The Tolats

The Tolats are a crab-like race whose history goes back over 2 million years. They are primarily poets and patron of the arts (travelling scholars). Having successfully master genetic engineering, they have altered their bodies to survive in many different kinds of hostile environments. They can eat almost anything composed primarily of organic molecules; all animal or vegetable matter or by-products, even petroleum. They can also last for lengthy periods of time without breathing and can breathe methane, chlorine, helium, and a number of other gases beside oxygen. Tolats do not suffer illnesses and all injuries are repaired within a few days without treatment or medication. They also have amazing mental capabilities, including total recall and edictic Memory.

Tolats are some of the most advanced aliens in the Milky Way galaxy and they use it for the betterment of most non-hostile races. They have uplifted many races in the Black Forest Zone and have opposed the Viltrumites in the past. They help/support members of the Red Lantern Corps and have created many new and unique technical items, including boom tubes. Tolats do not have an empire per se since they travel around the galaxy at will but their numbers are estimated at several billion sentients and scholars (at least). Most are found in the Twelve Races area which is the location of the Tolat Homeworld. They are known to have created many humanoid type robots to gather information and spy on hostile races. An uber high-tech race!

The most heavily traded goods by the ancient Tolats are:

Genetic Mastery

Uplifting Races

Boom Tube Compatible Drives




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