The current year is 1944 on this planet and the war is going badly for the Allies. Britain is starving and the USA is neutral; Hawaii wasn't attacked in 1941 but Japan has conquered most of Asia by now. The Company has secret operations ongoing on this world, listed below are them:

Assassinating Togo: while the war in Asia is nearly over and the military leadership in Japan continues to plot global dominance. The top Army General, Togo, is in total command of the Imperial government. His assassination will badly weaken the grip of the military over the civilians of Japan and give the Emperor the opportunity to stop Imperial expansion. Your job is to facilitate the assassination of Togo without blowing your time travelling cover.

Destroy the Hindenburg (kill Hitler): MORE HERE SOON

Freeing Stalin: when Moscow was captured by German forces in late 1943 the Soviet government collapsed, Joseph Stalin was taken captive by the Nazi forces. He is currently being held in a deep underground mine in the Urals by the enemy. Your goal is to free him and help him make it to central Siberia where Soviet forces still remain in power, hopefully to revive the conflict between the Russians and Germans.

Operation Catspaw: Mathilde Carre was a secret agent during World War 2 known as "the Cat". She worked for the French Underground, but in most timelines she was captured by the Germans and eventually flipped as a double agent. Almost single handedly she crippled the anti-occupation movement in France when she was released by the Nazis. In this timeline, the Cat has been able to avoid capture by the Nazis and has steadily helped the French Underground gain in strength. Your job is to help the Cat lead the forces under her command for a series of humiliating raids against Nazi strongholds in and around Paris. 

Operation Toulon: when France surrendered to invading Nazi forces in 1940 the majority of the French Fleet was interned at Toulon in southern France. By 1944 these warships remained in French military hands but have been neutralized by removing their large gun ammo and removing 90% of their fuel oil. These ships included the battleships Dunkerque, Strasbourg, Bretagne, Richelieu, and Provence, seven cruisers, twenty-eight destroyers, and twenty submarines (over 230,000 tons of naval shipping). Three of these warships are the newest fast battleships and the Allies are desperate to keep these deadly vessels out of Axis hands. MORE HERE SOON. Flee to French Caribbean?

Plans for Washington DC: military plans (mainly ships) MORE HERE SOON

Saving Einstein: unable to flee to the United States in the 1930s, Albert Einstein opted to move to Denmark. However, when this small nation was overrun in just a few hours at the outbreak of WW2, Einstein was in a precarious position. When the Nazis' ordered the Danish government to tell every Jew in the nation to openly wear the Star of David, the King got on the radio and asked all of his people to wear the Star. Over the next 3 years the majority of Danish Jews were saved by shipping them secretly to Sweden. However, Germany eventually occupied all of Scandinavia in 1944 and Einstein needs to be saved. He currently lives in a suburb of Stockholm and if he can be moved to the United States his brilliant mind may be able to come up with a way to defeat the Nazis. Your job is to aid in his trip to America without blowing your time travelling cover.

Stop the Yamato (Sydney Harbor): The War has been going very badly for the Allies, so much so that most have surrendered, but not Australia. In a final move to force a military capitulation, the Japanese Imperial Navy has decided to send a heavy naval task force into Sydney Harbor. Local commandos have resolved to roll the dice, trying to destroy the USS Yamato as it comes into the bay. Governmental leaders in Canberra are hoping to send a message that occupying Australian territory will come at much too high a price. Your job is to assist the commando raid without blowing your time travelling cover. 

Stopping the Bomb (Berlin): the brilliant German rocket scientist Werner Von Braun developed the V-series of military rockets for the Nazis at Peenenemude, just outside of Berlin. These deadly and demoralizing missiles pummeled Britain for years, badly damaging London and neighboring cities. He later began research into the development of Germany's first atomic bomb, hoping to force the United Kingdoms' surrender by dropping one on London. Your job is to halt his research by any means necessary, without blowing your temporal cover.