The Chicago Legion (superhero group)

Ace (Chameleon, Disintegration, Enlarge Body Parts, Physical Perfection, and Radar), 5th level, “Destructo Hands Finishing Move”

Black Wolf (Nightstalking, Indestructible Bones, Healing Factor, Claws, and Battle Rage), 6th

Cortex (Mental dude with amazing mental abilities), 4th

Crossfire (A Green Arrow type dude), 7th

Dinoman (APS Dinosaur), 4th

Downsizer (Shrink Others, Shrink Self), 3rd

Elastique (A black woman who is like Reed Richard - stretchy), 3rd

Firefight (EE-Flame Ring, EE-Plasma, Hyperdensity, Immune to Magic, and Extraordinary PP), 8th level, “Plasma Circle of Death Finishing Move”

Freak-Out (Anatomical Independence, Detonation, Corrosion, Harm Invulnerable, and Untrackable), 6th

Garrus (a human-sized and shaped tiger), 4th

Grey Changeling (APS Animal), 5th

Hammer of God (A Mystic-hammer wielding bad ass), 8th level, “Hammer of God” Finishing Move

Humongous (A Physical dude), 5th

Infinity (Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, and Divination), 4th

Lilith (A chick with mystic rings, a witch), 4th

K-Man (A full-conversion borg), 4th

Megalith (Growth and Healing Factor), 5th level

Moonstone (EE-EMP, Energy Claws, Lunar Strength, and Phase Matter), 4th

Nightstrike (Shadow Meld, Shadow Shaping, Shadow Stepping, and Dark Bolt), 6th

Phantom Girl (Intangibility and Teleport Minor), 7th

Psi Mistress (Woman with powerful mental abilities), 5th

Rage (Invulnerability and Supernatural PS), 7th level, “Ragaholic” Finishing Move

Soulmate (APS Void and Force Field), 6th

Sun Li (an Ancient Master), 11th

Supraboy (Mega-Hero, plus APS Metal and Bio-Armor), 12th

T-Man (a tattoo magic guy), 8th

Troxel (A bionic dude), 9th

Wolf Boy (Ian McClellan, a lycanthrope), 4th

Wondrous Woman (Mega-Hero,Control Kinetic Energy), 10th level, a godling

Ultraman (Mega-Hero, Ultra PS and APS Metal), 12th, leader of the Chicago Legion

The Northsiders (superhero group)

Deathwish (Web Shooters, Ultra-Hearing, Hardened Skin, and EE Corrosion)

Gargoyle (A real Gargoyle), 3rd

Holocaust (EE-Fire, Anchor, and Hurricane Armor), 4th, “Fire Hurricane” Finishing Move

Iron Mask (Like “Death Mask” from the Rifter magazine), leader, 5th

Jack of Hearts (Charge Object with Explosive Energy (like Gambit) and Increased SDC (the Mega-Hero ability)), Jack is 3rd level

Madame Fatal (Mimic and Negate Super Powers)

Matte Black (Teleport-minor, Dark Bolt, and APS Shadow), 2nd

Scarlet Canary (Wingless Flight, EE-Ultrasonic Screech, Extraordinary Luck, Harm Supernatural, and Lightning Reflexes), 6th

Shrike (Titan Juicer), 4th

Vertigo (Lightning Rider, Weightlessness, and Gravity Plane)

The Southsiders (superhero group)

Bearal (a bear moreau), 6th

Black Colossus (Extraordinary PS, Supervision: Thermal Vision, and Invulnerable), 9th level, a black man

Bulwark (Intangibility and Superhuman PS), 8th

Captain Electron (EE-Energy, Wingless Flight, Supernatural Strength, Natural AR, and Supervision: Ultraviolet and Infrared), 7th

Color Commando (Control Spectrum (in his gun) and Color Manipulation, Wingless Flight, and Defensive Transmutation), 7th, former fighter pilot, now a businessman

Composite Man (Multiple Selves (special) and Superhuman PS), 7th

Doomster, The (Energy/Matter Surfing and EE-Electricity), 6th

Grasshopper, The (Hold Breath, Mental Stun, Antennae, and Amphibious), 6th

Ice (APS Ice and Wingless Flight), 5th

Magenta (A duo-sider), 5th level, a black woman

Manx (Invulnerability, Wingless Flight, Extraordinary PS, altered features (panther)), 8th level, a black man

Megaboy (Rocket Fists and EE-Energy), 9th

Metoxis (Extraordinary IQ, armored suit-used when needed) he doesn’t get out much, the inventor of the group, a black man, 4th level

Sunspot (EE-Light, Flight: Wingless, Increased Durability, and Supervision: Acute Sight), 8th

Twilight (APS Shadow and Dark Bolt), 9th

Wild Child (Feral, Claws, and Lightning Reflexes), 8th

Windsong (Wingless Flight and Control the Elements), 9th

Yasmeen (A Vampire with the ability Animate I), 10th

Teenteam Alpha (superhero group)

Flyboy (Danny Westlake: Gestalt being - house flies), 3rd level hero, no job (in school)

Hammertime (Henry Hammer: Power Absorption, Crushing Strength, Incredible SDC, and EE Light, like “Rogue”, he is 16 years old and a famous model for the Gap), hero, 2nd, in high school

Iceblink (Ian Dermott: APS Ice and Teleportation (minor)), in high school, 3rd level

Light Lord (Marcus Jones: Flesh Manipulation and EE Light), 4th level, in high school, eventual villain

Master of Disguises (Chameleon, Alter Physical Body, and Alter Physical Features)

Melee (Gilly Nash: Multiple Selves, Ultra PS, and Incredible SDC), 3rd level

Multi-Boy (Bobby Roy: Dial-H), in high school, 2nd level

Multi-Girl (Angel Boondock: Dial-H), in high school, 2nd level

Pleasureforce (Adrian Jones: Pleasure Power and EE Force Blast), in high school, 4th level, eventual villain

Steel (Toby Zerbowski: Ultra PS and APS Metal)

*Teenteam Alpha is formed after the players run into the high school scenario. Lilly (who has Detect Meta-Abilities) tells the heroes who has powers and they help Teenteam Alpha to form as a junior superhero group.

The Ultranauts (superhero group)

Black Dog (a genetically engineered moreau, huge black mastiff)

Crimson Commando (a swashbuckling trained commando)

El Dorado (APS Dark Matter and Disintegration) “Disintegrating Bolts” Finishing Move

Hovergirl (Wingless Flight, Energy Net, Claws, and Bend Light)

Jabberwocky (a robot jockey)

Miss Mystery (Divination and Mind Control)

Stalwart (Mega-Hero plus Tremendous Strength, Tremendous SDC, Supernatural Strength, Sonic Flight, and Bio-Armor) 3rd level, he glows brightly

Thunderfist (Invulnerable and Ultra PS), he is very tall

*Ultranauts usually stay within 2 miles of downtown Chicago.

The Workshop (superhero group)

Brainstorm (Mental powers guy), 8th level

Diamond Jim (APS: Diamond and Supernatural PS) Famous national hero, leader, 10th level

F.A.S.T. (Armored suit dude), 6th level

Ghost Girl (Intangibility, Invisibility, and Teleport (minor)), 6th level

Sgt Steel (A Green Beret with a metallic coating, APS Steel and Body Weapons), 9th level, ex-military, now a baker

Windchill (APS Ice, Blur, and Enhanced Leaping), 7th level, “Icestorm Finishing Move”


The Diablerie

Alaczar (Nigh-Invulnerability, Super Human Jump, and Bomb Blast), 8th, no job and poor education, “Bomb Jump” Finishing Move

Asmodeus (Psionic with pyrokinesis powers), 9th, former cowboy, now a high school teacher

Blackbody (Nightstalking, Bend Light, Dark Bolt, and Doorway), 6th, a dentist

Briquette (Hardened Skin, Harm Invulnerable, and EE-Electricity), 6th, a laborer, no college

Death Metal (Living Anatomy, Body Weapons, Destructive Energy Aura, and Energy Shield), leader, 9th, corporate financier

Eliminator, The (Punisher-like dude), 10th, formerly a lawyer but now a bounty hunter

Ripclaw (Full conversion borg), 7th, union bigwig

Rubberband Man (Stretching and Super Human Jump), 7th, junior high teacher

*Mainly stays Downtown…..

Fatale (an all-female group)

Charisma (Alter Physical Body, Alter Physical Features, and Nightstalking), a former military chick with commando training as well, 6th level

Dementia (Control Minds, Heavyweight, and Healing Power), 6th level

Diva (a psionicist), 5th level

Lady Razor (APS Metal and Body Weapons), 5th level

Mankiller (Dark Bolt, Lightning Reflexes, Claws, and Incredible SDC), 8th level

Sinderella (Shapechange and Sonic Power), leader of the group, 7th level

*Mainly stays Downtown…..Their ultimate goal is the elimination of all men through germ warfare (Diva does not know this however).






*Leather and Lace are lesbian lovers. A low-level group that stays on the Northside. Criminals only, no goals.

FIST and his minions


*A low-level group that stays mainly in Cicero.

The Maggots

Express (Sonic Speed and Alter Metabolism), 4th, university professor, “Super Express Sonic Attack” Finishing Move

Flashback (Spin at High Velocity and EE-Force), 3rd, no job (some college)

Genocide (Infectious Touch and Flight: Wingless), 4th, no job (some college)

Guillotine (Supernatural PS, Plated Armor, Supervision: X-Ray, and Ultra-Hearing), 3rd, a doctor (MD)

Hitman, The (Ultra-Hearing, Extraordinary PP, Natural AR, and Supervision: Circular Vision), 5th, bounty hunter

Maxx More (Physical dude)

Mind Flayer (Mental powers and Cosmic Awareness), 5th, alien??

Perfect Man (Physical dude)

Rebox (a Juicer)

Ten Million Dollar Man (a bionic guy, runs super fast)

Titanic (Physical dude)

Wu Li (an ancient master)

*Mainly stays on the Southside and has numerous street punk minions in at least 5 major US cities…..

The Metal Men

Latium (APS Metal and Extraordinary IQ) old skinny very short man

Magnite (APS Metal and Stretching) skinny red guy

Obsidian (APS Stone, Weapons Extensions, and Supernatural Strength) buff black dude (not African-American)

Omega (APS Metal and Ultra PS) gold buff young man

Platinum (APS Metal, Body Weapons, and Growth) buff silver guy

Silver (APS Metal and Spin at High Velocity) silver gorgeous woman

*Mostly stays in Cicero…Develop group background. Mainly extortion and robbery. Funded by a millionaire wanna-be? A guy who looks totally human. A low-level group.

The Motley Fools

Admiral, The (a ultra-fast and super strength robot)

Edward (a combat trained assassin from the Anita Blake books)

Mist Demon (APS Vapor/Fog and EE-Icy Mist), 5th

Multipleman (Multiple Beings and Invulnerability), 4th, former police officer

Nightswift (APS Shadow and EE-Energy), 3rd , bus driver

Shadow Dancer (Nightstalking, Shadow Meld, Shadow Stepping, and Shadow Shaping), 3rd, pizza boy

Steel Jaw (A guy with Superhuman PS and Superhuman Bite, like James Bond’s “Jaws”), 4th level, “Jaws of Death” Finishing Move

Waterlord (Water Burster and Vortex power), 4th, surfer (some college), “Drowning Vortex” Finishing Move

*Mostly stays on the Northside…

Redblood's Group

Redblood: A Mega-Villain with a Skeleton Man body(Mutant Underground book) plus he has the following powers: Disintegration, Extraordinary IQ, Impervious to Control/Possession, and Longevity. A former doctor. “Blood Fountain” Finishing Move.

*A low-level group (Redblood and his minions). Develop group history: mainly into extortion, to build a machine to turn him back into a normal human. Hides out mainly in Cicero.

Royal Flush Gang

Jack of Spades (Ultra PS, Incredible SDC, and Natural Combat Ability)

King of Spades (Bio-Ghost and Cryokinesis)

Queen of Spades (APS Light and Color Manipulation)

Ten of Spades (APS Void and Defensive Transmutation)

*None fly, all fly on giant mobile cards….

Wrecking Crew, The

Distress (Earth Empowerment, Body Weapons, Impervious to Control and Possession, Rage, and Tactical Resistance), 2nd level, laborer (some college)

Mack Truck (Defensive Transmutation and APS Metal), 3rd, truck driver

Misery (Duo-Sider), 2nd, accountant

Powerhouse (Supernatural PS and Invulnerability), 3rd, farmer (has a large ball and chain as a weapon)

Torment (Poisonous Body and Supernatural Bite), 2nd, a lawyer

Wrecker (Destructive Energy Aura, Battle Rage, and Enlarge Body Parts), 2nd, leader, street hood (no job), “Rage-O-Rama” Finishing Move

* This group is new to the Chicago area and in-experienced. They stay mainly on the Southside. A low-level group.


Other notable superheroes and villains in Chicago are listed below:

Animus (Control Animals, Feral, and Natural AR), villain, 4th, gunshop owner

Bubonic (Gestalt being), villain, 6th level, no job

Copycat (Copy Physical Structure and Mimic, bad guy), villain, 4th level, butcher

Darcanis (Gestalt being, demon), villain, 6th level, no job

Doctor Heinous and Rob Roy (Disruptive Touch and Multiple Beings(Heinous) and Multiple Beings and Divine Aura(Roy)), villain, 8th level, no jobs (crimelords)

Elementa (Has Control the Elements ability), hero, black woman, 8th, therapist

Faustian Court (A group of nasty magic users), villains (various jobs)

Firestarter (APS Fire, Impervious to Cold, and Supervision: X-Ray), villain, 7th, no job but was a former GI

Grey Juggernaut (Growth and Supernatural Strength, low IQ), villain, 4th, mechanic (not a good one)

Laurel Blake (Official Vampire Executioner for Illinois, Control the Undead ability), hero, 6th, Illinois Official Executioner and Private Eye (raises dead for a living at Animators Inc.)

Morticia (APS: Undead), hero, 4th, works at City Morgue

Quickshot (A Hyperion Juicer…), villain, 3rd, circus performer

Silver Fog (APS Mist-cannot be turned off, Extraordinary ME and Impervious to Energy and Electricity), villain, 8th, was a scientist (no job now)

Thanatos (A Godling. He has Crushing Hand of Jupiter-Rifter #10), villain, 8th, businessman

Titan (A Titan Juicer), villain, 6th, former cop (no job currently)

Gay Superheroes in Chicago

Deathwish (Web Shooters, Ultra-Hearing, Hardened Skin, and EE Corrosion)

Flatman (APS 2 Dimensional and Horror Factor)

Flying Fox (Impervious to Shadow/Darkness, Animal Abilities, Flight: Winged, and Nightstalking)

Jack Phantom (AOS Fog, Vibration, and Multiple Selves)

Madame Fatal (Mimic and Negate Super Powers)

Neptune (Magnetism and Underwater Abilities)

Rebecca Cross (EE Electric Field, Lunar Strength, and Flight: Wingless)

Spectral Devil (Battle Rage, Division, and Phase Matter)

Vertigo (Lightning Rider, Weightlessness, and Gravity Plane)


Various alien groups on here on the Earth, some because they have crash landed or to “study the humans”. There are even some groups of aliens that want to conquer Earth as well…..

Akaffi (Plant-like race, Empathic and Tentacle)

Branx (Armored Shell and Poisonous Body)

Bynarians (Mechano-Link and Extraordinary IQ)

Czill (APS Plant)

Dilbian (Extraordinary PS and Sense of Smell, bear-like race)

Dilgar (Genetically engineered bad guys with lots of physical abilities; ie super soldiers), bad guys

Hees (Cat-like race, Claws, Feral, and other cat-like abilities including “Righting Reflex”)

Hert (Extraordinary IQ, ME, and MA as well as Telepathy and Hyperdensity)

Im’kek (Empathy and Animal Brother)

Lehiroh (Extraordinary Beauty, Healing Factor, and Immune to Psionics)

Mickelaks (Heavyweight and Impervious to Cold and Freezing)

Minthisti (Adapt to Environment and Antennae), bad guys

Mylorians (Winged Flight, Glow Bug, and Lightning Reflexes), look like Angels

Nactern (Alter Physical Features, Crushing Strength, Destructive Energy Aura, and other super soldier abilities), bad guys

Naram (Physical Perfection, Adrenaline Surge, Ultra-Hearing, and Beastly Strength)

Oon (Alter Metabolism, Antennae, and Sleeplessness) insect race, crash landed.

Poorgl (Abnormal Energy Sense and Conduct Electricity)

Ryxx (Immune to Psionics, Hardened Molecular Structure, and Heightened Sense of Awareness), bad guys

Soro (APS Magma and Crushing Strength), bad guys

Ssora (Natural AR, Battle Rage, and Beastly Strength)

Thranx (Increased Durability, Hold Breath, Extraordinary IQ, and Supervision: Acute Sight)

Virh (Harm Invulnerable, Multi-Tasking, Heightened Metabolic Rate, and Longevity)

Vroon (Defensive Transmutation)

Weft (Energy Resistance and Extraordinary Luck)


*Create a gestalt being for one of my players; then add up all their physical attributes as one…

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