The Thanagar race is a powerful warlike society of winged humanoids who possess super-science (including the famed Hyperspatial Bypass). Their militant aggressiveness is the only reason they haven't been smashed into oblivion between the two larger empires next to them, the Dionii and the Octopi. Constant raids by a third race, the nearby AAnn, has also kept the Thanagarians on a war-footing for thousands of years and explains much of their super-advanced military weaponry. The Thanagar Empire is in an official state of war with the Dionii Hive and only their mastery of the Hyperspatial Bypass has allowed them to survive and thrive in the face of these mighty foes. A half-dozen allied races within the Empire have helped combat the Dionii and the Thanagarians energy-disrupting devices give them a major advantage in hand-to-hand combat. Finally, the Empire buys a great deal of weaponry from the FAR and is considered a nominal ally by that interstellar power.

The militant Thanagarians most famous trade goods are:

Advanced Weaponry: Nth weapons

Hyperspace Bypass Technology

Super science: superior genetic mastery

Advanced Terraforming (near instant)

Negative Gravity Metal

       Thanagar Homeworld


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