The Three Part Alliance is a multidimensional totalitarian empire that has lasted for over one thousand years. It is made up of 2,000+ worlds and is colonized solely by the Russians, the Germans, and the Japanese. These three groups form the Alliance, which is located on an Alternate Earth (called Home). The current date of the Alliance is 3775 AD and each of the worlds they have colonized is a parallel Earth, many of which are inhabited by other humans. These worlds are often ruthlessly conquered by the Russians, Germans, and Japanese, often using biological and nuclear weapons.

The overall leaders of the Alliance are a small but extremely powerful group of mentally endowed (psionic) men. They rule the entire Alliance from a restricted planet named Citadel World. These 300 men are the heads of the most powerful Russian, German, and Japanese families on Home World and they totally control the Three Part Alliance utilizing several large bureaucracies, armies, and secret police. They are also the only makers of the zivvy, an invasive nanotech that lowers the ability of the human brain to resist the influence of the psionic leaders of the Three Part Alliance.

The history of Home World eventually deviates from our planet Earth in the year 1908 AD. A quote from historian Michael Knox sums it up nicely:

“We believe the splitting point between our Home and a lot of others was in the early twentieth century, when Tsar Nicholas II of Russia became obsessed with curing his son’s hemophilia. We don’t have good information as to just what he tried, but compared to other very similar Earths, he basically jump-started genetics and genetic engineering half a century before most other Worlds. Given the state of biological science at the time, one shudders to think what random chemical mutagens were used and abused. Nor how many test subjects, before they’d treat the Tsarevich. Random mutation, in search of a cure for hemophilia. The son died in a fall from a horse, before reaching adulthood so we’re all descendants of the Tsar’s daughters.”

Genetic engineering enabled psychic abilities in children that were experimented on. Some of these rare children also gained the ability to open portals between parallel Earths, using specialized machinery. MORE HERE SOON


50 Founding Families (Russian): MORE HERE SOON

Agents of the 300: MORE HERE SOON

Agricultural World: MORE HERE SOON


Bureau of Agriculture: MORE HERE SOON

Bureau of Exploration: MORE HERE SOON

Bureau of Intel: MORE HERE SOON

Bureau of Owned Persons: MORE HERE SOON

Bureau of Records: MORE HERE SOON

Bureau of Registration: MORE HERE SOON

Bureau of Security: MORE HERE SOON



Citadel World:

Claimed World:


Colony World:

Comet Fall:

Committee to Reorganize the Alliance:

Cyborgs: Sometimes criminals are Cyborged. Military, especially conquest troops, really like them for Native Suppression on newly conquered worlds, brutal treatment, mass executions, rape, being ordered to do the sorts of things that conquerors seem to feel are necessary. And now I’m property with a chip in my head that allows mentalists to control me whenever they damn well please.” 

Cybernetic Center:

Desert World:

Dimensional Apparatus:

Dimensional Phenomena:

Dimensional Physics:

Doomsday Cube:

Embassy World:

Empire of the One: “The first time Stalin attacked them, this ‘Empire of the One’ tracked the portals back to their origins and the next day destroyed what was left of T2 Stalin’s six working Portal facilities, killing all the surviving Portalmakers.”

Empty World:

Exec Chip:


Free Portalists:

Guardian World:


Gyp: jeep

Home World:

Hub World:

Ice Age World:

Lost World:

Mentalist Talent:



Native Suppression:

Native World: When a native World is conquered, they usually kill close to half the population using nuclear and biological, especially targeting large cities, then chip the remaining adults.


Nicholas Romanov II: MORE HERE SOON

Orgy Drug:

Portal Clone:

Portal Quad:

Portal Travel: short permanent portals

Portalclones: Sensory deprivation in a coffin shaped “life support module.” The rest of his life spent opening dimensional portals on demand.

Presentation Opponent System:


President Vinogradov:

Resource World:

Servant Chip: 


Shields: Mental, Physical, Energy

Shredding a Portal:


Switch Around World:

The 300:

The Board:

The Founder:

The Inquisition:

The Plague:

Three Part Alliance: Drei Mächte Bündnis (in German) or Troystvennyy Soyuz (in Russian)

Trade Worlds:

Troystvennyy Soyuz:

True Man:


Ute: utility vehicle

Vassal World:

Wife Chip:

Zhivyye Provoda:

Zivvy: Has the 300 made any changes to the no-experimenting with zivvy?