This world is dominated by several major muslim empires and is therefore known as "Muslim 4". It is also known as the "Ten Empires" because the major European Empires are still active and healthy in the year 1975. Both large power blocks are on the verge of war, with the more militant muslim nations having the upper hand due to their religious fanaticism. With this in mind, the Company has decided to exclusively and significantly back the British in this timeline. This includes technology and financial support, including substantial cross-dimensional trade. This is especially true in the area of aerospace and space rockets....MORE HERE SOON 


British Empire (660 billion)
American Union (570 billion)
French Empire (530 billion)
Spanish Empire (410 billion)
Portuguese Empire (377 billion)
Canton Republic (350 billion)
Triple Alliance (340 billion)
China Mainland (300 billion)
German Empire (270 billion)
Japanese Empire (210 billion)
Russian Empire (200 billion)
Poland-Lithuania (190 billion)
Ottoman Empire (198 billion)
Sumatran Empire (180 billion)
Mongolian Empire (160 billion)
Greater Ukraine  (120 billion)
Sahel Empire (80 billion)

The history of the Earth 46 is one of long-lasting conflict, especially between the religious muslim nations and all other non-muslim nations. This is particularly true of the numerous major and minor wars fought against the Christian nations of Europe. MORE HERE SOON

Africa Miasma: MORE HERE SOON

Bahia Republic (South America): as a result of the Trans-Oceanic War (TOW), the British Empire gained the region in and around the major city Sao Paulo. It has become a lucrative region for the UK, with tourism, oranges, and rubber being the most popular trade commodities.

Czech Republic: invaded by Germany at the outbreak of the Great European Conflagration, its fortified and mountainous borders helped the Republic fight off the initial German attack but the nation later succumbed to massed enemy attacks. After the war, the Czechs became briefly independent before they decided to join the Triple Alliance as its most junior member. The government in Prague stated that doing so would secure the nation from further (German) attacks and so far it has.

Korean Conflict: In 1955 a serious war broke out in Korean between forces backed by Mainland China and the British occupiers of the southern portion of the peninsula. Fighting continued for three years until the Chinese had exhausted themselves, and the British had suffered more than 50,000 dead and 150,000 injured. Later, an agreement made both sides leave the peninsula, which was unfortunately absorbed into the growing Japanese Empire. The conflict (again) taught the Brits a great deal about how to fight in Asia against overwhelming odds and it left a very bitter taste amongst the Mainland Chinese.

Mexico: Once colonized (and continually raped) by Spain, substantial local rebellions starting in the late 1800s were able to throw out the foreigners and create a strong government centralized at Mexico City. MORE HERE SOON

Serbia: this "sick man" of Central Europe is a Russian client state, and the most hated nation in the region. During the Great Conflagration the government in Belgrade authorized merciless war crimes against civilians in neighboring nations. To this day Serbia is the most despised country in all of Europe.


Argentina Rebellion: MORE HERE SOON

Chinese History: MORE HERE SOON

Creation of the Triple Alliance: Poland-Lithuania, Ukraine, Austria-Hungary, with the Czech Republik thrown in. MORE HERE SOON

Great European Conflagration: 1940-45, end result the formation of the Polish-Lithuanian Union, Austria-Hungary to navel gazing, Ottomans look East. Britain-France-Poland vs Germany-Austria/Hungary-Ottomans, with Spain selling to all sides but tilting towards Britain (a traditional major trading ally).

Great Space Race: MORE HERE SOON

Kenya Plague: MORE HERE SOON

Major Empire Conflicts: UK vs Sumatra, Ottomans vs UK, French vs Sahel, Russia vs everyone else, Spain neutral, Germany vs everyone else, China. MORE HERE SOON

Mexican Revolt: MORE HERE SOON

Muslim Power: MORE HERE SOON



Ottoman Expansion: MORE HERE SOON

Sahel Expansion: MORE HERE SOON

Sumatran Expansion: MORE HERE SOON

Trans-Oceanic War: 44 days, all major naval powers, some colonies swapped in the end. 1901 AD MORE HERE SOON

War for Korea: MORE HERE SOON

Wealth of the British Empire: super wealthy MORE HERE SOON

These types of empires typically only enrich themselves, with nearly all goods and finances flowing back to the homeland. Colonies of these empires are mostly ineptly-run and quite often dirt-poor because of the rapacious nature of their overlords. Also, these empires often face strong local rebellions due to their greedy policies, and they are often on the verge of flying apart due to this sort of extremely poor civil management. The central government of these types of country's are typically heavily armed, and have few qualms against using this military power against its foreign colonies (but rarely against the people in their own homeland). Excellent examples of these type of empires are listed below:

French Empire
German Empire
Portuguese Empire
Spanish Empire

These types of empires are tend to be financially wealthy since they try to convert their colonies to become client states instead of just raping them economically. These empires generally avoid militant adventurism, although they often have large armed forces, sometimes lavishly equipped. The rule of law is very important to the leadership of these empires and they rarely tolerate corruption or injustice. 

Excellent examples of these type of empires are listed below:

American Union
British Empire
Canton Republic

These types of empires are inward-looking and rarely expansionistic. Their internal domestic policies keep them fully occupied and they rarely have large or experienced armies. Empires like these do have relations with foreign powers, but such arrangements always take a backburner to in-house situations. Internal disorder is a constant worry for these types of empires. Good examples of these kinds of nations are listed below:

Austrian-Hungarian Empire
Greater Ukraine
Ottoman Empire
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

These types of empires are bigoted, militant, dictatorial and have few if any allies. Nations like these actively dislike outsiders and are usually firmly isolationist. These types of oppressive governments also are often totalitarian and as a result are very difficult to overthrow.

Excellent examples of these type of empires are listed below:

Mongolian Empire
Russian Empire

These types of empires are generally diplomatically isolated because of their aggressive stance of expansion, always at everyone elses' cost. Indeed, they have few if any allies. These nations are always heavily armed and have well provisioned armies, even at the expensive of starving their own populations. With a "shoot-first" mentality, these types of empires attack their neighbors without warning more than 75% of the time. Excellent examples of these type of empires are listed below:

China Mainland
Japanese Empire
Sumatran Empire




On Muslim 4, the Company is primarily interested in strengthening the hand of the British Empire and its allies, including the American Union and other important British allies. With this in mind, significant cross-dimensional trade has been opened up between the Company's' home base on Earth 17 and this world (Earth 46). Also, crucial technology trade is now occurring that is focusing on both economic and military efforts.

In this timeline, some of the more lucrative portions of the planet are directly ruled by Great Britain. These include India, Australia, South Africa, and Canada. This has made the British the dominant superpower on the planet, and extremely wealthy too boot. MORE HERE SOON

British/Muslim Relations: Ottomans, Sahel, Sumatra, Iran, Egypt MORE HERE SOON

Australia: vs Sumatra MORE HERE SOON

Bahia: vs Brazil (British helicopters turning the tide in this foreign-backed rebellion)

Biafra: oil insurrection

Ceylon: vs Sumatra. Coup in favor of the Sumatran Empire. British seriously irked. MORE HERE SOON

Cyprus: vs Ottomans, a dozen major UK naval and air bases. No Turkish citizenry; all deported decades ago. Majority Greek and British population.

Egypt: the British position is very shaky in Egypt as the majority of the population is muslim and yearns to join with......vs Ottomans. However, the Suez Canal Zone if so vital to global (and British) trade that unthinkable. MORE HERE SOON

Greece: vs Ottomans (Greek terrorism)

Hong Kong: major UK naval base

India: muslims Sumatra support, Sikhs forcible relocation to Kenya, Ceylon closeness

Qatar: vs Ottomans, major UK naval base

Shanghai Enclave: vs Mainland China

Singapore: vs Sumatra, major UK naval base

Southern Africa: vs Boer state

Yemen: vs Ottomans (major trade route to India)

American Union: although most Americans are primarily descendants of Britain, relations between the two remain somewhat politically unstable due to fanatical leftists that form the core of the government in Washington DC. However, major trade and military deals between the British and Americans have come to fruition in the last decade, just in time....MORE HERE SOON

China (mainland): nominal enemy MORE HERE SOON

Canton: major ally MORE HERE SOON

French: nominal ally MORE HERE SOON

Korea: major ally MORE HERE SOON

Ottomans: major enemy MORE HERE SOON

Portuguese: major trading partners, but militarily neutral MORE HERE SOON

Russia: nominal enemy MORE HERE SOON

Sahel: nominal enemy MORE HERE SOON

Spanish: major trading partners, but militarily neutral MORE HERE SOON

Sumatra: major enemy MORE HERE SOON

Triple-Alliance: Ukraine Sovereignty, Poland-Lithuania, Austria-Hungary, nominal allies of the UK MORE HERE SOON

Aerospace stuff (military and commercial airplanes fit for the 1970s)
Saturn V stuff
Iowa class battleships (vs dreadnoughts)
Give UK 300+ total important patents from our timeline
commercial nuclear power reactors