Nathan Brazil: immortal vampire

At nearly 500 years old, Nathan Brazil comes from a famous line of bat-controlling vampires and he is currently in the United States, searching for a powerful magic item as well as plotting his revenge against past enemies (and also looking for new ones). What makes him a excellent foil for your campaigns is threefold. First, he is unforgiving and unrelenting: if you have crossed him or hindered him in any way, he will get revenge, in the worst possible way and at his own time and choosing. Typically this will involve going after family members of your group. Second, as a enhanced master vampire, he is virtually unkillable...... MORE HERE SOON

Also, he is a Master Vampire with all the powers and abilities thereof. He also has additional ones as well:

Blood Scenting
Control Undead
Create a swarm of bats (from within his body)
Flight +80
Impervious to Physical Harm
Improved Speed +80
Improved Strength +30
Move Silently
Summon Bats (from around him)
Summon Fog
Telepathic Link with "Children"
Turn into a Bat (bestial humanoid form)
Unearthly Beauty

Very little is known about the vampires that Nathan Brazil comes from other than the head of the Line is Nicolas Walderson, the Bat-King of Wallachia. This of course gives Nathan all of his bat powers, including the ability to create a large swarm of bats instantly from within his body, to call any nearby diseased bats to his aid, and to turn into a giant monstrous humanoid bat-form. Combined with his Summon Fog ability, this creates a terrifying.... MORE HERE SOON

Currently, there are three things really motivate Nathan Brazil:

Finding Anna's Watch: Nathan's Achilles Heel is a magical golden watch that his lover (Anna) created to partially control him. She was worried about him biting her during one of his animalistic rages and losing her witchy powers, so she enchanted his watch (with his permission) and whoever owns the watch can physically control him if he is within 10 miles. The watch was stolen a century ago and Nathan is determined to get it back! Rumor has it placed in America somewhere but....MORE HERE SOON

Destroy Vampire Hunter Groups: his primary goal now that his vampire coven has been mostly destroyed by them. MORE HERE SOON

Find a Way to Die: a subconscious thing mostly. MORE HERE SOON


Born sometime in the latter Dark Ages (records are scarce during that time period), Nathan Brazil is most likely Romanian or Hungarian and he apparently lived a normal life until he was converted into a vampire. For an unknown reason, Nathan hates all Germans with a passion. Some who know him say he believes the Germans caused the 1000 year Dark Ages (they did) and both the world wars (also true), killing millions upon millions of innocent people. With this in mind, he probably sees all Germans as an utterly evil force across history and thus takes great pleasure and his time killing any German soldier or civilian that crosses his path.

His lover Anna refused his immortal bite and died in 1899 AD. Ever since he lost the love of his life he has had an ongoing subconscious death wish. Later, he moved to Brazil and grew a small power-base in the port city of Recife. However, in 1955 AD a group of very experienced vampire slayers eventually hunted down his coven and wiped it out, all except Nathan and two of his more powerful servants. Licking his wounds, he fled to the United States, vowing revenge.

As he has grown in experience and cunning, Brazil's master vampire powers have continually increased and eventually he has gained the potent ability to Control the Undead. He also recently gained the impressive ability to be Impervious to Physical Harm, making him an extremely difficult foe to destroy. Both of these powers make him a very powerful enemy indeed. However, Nathan suffers from depression and grief over losing the love of his life and the majority of his vampire coven in Brazil, and this can make him reckless in various situations. He currently resides in a large unnamed American city, creating a few new minions among a small but vicious drug-dealing motorcycle gang. With many centuries behind him, he is now likely strong enough to survive the destruction of his creator Nicolas Walderson.

Since Nathan Brazil is not created by a Vampire Intelligence, he is perfect for the Nightbane setting. He would also work well as a main villain for the Beyond the Supernatural game, however he is a bit overpowered for the BTS setting so removing his "Impervious to Physical Harm" and "Control the Undead" should bring him down to a more correct level for that game.