In the pocket universe called Theosophy (also known as the Realm of Thought) there existed many Minds, some were lesser and some were greater. Thus it had been for Eternity. However, a conflict arose between two Greater Minds, a disagreement so intense that it fractured the cosmos of their battlefield, and spawned an entirely new universe. While lasting only moments, one of the Greater Minds won the battle and the other fled to this newly created but highly chaotic universe. Expanding at a significant rate and fueled by immense energies released by the conflict between the two Greater Minds, this universe was disorderly and without form at first. The Greater Mind (fleeing from its defeat) arrived in the Prime Universe and took stock, and then began creating Order out of the discord and disarray that had spawned this huge new dimension. Billions of years passed as this Greater Mind enforced his titanic will on galaxies and super clusters, and even individual planets. And that's where our story begins....on a planet in a small cluster of galaxies, third from its sun. A planet that this Greater Mind took an interest in not long after it was formed. This is our story.