Extremely powerful by human standards, the alien Viltrumite race are a brutal, vicious race. They have achieved what they call a "utopia" by culling the weak from their own numbers, leaving a race of conquerors bent on bringing new worlds under their control and subjugating weaker civilizations. Viltrum is a beautiful world ruled by a race of cruel beings with godlike powers of flight, invulnerability, super strength, and superspeed as well as additional random superpowers. Once rich in resources, the natural wealth of Viltrum has long been depleted, forcing them into a march for empire. They dominate Viltrum and every other habitable planet within a hundred light years of their homeworld and are extremely technically advanced. Viltrumites age very slowly as well, living for thousands of years.

The Viltrumites' physical power and near-immortality has strongly influenced their society, creating a species-wide superiority complex and the sense that they are destined to rule lesser beings (ie everyone but Viltrumites). After a brutal civil war in which the eugenics minded Viltrumites won, they rebuilt their world and set their sights on building a galactic empire. When they conquered worlds, the pattern was always the same: a planet targeted for assimilation would be offered a chance to willingly join their empire in exchange for Viltrumite technology and patronage. Those that refused were destroyed by armies of flying supermen. However, with a limited population the Viltrumite Empire is stretched dangerously thin at around 1,000 conquered worlds. Now, the Viltrumites just seek to hold what they have, especially in the face of an expansive and aggressive Atorian Empire lying nearby. Viltrumites can transverse the galaxy under their own power, without the need of spaceships. Almost at all Viltrumites are meglomaniacal powermongers.

The Viltrumite Empire has conquered a vast array of races during its 2000-year history. Listed below are the major races they have defeated, destroyed, or absorbed during that time:

Argelian League            
Arnonus Vars                
Bolax Federation          
Bome Confederacy           
Braygon Commons            
Cyborlum Asylum        
Cypia Union             
Diyo Assembly        
Eelim Enclave             
Endori Commons         
Endori Sovereignty       
Feg Sporium            
Geonis Hive              
Gomm Royals Union       
Hydgak Dynasty             
Itraxian Delegation     
Jalinoh Republic         
Kaar’s Domain               
Kelgari Federation           
Ko'Tik'Ka Massia  
Larvem Majoram                
Lestriciam Consortium     
Marn Republic                
Maxon Commonwealth        
Minos Cabal             
Moir Hive               
Nanus Colonies          
Natreth Empire           
Neosulum Hierarchy         
Nossum Karzak            
Novean Republic        
Ona Regime                 
Orzan Reich             
Phraxan Order        
Prikor Domain                
Quoar Regime              
Rarsaan Empire           
Rilak Alliance              
Saan Union

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