The Nine Lives of Maxximilion Miaow

In the Beginning, the Great Creator Above made all the birds of the air and the beasts of the field, He made them big and small, smart and dumb, and then he Paused, thinking ......and then he made Cats. Of all the creatures He created, each had a special gift: the gift of flight, or speed, or cunning, but to cats He gave the greatest gift of all: the gift of Nine Lives. And thus, we begin with such a cat.....

and the story of his nine lives. Now, for anyone who owns a cat, they know they are very amazing creatures and they live truly remarkable lives. The senses of a cat let them feel and see and live much more than most normal beasts, because they were given many unique cat skills: the ability to always land on their feet, to be able to feel movement in the air just using their whiskers, and their strong night-sight. And wherever they live, whether it be in the lush countryside or a busy town, cats are the same the whole world over. In fact they even have their own silent language, being able to communicate with each other via the mind ....MORE HERE SOON