The REAL Doctor Doom

I am sitting across from a man who I call Doctor Doom. He's in his late 40s, is non-descript, and is Chinese. His insists that I don't use his real name, so I will call him "Wang". His life's work, his creation, will kill more than a billion people (probably closer to two billion), and in the very near future everyone on the planet will know his real name. He doesn't look like a monster, but then again most true monsters rarely appear like the role. He doesn't hate the West, he loves American TV and McDonalds, but that won't stop him from killing more people than Mao, Stalin, and Hitler combined. He is a viral geneticist that works in the area of agriculture and his "creation" will kill off a huge potion of humanity, and incite conflicts around the world (mainly for food). To just get a brief interview with "Doctor Doom" took me over a year; my step-mother is American Chinese and she knows his mother (who is openly terrified of her son's research). "Wang" works outside of Beijing, at a military-funded research facility with over 500 associates, all specializing in some form of virology. He has invented a virus that kills (for decades or more) specific plants that are used by the West: corn, wheat, and barley. Wang's mother, deeply worried about the response to her sons "invention", believes that open dialogue on the issue will prevent its use. She is terrified that the United States is working in the same field to develop a virus that specifically targets rice (we are, so confirms my 30+ year nurse boyfriend who lives in the LA area). She loves rice and knows if a tit-for-tat biological exchange occurs, most of the planet could be wiped out. Other scientists agree, which was one of the reasons why there has been a strong push for "agricultural arks" being created around the world, the most famous of which is in the ice-bound Svalbard region of Norway. It always puzzled me why they would put a global seed ark in such a remote and plant-hostile region, until I realized during this interview that it was placed in an area the virus couldn't easily spread too (its a ice zone). China's leaders have already decided that conflict with the West, Japan, and the USA will occur, but how and when it will occur is the key and Beijing hopes to make it on terms in its favor. By launching a bio-attack on the USA food stocks, it will ensure the Americans will stay out of any future fights because they would have to cope with food rationing, riots, and continent-wide starvation instead of waging war. A successful Chinese bio-attack against the US was completed in 2016, when eight two-man teams spread a remote pig virus from central China across the heartland of America. This was a deliberate act and resulted in the deaths of over 2 million pigs in the US. The teams were infected with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus and deliberately spread the virus by traveling to the US and handling as many pigs as possible in and around Iowa. Their efforts were a part of the plan by Beijing to wage war by a thousand cuts, to attack the USA subtlety and quietly, before it knew it was even under attack. Massive cyberattacks centered in China are also part of this war and are occurring on a daily basis. Chinese leaders decided more than a decade ago to use biological, chemical, nuclear, and asymmetrical attacks against the US and other foes. Their decision to not follow the rules of war set out in the Geneva Accords was based on the fact that China isn't a European country, and shouldn't follow European rules of war. By funding "Wang's" research in the area of deadly bioweapons, we can only conclude that Beijing will continue down this path to global destruction, in spite of the fact that other nations are preparing counter-measures; ones that could kill off most of the people on the planet. In the Book of Revelation, it talks about Apocalyptical Horsemen who kill billions of people; starvation and plague and death. I hope to not see these Horsemen in my lifetime....I wonder if Wang cares.