900 PE: Viltrumite Empire founded

854 PE: Nimian invasion of Viltrumite Empire fails.

785 PE: AAnn begin their march into space.

777 PE: Isolationist Party gains control on Viltrumite Homeworld, ushering in 500 years of peace.

689 PE: Altess Dynasty is incorporated. The "Labyrinth" is built on Dai.

683 PE: The Krakyt leave their homeworld for the first time. Tolats uplift the pre-sentient Gaeri race.

610 PE: Dianus Plague wipes out the Minthisti.

556 PE: Black crystals first discovered (on Trundimoux).

550 PE: The Dionii Civil War ends with the destruction of 37 intelligent species of insects on their homeworld, rapid colonization of Dionii space begins afterwards.

544 PE: Faberian Empire uses Trundimoux crystals for the first time for instantaneous interstellar communication.

448 PE: Viltrumites invent "boom tubes", vastly increasing their reach across the galaxy.

446 PE: The Zone Wars begin.

440 PE: Thranx discover Barzan Wormhole; steady expansion of the Commonwealth begins.

438 PE: Study of the Helleye first begins (by Ryxi and Mibrannu).

437 PE: Mehirans expand their police services offworld for the first time, picking up contracts with the fracturing Golgan Republik.

408 PE: Exploration of the Riishi Maze begins (by the Bolbods).

400 PE: The Final War begins (Viltrumites vs Faberian Empire).

388 PE: Red Lantern Corps intervenes in the Zone Wars.

356 PE: The Zone Wars end.

351 PE: The once-powerful Chao are annihilated.

336 PE: AAnn/Thanagarian conflict over Jaimbaliz begins.

200 PE: Thanagarians encounter the genocidal Dionii for the first time.

170 PE: The Octopi Empire is incorporated.

153 PE: Korel Empire Collapse begins, dragging the Thanagarians into their first (successful) war with the Dionii.

110 PE: Truce is signed between the Sarosians and the Faberian Empire.

88 PE: After 40 years, Ambassador Yorick finally finishes negotiations with the Altavar. Tolats intervene in the Debrune Wars.

76 PE: Jiuzu homeworld bombed with Viltrumite antimatter weapons.

54 PE: Sarosian Civil War begins.

33 PE: The Thennanin begin exploring space.

1 PE: Chlorzi rebel against Viltrumite overlords.

21 IR: Warmaiden-class heavy cruisers commissioned.

115 IR: Massive Dionii invasion beaten back by the Thanagarians, Class X-class battleships first commissioned.

179 IR: Yuan is elected head of the Chesse religion.

210 IR: Work on Sector General Hospital begins.

257 IR: The leadership of the Viltrumite government is overthrown and replaced with a military junta.

266 IR: Sarosians refuse to withdraw from occupied planets.

310 IR: Attempted coup on Renown is defeated.

466 IR: Urbanos reaches 1 trillion population.

554 IR: Golgan Republik signs non-aggression treaty with the Thranx Commonwealth.

609 IR: Viltrumites attack Urbanos; the defense armada detroys the invading force.

703 IR: Attempted assassination of the Arch-Pope on Califax thwarted.

808 IR: Daibei colonized. Red Lantern Corps first opposes the Viltrumites.

857 IR: Altess capture a Viltrumite battleship.

911 IR: Arisians officially declares war on the Faberian Empire.

931 IR: Viltrumites launches Operation Annihilate in a successful bid to destroy the vast Faberian Central Fleet.

933 IR: Arisians ally themselves with the Viltrumites, Altess ally with the Faberians.

940 IR: A damaging raid on the city-planet Kryptos occurs by Viltrumite forces, Admiral Winn is killed.

965 IR: Ultrovians join the Republik.

970 IR: Rh/attes provide information on the main Viltrumite fleet to the Altess, who decimate the invading armada.

972 IR: Viltrumite fleet smashes the automated defenses surrounding Faberian Homeworld. Llyra is depopulated.

980 IR: The Final War (between the Faberians and the Viltrumites) ends, in complete Viltrumite victory.

994 IR: Azuli sign the Ackamar Treaty with the Viltrumites. The Final War officially ends among all parties involved.

1056 IR: The Lance Pattern created by neighboring states. The Tolats interdict Lycos.

1151 IR: Lurgess join the Republik. Moreaus first created in the Serengeti System.

1159 IR: Dushau intervene on the ecologically devastated world of Hiponee.

1165 IR: The Citadel Wars begin in the Vega Prime System.

1170 IR: Manticore Wormhole discovered. Helleye undergoes destabilization.

1177 IR: Dis technology first created by the Viltrumites.

1185 IR: The Vivers created on Militar. Tolats side with the Oon.

1197 IR: The Gorbonduc Vandals begin raids against the Avoosl and the Atorian Empire.

1205 IR: Jinx is colonized, Zebuloids join the Republik. The Red Lantern Corps successfully evacuates Pol.

1209 IR: Kittani-Viltrumite conflicts begin. Kittani Empire reaches its largest size.

1233 IR: First Hyperspace Bypass is created by the Thanagarians, rapidly expanding their Empire.

1234 IR: Heighliners are created by the Kittani. The Green Star is discovered. Altess/Thranx alliance begins.

1250 IR: The Halvesh'oid Builders finish constructing Hickenlooper's Planet, a large artificial world.

1280 IR: The Skyway is fully explored (except "potluck portals"): over 200 planets are located in the Riishi Maze.

1285 IR: The Rh/attes become well-known knowledge brokers in the sector.

1288 IR: The Sime/Gen Homeworld is discovered.

1290 IR: TGE make first financial foray into the Twelve Races sector.

1291 IR: Golgan Republik begins to slide into chaos, planets break-away.

1295 IR: Fanrats become organized. Humans from Mycos crashland on Mt. Lookitthat.

1297 IR: Junkion Union breaks off from Golgan Republik, six months later so does the GAES.

1298 IR: The Warden Diamond (a unique star system) is discovered. First Star King Central is completed.

1300 IR: Manticore becomes a wealthy star system by successfully utilizing the Wormhole Junction.

1301 IR: Reformation Group founded. An AI God runs amok on Elaeo, killing off all intelligent life. The Thranx Commonwealth reaches largest size.

1302 IR: Analava System War begins.

1303 IR: The Moreaus are forcibly relocated to the Lioness System.

1304 IR: Second Star King Central is constructed in the King sector, Terb is colonized.

1305 IR: Recent Atorian Expansion causes jitters across the sector, forcing new alliances to materialize.

1306 IR: Fanrats move to the Hogg Moons. Krakyt colonized 200th planet in 12 Races sector.

1307 IR: Thayos-Thrynel War (over Thrane) begins. The Bloody Sun discovered.

1308 IR: Red Lantern Corps diverts comet from striking Wellington. 

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