Adhocracy: A non-bureaucratic networked organization. A form common in law firms, consulting companies, and research universities, as well as some planetary governments. These organizations and institutions must continually readjust to a changing array of projects, each requiring somewhat different combinations of skills and resources. These organizations depend on many rapidly shifting project teams and much lateral communication among these relatively autonomous, entrepreneurial groups.

Azuli Union: Yes, these are the sentients that created nova bombs all those years ago, the same bombs which decimated the Llyra System and killed billions of sentients. Their racial hatred has neither lessened with the passage of time nor the presence of heavy Viltrumite occupation forces. Now a technologically backward species, the tiger-like Azuli are nonetheless some of the best Marines in the Viltrumite Empire. If and when the opportunity lends itself, the Azuli will surely assert their independence once again. 

Basement Universe: A small (and possibly artificially created) universe linked to the our universe by a wormhole. This could be used for living space, computing, or an escape from a decaying universe. Also possibly used for hiding from enemies or destructive phenomena. A mega-engineering feat, the only known example is McGuffin's Universe.

Battlescreens: A unique force field technology invented by the Viltrumites. Battlescreens are a highly restricted technology that was first developed by the Viltrumite Empire early in its conflicts with the Faberians and their allies. The ability to withstand moderate damage and stay online is one of the battlescreens more unique features, but once overwhelmed it stays down several minutes (the difference between a ‘hard screen’ and regular shields is screens must be overwhelmed in one salvo, or it does no damage). Also, when a ‘hard screen’ is ‘up’, a warship cannot fire out through it. A vessel with screens up cannot launch or recover fighters, bombers, or other small craft and point defense also cannot fire out.

Berserker: Incredibly dangerous automated killing machines left over from some ancient war, usually found in orbit in the form of massive and unstoppable warships. Their only goal is the eradication of all life within the known galaxy. Berserkers are a self-reproducing machine.

Boom Tubes: Powerful hand-held devices that let the owner travel light years in mere seconds. An uber-technology owned solely by the Viltrumites.

Borganism: An organization of formerly autonomous beings that have merged their individual wills to create one, collectively conscious being. A highly dangerous group of individuals that routinely spring up within the Milky Way galaxy, the cause being unknown but quite possibly the perverted use of nanotechnology. The aliens named "the Builders" are a well-known borganism collective.

Concentrated Intelligence: An intelligent entity which is spacially concentrated into a single volume, as dense as possible, to reduce communications lag. This arrangement is not as flexible as a distributed intelligence, but probably more efficient. These entities are still being produced today, mainly for the Viltrumite military and research labs.

Crime World: Heavily populated planets have a hard time policing their populations, thus the moniker "crime world". Also a swear word on many worlds: "crime!"

Dianus Plague: A virulent and deadly viral outbreak that occurred within the core worlds of the Viltrumite Empire from 102 to 125 IR which virtually cut off the central world of Viltrum from its colony worlds during the Quarantine. During this period, around twelve billion persons contracted the disease, all of who died horribly. This event forced the development of the Empires' initial bioweapons programs and the construction of the first Interlink system. The Dianus Plague spread to the nearby Minthisti Worlds, wiping them utterly out.

Dionii: The Dionii are a devastating hive mind race that has plagued the Thanagar Empire for nearly a thousand years. Their unique technology, high-population worlds, and genocidal tactics have withstood the Thanagarian Navy’s best efforts to eliminate them. This race of man-sized intelligent insects seek to learn all technological knowledge, especially orbital beanstalks, plasma guns, and fighter weapon technology. Unfortunately, they loathe humans and humanoids (as well as all animal life), using them for slaves, playthings, food, and experimentation. The Dionii’s cruelty is nearly as legendary as the Laowan Tyranny’s. These are devastatingly ruthless, methodical creatures that engage in the conflicts of war as a way of life. The Dionii are actually composed of four species of insects, combing to create a powerful warlike society bent on expansion and intergalactic dominance of all other life. The four insect species are the victors of a great interracial conflict, in which they proved to be the strongest of their peoples. As with all Dionii battles, there was no place for the weak: thus all other species (some 37 intelligent species) were annihilated. Total genocide.

Distributed Intelligence: An intelligent entity which is distributed over a large volume with no distinct center. This is the opposite strategy of concentrated intelligences. Distributed intelligences have much longer communications lags, but are more flexible in their structure and survive damage to their parts. Mainly left over from ancient wars across Viltrumite space.

Dis Technology: Dis warheads, the bane of modern warfare, was banned eighty years ago at the Third Disarmament Conference between the Viltrumite Empire and the Altess Dynasty. Dis is a devastating substance, the culmination of centuries of nanotech development and military research. The substance is composed of trillions of disassembling nanobots, microscopic in size and destructive in action. Dis dissolves organic materials, anything organic including human flesh with incredible rapidity. When a warship is hit with a dis warhead, the nanobots go to work immediately, disassembling the ship in minutes into a grayish goo. Dis achieves its greatest horror when used against planetary targets, dissolving everything on the planet’s surface; cities, oceans, and people. Quarantines must be maintained around dis-enveloped worlds, otherwise it spreads rapidly like a cancer across the star lanes. Since over 800 billion people have been killed and 33 worlds rendered uninhabitable, all stellar nations have permanently banned dis technology. Rumors of secluded warheads within the Viltrumite Empire for strategic deterrence have never been substantiated.

Dushau: An extremely long-lived humanoid race, individually the Dushau are blue skinned and nearly 8 feet tall. Their homeworld is high tech and all of their colonies are protected by AI-directed defenses. In fact, nearly every Dushau seen off-world has a pocket-sized AI with them at all times and they are reported to live hundreds if not thousands of years. Dushau worlds are mainly located in Towers subsector and have a long and illustrious history in the sector.

Fanrats: A large group of semi-nomadic pirates who have engaged in all-out raids against the Atorian Empire, the Fanrats currently are located on the Hogg Moons and are made up of numerous races who have grievances against the Atorians. They have over 200 spacecraft capable of raiding deep into Atorian space.

Gorbonduc Vandal: A group of semi-nomadic but incredibly violent pirates infesting Liloqua quadrant. Large groups of these "Vandals" are moving across whole sectors of space, raping  and pillaging as they go. Their movement patterns are taking them directly into the Atorian Empire. Known for successfully raiding the corporate world Mycos, and  causing enormous destruction on that planet. Called "Gorbies".

Grizzellans: A massively built bear-like race from the Lance Pattern, Grizzellans are much larger than most other sentients, weighing in at over 800 kg and having an aggressive personality. Grizzellans can sometimes be volatile towards alien races and are not seen off world very often. Grizzellans have a micro-empire in Towers subsector and they can hibernate for long periods of time when necessary. The Grizzellans have an odd homeworld covered completely by land (no seas or oceans) and large deep forests: the population lives on top of the giant tree-like plants. 

Halvesh'oid Builders: A race of enigmatic aliens, the Halvesh are so advanced that they construct entire planets made-to-order. They build whole planets like Earth as well as moon-sized warships that have tremendous firepower and tap the higher energy states of subspace for power and movement. Also known as "the World-Builders".

Helleye, The: Like the Pistol Star, the Helleye is a massive hypergiant star, nearly 1,000 times larger than Earth's Sol. barely held together by it's own gravity. Every few weeks large sheets of matter erupt from the star, breaking free from the gravity of the Helleye. Each of these "sheets" weigh hundreds of times more than Sol. Located between the Viltrumite Empire and the Golgan Republik, several different races are studying the Helleye. If it were to hypernova, the Helleye would certainly make large swaths of the Golgan Republik and Viltrumite Empire sterile.

Heighliner: Super-huge spacecraft, owned by the Kittani. Heighliners are massive battleship-carrier vessels and few other warships would care to tangle with one of these five-mile-long behemoths.

Hermat Alliance: A race of profound thinkers, the Hermat are an average race that are highly scientifically adroit. Being tall humanoids (7') and having ruddy brown skin and black hair, Hermats wear their hair long to signify life, with warriors in the military cutting their hair shortly. A very large number of Hermats live on Urbanos, nearly 230 billion all told, which is a huge majority living outside Alliance space. Semi-officially allied with the Grand Alliance of Enlightened Sentients, the Hermat are poor crewman and remain devoted to the scientific fields. No borders disputes, declining military.

Hogg Moons: Infamous headquarters of the the Fanrats, a pirate group bent on raiding the Atorian Empire. The Hogg Moons location is secret but is thought to orbit a  gas giant in the border regions of the Empire. The Atorians are said to pay a high price for the location of these pirate moons.

Hyperspatial Bypass: A technological creation of the Thanagarians which allows them to move nearly instantly across many light years. Only a few have been constructed but they have greatly facilitated the expansion of the Thanagarian Empire.

Jinx: The Egg Planet. A high-population world located in Liloqua Quadrant, Jinx has recently discovered it has significant problems. As a consequence of its one-child policy, many children are indulged by their parents and by two sets of grandparents with money and freedom, both of which can be used to experiment with drugs. The left-leaning Democratic Party on Jinx has never commanded a significant popular following, and it has gained and retained power only through intrigue and coup. As a result, Jinx has had to cope with endemic internal disorder for last forty years and suffering a high inflation and a plummeting GDP as well. Jinx's armed forces are partially corrupted by drug traffickers. Paramilitary forces steadily increasing to fight drug lords. Jinx is a unique egg-shaped planet populated by 10 billion people, mainly Markabbs and Urbanos humans.

Junkion Union: An amalgamation of friendly races that have been denied entry into the FAR, the Junkion Union is also the home sector of the Junkions themselves; a race of huge robotic sentients seeking equality and enhanced life for all races. Their home world is also a megaworld, and populated by nearly one trillion sentient beings, a huge number of robotic sentients! Junkions themselves are not very chauvinistic but do use force when necessary. They are also fantastically determined, are excellent tacticians, but poor fighter pilots. Junkions can "transform" into various different shapes at will, making them formidable ground fighters. Controlling a huge swath of former Republik territory, an area known for its richness and clusters of Gaea worlds, the Junkions have sat back and allowed races to join their benevolent Union with pleasure.

Kardaschev Type Civilizations: A classification of alien civilizations in relation to their energy usage. Type I civilizations control all available energy on a single planet. Type II civilizations control all available energy in a solar system. Type III civilizations controls all available energy of an entire galaxy. A Type IV civilizations, theoretically, could control all available energy in the entire universe.

Korel Empire Collapse: The Thanagarians first allies, the human-like Korel’s collapse started the first conflict with the Dionii, who had been invading and ravaging Korel space for nearly a hundred years before the Thanagarians made contact with the Empire. A devastating conflict that annihilated most Korel worlds, the Thanagarian Navy cut its teeth in this war, establishing a continual dominance over the much larger Dionii hordes.

Lance Pattern, The: Location of the former Faberian Empire, the Lance Pattern is filled mostly with bombed-out radioactive worlds and pre-technological planets. The Lance Pattern is a large  area of space near the Viltrumite Empire and is shaped like a "lance".

Markabb: A friendly race of telepathic humanoids, Markabb are very prolific and have bluish skin. Known for their highly visible (and sensitive) antennae.

M'Gewn Socialist Sphere: A race of silver-skinned humanoids who can move incredibly fast, the M'Gewn have a substantial population on the planet Urbanos, nearly 200 billion sentients in number. The M'Gewn themselves are not highly militaristic but have strongly supported the Repubik in the past, although recently this support has flagged. The M'Gewn are very skillful industrialists but have very poor leadership in the political area, thus they have always been a client state to one race or another. They are strongly socialistic in their outlook, funding and supporting socialist causes everywhere within the Repubik, to the ire of many races.

Megascale Engineering: Technology using energies, scales, or methods far beyond current levels. Typical examples are ground-to-orbit beanstalks, Dyson spheres, and stellar husbandry. The Viltrumite's tech levels are high enough for megascale engineering to be used throughout their empire, with the Altess' fledgling industry only beginning.

Mehrians: Empathic race, excellent policemen who can read the feelings of other races as well as their own. Also known for their powerful tails.

Merchancy: A proprietary, commerce-orientated quasi-government which claims sovereignty over its land and property but not the allegiance of its citizens/clients.

Navigators, The: A brilliant race of exceptional shipbuilders, the Navigators are an AI race that were the first race to explore this part of the galaxy, unfortunately sowing the seeds of destruction by allowing the Trierions to capture space going technologies. Since that time, the Navigators have sold technology to nearly every race in an attempt to rescue themselves from the desolation they unleashed. Currently a member of the Junkion Union, the Navigators continue their pure research in the area of ship production and development.

Nigelian Confederacy: This is an unusual star system within the Repubik and is home of three sentient races: the Nigelians (a race of marsupial apes with advanced technological skills), the Gendo (a small dragon-like race with natural tinkering abilities), and the Ostrac (a low-tech saurian humanoid race). A virtual island of calm in a sea of instability, the Nigelians have used their diplomatic skills to forge all three races into a political and economic union which is capable of fending off nearly any attack. They have also successfully seceded from the Golgan Republik and currently have no border disputes with anyone.

Paratee: A race of small friendly parasites which inhabit human hosts, the Paratee live several hundered years and pass on their growing knowledge to their host bodies.

Quillip: A bird-like race who are strongly allied with the Thranx. Quillip are very advanced technologically and have shared their inventions with the Thranx, including gas giant ignition and megascale engineering.

Red Lantern Corps: A group of energy-ring powered superheroes bent on opposing evil in its' many forms. The RLC has waged war against the Atorians and  Viltrumites over the last several hundred years. A well-known (and popular) group located in Liloqua quadrant.

Rh/attes: A race of rat-like aliens standing normally five feet tall, the Rh/attes have had a on-again off-again relationship with the Golgan Republik. Being skilled at trading as well as being information specialists, the Rh/attes have worked with Golgan agents in several different situations including the Bellevue System Revolt and 2nd Viltrumite Conflict. When first looking at a Rh/atte, most people are reminded of the disgusting disease-infested rodents of their homeworlds, and treat Rh/attes accordingly. Although disliking this treatment, Rh/attes have become accommodated to this treatment and strive hard to prove their worth to their mammalian allies. As information analysts, Rh/attes has helped the Republik at several crucial moments, including the Farseel System Disaster and the First Holot Negotiations. The Rh/attes also have investigative teams researching the famed Loawon Tyranny for the Dusarra Mega-Dyson Sphere, a object reputed to contain the surface area of one billion Earth-like planets.

Riishi Maze: See "Tollbooths".

Rothori: A unique gelform race, the Rothori are a multi-cellular race that can change their form at will, even to the point of slipping under a door. Rothori live in small  lakes on their homeworld (Rothori Zha) and the planet is non-industrial, poor, and literally one gigantic desert. These aliens are also supreme mathematicians and can  only be found off-world in small numbers. Rothori are mainly located in King subsector of the sector, have never colonized other planets, and usually do not venture  far from their homeworld. Shapeshifters.

Sector General Hospital: A hospital to end all hospitals--hundreds of different alien environments are created at SGH; any extreme of heat, cold, pressure, gravity,  radiation, and atmosphere necessary for the patients and staff it contains. A tremendous and complex structure built far beyond the resources of any one planet, so  hundreds of nearby worlds have fabricated sections of the hospital and transported them to the assembly point, which is located near the Goldfishhead Nebula.  Mostly built by the Ians, Tralthans, Hudlar, Nidians, Chalder, Illensans, Orlgilians, Kelgians, and Melfans.

Stellar Husbandry: Stellar husbandry is the process to control the evolution and properties of stars, especially to stabilize them, prolong their lifetimes, manipulate the stellar wind, lift off useful material, or create new stars. Typical methods would be star lifting or mixing the stellar core with envelope material to make hydrogen burning last longer. The Viltrumite Empire specializes in this type of megatechnology, although the Thranx Commonwealth has recently begun to lift off useful material from stars in several locations across their space. The first real application of stellar husbandry took place under the supervision of steller theorist Cristina Zurita of the Instituo de Astrofisica de Neove Canarias in the Tenerife System.

Tamaran: A Earth-like world inhabited by humanoids who can fly by utilizing solar energy and can fire bursts of energy from their hands, Tamaran is defended by heavy orbital defenses and has waged a continual war against the Warlords of Okaara and the Citadel, as well as the Gorandans. Nearly 5 billion people inhabit this planet, which is considered a luxurious world by many.

Thanagar: Homeworld of the militant Thanagarian race, these humanoids have bird-like wings and can fly and are masters of constructing Hyperspatial Bypasses. Their empire lies dangerously close to Dionii Hive space and both empires have waged a constant war for over 1,000 years against each other. Thangarians are a very high tech race and have uber-advanced energy-disrupting weaponry.

Tolians: Another Thranx allied race, the Tolians are well known merchants (and prolific alcohol consumers). The total population of Tolians is hundreds of billions due to their highly advanced reproductive cycle (3 "kits" every 4 months). 

Tollbooths: Also known as Kerr-Tipler objects, non-catastrophic singularities, and portal arrays, these cylinders spin at unimaginable speeds, creating a transit tube from one array to another (the Skyway). These tollbooths are usually located on habitable planets and were built by the long-dead Riishi race. The Riishi Maze is spread out over several hundred worlds in the Dark Stars Sector and numerous races inhabit the Riishi Maze, although none dominate the Skyway. Many different kinds of vehicles travel the Skyway, trading goods across the worlds within the Maze. The Riishi were known as "the Roadbuilders" and only their super-advanced automated robots which maintain the Skyway (and the Skyway itself) are what is left of their legacy.

Urbanos: Megaplanet, Jewel of the Milky Way. With its one trillion inhabitants, Urbanos is the largest producer of goods and services within Liloqua Quadrant. The governorship of the planet is currently held by Bett Farris, member of the wealthy and influential Farris family. The Governing Council helps Mrs. Farris run the planet, and all ten members represent nearly one hundred billion citizens within his or her region. Political analysts have noted that whoever ran Urbanos was the second most powerful individual in the sector. A glittering gem in the darkness of the cosmos, Urbanos' Achilles heel, of course, is its reliance upon sixteen different farming worlds to supply its food needs. Urbanos is surrounded by the Thranx, Golgans, and Viltrumites and has good to average relations with those empires. Urbanos has the following population:

Humans           29%
M'Gewn            22%
Hermat           15%
Thranx             15%
Kess'Rith          11%
Golgan             10%
Im'kek              9%

Urbanos Battleships: Powerful military defenses have been built over the centuries to defend the high-population world Urbanos, and their uber-tech battleships are known across the quadrant for using super-tech phased shields and weaponry. These devastating weapons make Urbanos warships nearly invulnerable and is the main reason why the city-world has not been attacked in over 300 years.

Vega Prime System: Noted for it's numerous planets and alien races inhabiting the system, Vega Prime is a red giant star located near the Atorian border. Inhabited by nearly a dozen alien races, the system is known for its infighting and is a lucrative weapons market. Fifty-four planets orbit Vega Prime, including the Earth-like world Tamaran.

Vivers: A group of genetically engineered humanoids who are fantastically violent and are known as super-survivalists. They are heavily armored, with their brains  and hearts being decentralized throughout the body in small nodes; all being very regenerative. They like the company of their own kind and run into large families; all  are heavily armed.

Viltrumite Battleships: The most powerful military vessels in the known galaxy, the Viltrumite Empire has spent trillions of credits creating the most advanced weaponry in the known universe, even surpassing that of the Atorian Empire. Black hole projectors, singularity cruise missiles, and antimatter bombs measuring in the multi-gigaton range, a single warship of this class has been known to force a surrender from an entire planet just by appearing in orbit. 

Warp Point Junctions: A Warp Point Junction differs from standard warp point nexii in that all warp points are within a similar distance to the parent star. The number of warp points vary from system to system but their locations are always consistent: equidistant around the parent star, making transit times between WPs much faster. This also makes warp point defense especially easy, for orbital forts can be towed to adjacent warp points within a short amount of time. Both a strategic asset and liability, Warp Point Junctions within the Atorian Empire are heavily defended. The Manticore Warp Point Junction (located near the Golgan Republik) is one of the most famous of these anomalies.

Zebuloids: A Golgan allied race, Zebuloids look like they evolved from some kind of armored jellyfish. Considered monsters by so many other aliens, the Zebuloids voluntarily joined the Golgan Republik because the Golgans were one of the few people who actually treated them with decency and respect. As such, the Zebuloids are incredibly loyal to their  Golgan patrons and will never abandon them, even when it becomes obvious that the Republik's final dissolution is imminent. Known as the galaxy's best pilots, able to multi-task four separate jobs at once. 

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