Also known as Biological Fundamentalism: A conservative religious movement that resists asexual reproduction, extreme genetic engineering, gross altering the human body, and overcoming death. A resistance movement born to counter the evolution from the human to the posthuman.

Biochauvanism is the belief that biosapient life (humans as well as clones) is inherently more valuable than animal or digital life ("AIs and infomorphs"). This meme has existed for centuries in various forms (humans are better than animals) however it is growing in public policy, especially in the Religious Right in the USA, now that the government is beginning to make life and death decisions for people due to its takeover of the health care system. Local beliefs vary a great deal: an artificial intelligence that is treated as fully "human" are being constructed as we speak. A major fear of biohumanists is the deep-seated belief that AIs and other commanding information systems could rule the planet ruthlessly and with only logic. Many people with religious or spiritual convictions worry that a global information network overseen by an AI would control everyone on the planet using the "Mark of the Beast". In fact, researchers in the USA have recently created an AI that can be "evil", shocking many people who question why creating an evil machine would even be necessary. In addition, biochauvanists see the global animal rights movement as dangerous to humanity overall, since many of the radical fringe groups of ecopagans would like to see most of humanity wiped out, to create a "sustainable level" of humans on the planet. Biochauvanism is especially strong in the Evangelical Christian communities due to its promotion of human rights over animal rights and they are generally called "Biological Fundamentalists".