Advanced Shields: Starfleet’s newest shields are a direct result of an Ensign Barclay’s (posted to USS Enterprise) encounter with an unknown space probe. It was during an attack by the probe that Ensign Barclay formulated a plan to increase shield power. By channeling warp power to the shield grid and rerouting it thru the subspace field distortion amplifiers, Ensign Barclay was able to increase shield power by 300%. Permanent computer logs were downloaded at Starbase 221 and analyzed. When asked about his radical new theory, Ensign Barclay was unable to explain its origins. New computer programs outlaying increased shield output is being relayed to all Federation starships. 

Attack Fighters: The USS Zeus carries 96 attack fighters, each with the lethality of a small starship. Working in flight groups, these attack craft can concentrate an awesome amount of firepower on a single target. These two-man craft are equipped with polarized phasers, two photon torpedoes, and are densely shielded.

Burst Phasers: Designed by Weapons Specialist Mark Harrington and Senior Tech Sarrus of Vulcan, burst phasers do tremendous damage and are mounted primarily on Defiant-class escorts. The USS Zeus has 4 structurally-mounted burst phaser emplacements in the Saucer Section. 

Polarized Phasers: Designed to combat the Borg’s subspace field, polarized phasers are a combined work of Beth Delta scientists and the Daystrom Defense Applications Agency. These new phasers are designed to pass through (destabilize) current conventional shields and subspace fields and do three times normal damage. All of the USS Zeus' collimator rings have been upgraded to polarized phasers.

Subspace Transporter: Starfleet’s newest transporter technology, using the subspace domain, was recently acquired by Ferengi sources. A Top Secret system, the subspace transporter has a theoretical range of over 1 billion kilometers! The USS Zeus uses this system to beam its fighters directly into space from it’s attack fighter bay. The entire floor of the bay is one massive transporter pad, while the few conventional exits are used only in emergencies. 

Warp Torpedoes: A mutual design of Han Kao and Romulan engineers, warp torpedoes are highly accurate, and completely devastating. With a 500 million kilometer range, they are one of the most advanced (and lethal) weapons systems in Federation space. The USS Zeus has over 300 warp torpedoes in its magazines.