years later.

Interstellar War Two: A multi-sided battle between humanity and the Khanate of Orion and a newly discover bird-race (the Ophiuchi) who eventually sided with humans and brought about an end to this two year war. ISW2 was marked by the first large and decisive fleet battles.

Interstellar War Three: A four-way conflict between the genocidal Rigelian Protectorate on one side and humanity, the Orions, and the Ophiuchi, the conflict ended after three bloody years with a allied race victory and the total destruction of the weasel-like Rigelians. However, billions of allied civilians were wiped out by the fanatical Rigelians before they could be stopped. The first large scale genocidal war in galactic history.

Theban War: A desperate war fought between the non-human Thebans and mankind, this war lasted four years due to the fact that the Terran Federation Navy was badly understrength at the beginning of the conflict. Humanity eventually won the war and occupied the Theban Homeworld.

Interstellar War Four: The longest war to date (ten years) and by far the bloodiest, ISW4 war fought between the genocidal Arachnid Omnivoracity and the Allied Races: mankind, the Orions and Gorm, the Ophiuchi, and the newly discovered multiracial Crucian Union. The Terran Federation had a large navy at the time and effectively blocked the invading Bug forces in the fringe area of the Federation but billions of civilians were eaten alive when the Arachnids overran human and Orion colonies early in the conflict. The war ended with the total annihilation of the inhuman Bugs, and the loss of some of history's greatest heroes: Admiral Hannah Avram,  Admiral  Ivan Antonov, and Admiral Andrew Prescott.

Insurrection: A devastating civil war that ripped apart the Terran Federation, the "Insurrection" (also known as the Terran Civil War, or TCW) lasted years due to the fact that humanity had not forgotten the lessons of being militarily unprepared from the Theban War and had large standing warfleets spread across Federation space. The more heavily populated core worlds of humanity joined the newly forming Pan-Sentient Union (with the Orions) while the "Fringe" worlds created their own state. This brutal six year fight cost humanity more lives than all its' previous wars combined. Also known as the "Fringe Revolution". The Reformation Conflict too place during this timeframe.

Second Arachnid War: Although they were thought to have utterly perished in ISW4, some surviving Bugs tried to revive their former empire a few years after that conflict ended. Early discovery by the Reformation Group (a Fringe world polity) halted their efforts only after the Pan-Sentient Union sent major fleets to bomb them into oblivion. Revelation of the uber-tech and crab-like Tolat race took place during this conflict, which lasted four years.

Olympus Affair: A crisis which threatened to tear apart the joint human-Orion Pan-Sentient Union. Discovery in human space of a quadruple star system with eight habitable worlds sparked a colonization crisis among the human and Orion parts of the federal PSU government. The four month affair ended when half of the Olympus System worlds were given to the Orions to colonize, but left a bitter taste in the mouths of many humans.

Biomechphilist Conflict: Located next to the fantastically productive Olympus System, the Biomechphilist homeworld reacted aggressively when they discovered humans initially exploring their home system. Invasion of the Olympus System was desperately averted only by the maverick human Admiral Frank Cavalier. The Biomech homeworld was occupied and their unique technologies were confiscated and investigated, resulting in major newly weaponry for humanity (just in time for the Armageddon War).

Armageddon War: The war to end all wars, invasion of known space by the ancient and highly technological Hre'Daak race brought about the most deadly conflict that anyone has ever seen. Hundreds of PSU warships were crushed by Hre'Daak uber technology and entire star systems were induced to nova by Hre'Daak weapons. Terra herself and the Orion capital were both reduced to smoking balls of ruin before the PSU and her allies could finally halt the Hre'Daak advance. Humanity suffered greatly during the war and most galactic states collapsed in on themselves after the fighting stopped, and the galaxy would never be the same.
The Rao are discovered a year before this event occurs. Palma Sola combat, Reformation combat.

Tiamat Lost: The human juggernaut-sized warship Tiamat became lost on her way home from the warfront after passing through a highly unstable warpoint. Several years passed before the 9,000 crew aboard could find their way home, after discovering many different new races in the Sagittarius Arm of the galaxy. The Tiamat also found the Tolat homeworld and the super conglomeration of races known as "Civilization".

Skymarshal 3: click HERE

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An enormous amount of information from the Skymarshals can also be downloaded at the bottom of this page, including many items I was unable to fit into the magazine. Enjoy!

Emir Worlds Conflict HERE

War on Omega HERE

Pirates of the Hogg Moons HERE

Space Station Gomorrah HERE

The Marauders HERE

Luren Welcome: click HERE

Luren Tales (short story) click HERE

Luren Tales "the meat": click HERE

Luren Psychology: click HERE

Luren Helps (info blurbs): click HERE

Luren Ships (class names and abilities): click HERE

Luren Weapons Tech 1: click HERE

Luren Weapons Tech 2: click HERE

Luren Weapons Charts (range, damage): click HERE

Berzerker Tech 1: click HERE

Berzerker Tech 2: click HERE

Berzerker Ships 2: click HERE

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Ophuichi Govt and Military HERE
Ophuichi Timeline HERE
                  Click here for map


Terran Federation History (read first HERE)

Armageddon War: Characters HERE
Armageddon War Glossary 1 HERE
Armageddon War Glossary 2 HERE
Armageddon Timeline HERE
Battle of Hamyang HERE
Ellen Devore, Skymarshal HERE
Fleets of the PSU HERE
PSU Battlecruisers HERE
PSU Juggernauts HERE
PSU Supermonitors HERE
Ship Hull Types HERE
TL20 Chart HERE
Tech Charts (other) HERE

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Tiamat Story HERE
Tamat Tech HERE
Tiamat Timeline HERE


Palma Sola Glossary HERE

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Reformation Rebellion HERE

Tolats and the PSU HERE

Reformer Glossary 2475 HERE

Reformer Tech HERE

Reformation Worlds (list)

Second Bug War HERE

Reformation Group Core Map
Reformation Group Map: By Population


Rao History and Info HERE
Rao Map HERE
Rao Technology HERE
Rao Timeline HERE

The Rishii Maze HERE

Habitat for Humanity Section

For the Habitat for Humanity series, I wanted a bunch of scenarios that weren't "canon". I also wanted them to be able to have alot more WARS! In the Terran Fed universe, you dont have many combat options (the Tangri, the Bugs, or maybe the Rigelians if you are going waaaay back). With the Habitat, there is lots of conflict and the humans have allies like the Naram or Baufrin, or Ssora. I will be putting out some final info on these races and a few minis-cenarios so stay tuned!

Habitat Glossary HERE

Habitat GOvt HERE

The Dionii HERE

The Mechanoids HERE

The Star Hives HERE

*The Dionii and Mechanoids are from the Palladium universe crowd, go check them out!





Terran Carrier Development



Battle Sats



Carrier History


Fighter Launch Platforms

Fighter Weapons

Gunboats Article

Heavy Beam Technology

Henrik 1 and Henrik 2

MegaTech Alphabitzed

MegaTech (by level)

Missile Pods

Missile Tubes

My Missiles

Below is an unofficial map of the Starfire Universe, with various chokepoints, warp nexus's, and critical warp chains within the Terran Federation (note most face the hostile Khanate of Orion).



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