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In the 1980s, the futurist Alvin Toffler pointed out that technological change sometimes caused radical shifts in culture and society. Such a change would sweep across the world like a "wave," transforming institutions and worldviews, bringing a new kind of civilization into existence in a relatively short time. The results would be so significant that societies on opposite sides of a Wave would literally be inhabiting different worlds. Toffler spoke of three Waves. The First Wave was triggered by the discovery of agriculture perhaps 10,000 years ago. The Second Wave corresponded with the Industrial Revolution, which began about 1800. The Third Wave that Toffler predicted was associated with the spread of digital computers and information networks (the Information Age), beginning about 1960. Toffler's vision was correct in many specifics and people use the concept of "waves of change" in deadly earnest.

The primary technology in these waves are:

First Wave - labor-intensive agriculture

Second Wave - industrial manufacturing

Third Wave - digital computers and networks

Understanding the Third Wave and all of its implications is critical to everyone alive today. Please read "The Third Wave"
by Alvin Toffler.