Popular civilian and military types
Augmentations or Augs are cybernetic devices that increase the abilities of people and most of the higher-end ones are of military design. Augs are generally brain-computer interfaces that are extremely common on high-tech worlds, and rare on low-tech ones. They use a wide-range of useable software. Some of the most popular augs on human worlds are listed below. Additionally, all cybernetics are extremely vulnerable to high energy particles like tachyons, neutrinos, and mesons. 

Bio-Maintenance Aug: a typical biological enhancer implant that boosts a persons immunity system tenfold. It is also a alcohol blocker, a instant awareness booster (from sleep, stasis sickness, or drunkenness), and a auto-healer (nano). It also has a health watcher option (a broad health scanner, including blood pressure, blood glucose, etc), and is a standard e-doctor that knows your entire case history and is designed to keep you in optimal health. Also has a contraceptive function that can be turned on or off. It also measures the concentration of various molecules in your blood, and can be used as a pain suppressor

Body Ink: A full-body electronic ink tattoo. You can keep your own skin tone but its fully customizable; you can create any skin tone necessary, birth marks, and tattoos. Widely available in civilian circles.

Civilian-grade Sensor Aug: This implant is a standard package used by most civilians in a high-tech society. It is usually mounted under the hair on the head, and has the following functions: local audio recorder, environmental sensor (with danger options), back-up networking option, med-sensor options, smell/taste sensor, augmentator and filter

Cogito: this is a brain implant that increases cross-brain connectivity which significantly boosts critical thinking and creativity. It also expands raw intelligence by 15-20% above a baseline humans' brain. The hardware can also increases a persons' memory capacity by up to 50%, depending on the subject as well as adding near-total recall of information. Cognito is a standard brain implant for citizens from planets with a very high tech level.

Cram: Originally developed as a treatment for people with memory related disorders, this aug became highly popular amongst students on the black market on worlds with significant legal cybernetic restrictions. This pea-sized aug is a storage collection memory device, encapsulated in a delivery system designed to maintain optimum mentality over 8-10 hours (in other words throughout a night). Shortly after activation, Cram grants a window of eidetic memory, allowing users to process and remember great amounts of information with high fidelity all the while feeling constantly motivated. Lower tech level versions of this aug suffered from potentially harmful side effects by causing a strong retention of the user's emotional state (ie a recently bereaved user attempting to learn a subject will always associate that subject with pain). More sophisticated versions of this aug (TL17 and higher) using nanite clusters of reactive nanoparticles remove this effect by creating a more selective effect.

Info Node: One of the typical implants that humans receive in utero (or in vitro) as a fetus, it grows in complexity as person grows into adulthood. It typically serves many functions, especially as net agents for the owner. These agents constantly search the local information network as serve as secretaries, librarians, data-valets, and even personal stand-ins. Info nodes are located in the brain and are grown through nanotechnology. They are a critical function of expanding ones e-memory. It also is the basis for all basic education as child grows into adulthood. These nodes also encompass a broad array of civilian options, including EM telepathy, auto-translators, e-conferencing in virtual space, access to weather, medical access, virtual entertainment, personal access to e-memory, e-pedia information feeds, travel data, life journals, and hundreds of other data downloads necessary for a normal (fast-paced) life in the modern world (TL12 or higher). MORE HERE SOON (Control machines with your mind)

Insight: The true veracity of this aug has always been hotly contested. The action of this cybernetic implant is to cause the user to fall into a lucid state filled with mild hallucinations, usually involving memories from the user's past. Whilst in this state the aug is designed to help the user find patterns, connections and revelations. There are many anecdotal accounts of this resulting in profound positive effects on the individual's personality and of genius moments of insight leading to ground breaking academic work. However for every account of positive results there are accounts of users who have come away paranoid, or obsessed with a fallacious idea. User caution is advised.

Speedo: This cybernetic implant directly affects a soldiers movement, causing bursts of speed for up to ten minutes by 25% above normal. It should be used sparingly on the battlefield because of enormous chemdrain side effects, it is one of the more popular augs with the troops and is located in the pituitary gland.

Nightingale: This is a military-grade cybernetics device (an augmentation) that is typically located near the heart of a soldier and can call for aide when a soldier is in danger of dying. Nightingale also sends information about the health of an individual to local leaders, and sometimes military headquarters as well. Its primary role is to be able to call for evacuation on its own for a soldier if he/she is seriously injured. Nightingale also has a secondary healing storage unit that deals mainly with light wounds and also can flood the body with pain suppressors as well as dealing with shock. This aug is standard for high-tech troops from advanced technology worlds. The Nightingale is named after a famous pre-spaceflight nurse from Old Earth.

Testament: This is a cybernetic system that are disguised to look like harmless medical implants, but they secretly record the last 24 hours of a persons life. When retrieved, this item is helpful within the military to understand combat losses, as well as other operations on the battlefield. It is basically a black box for your body. Non-military versions of this device are legal on most planets, often helping in murder cases that would otherwise go unsolved.