Members of the Spook Squad are current Chicago police officers that have been noticed by the department for having some minor unusual abilities. In reality, these crime busters are actually superheroes but their powers are so minor that it is unknown to most of the people around them. However, most of these officers know there is something different about themselves but in typical police fashion they don’t talk about it. There are 14 members of the squad, but they mostly work in twos and threes. Sometimes, however, the Spook Squad is used as punishment: officers sent to the Squad are typically passed over for promotion and the Squad is sometimes used as a dumping ground for malcontents and troublemakers. Orlando Jones runs the Squad.

Adam Troxel
A career officer of 7 years, the higher ups have noticed his unusual ability to sense strange occurrences and have assigned him to the Spook Squad. Troxel is quite arrogant about his good looks but overall is a very good police officer in the city of Chicago. He has Abnormal Energy Sense and Extraordinary Physical Beauty (PB). Adam is a typical American, no ethnic background noted. Age is 27 and PB is 19. Adam always manages to wear his clothes well and has a
+10% bonus to charm/impress the ladies (but only while clothed). Troxel and his regular team-mate, Asia, are usually assigned to any supernatural event that is sexual in nature, and he works with Merlin Wellington as well. They also run down any undead events, due to Asia's unique abilities in that area. He is trained in espionage and strongly dislikes Steve Stice, who is always hitting on Asia.


Asia Hamilton
The only female officer on the Spook Squad, Asia has the freakish ability to control the undead and has confessed this to her boss, Angela Jackson. Angela in turn told her superiors and Asia was transferred to the Spook Squad after 5 years on the beat. Asia is Catholic and has the Control Undead ability and Impervious to Fear and Terror. Obviously of Asian descent (probably Taiwan) Asia is a real killer; not feminine or woman-like at all, very tough acting. Her age is 26. On a side note, she is always exactly on time (she never  
arrives late to anywhere she plans to be unless obstructed or the distance she has to travel changes). Finally, she has a general knowledge of holistic medicine. She is also engaged to a nefarious underworld figure but has not mentioned it to her boss or co-workers, something that will surely come back and bite her one day, when she least expects it. She lives in downtown Chicago.

Cassius Clay
A huge muscular man (6’4”) with incredible strength (PS 60), Cassius is a classic Greek in his looks. He cannot be controlled or possessed and also has tremendous recuperative powers. Having been on the force for 5 years, he is poised to move up to Detective, but he enjoys being on the Spook Squad. He has Supernatural PS, Impervious to Control and Possession, and Healing Power. Obviously Greek, his family immigrated to America when he was three. Age: 29. Cassius can 
always get vehicles to start unless they are definitely broken and can't start at all (note: does not suffer from alien technology penalty). He works with Noah and Tyrel, typically on gang related supernatural cases as well as murder investigations in general. He is also a expert in hand-to-hand combat (boxing).

Chen Wang
A small Asian man, Chen is an exceptionally brilliant young man (IQ 26) with tremendous will power. He cannot be controlled by psionics and he isn’t scared easily by monsters. His total inability to be horrified when others are is one of the main reason he is on the Spook Squad, as is his immense intellect. He has been on the force for 2 years now, just out of the academy; he is 24 years old. He has the abilities of Extraordinary IQ, Iron Will, and Longevity. He is of Chinese descent and his family came to America in the 1890s. Chen can always find small objects such as pens, matches, scraps of paper that
have relevant information on them, toothpicks, car keys, etc, if the object sought is within 50ft of him, or anywhere in a familiar area. He works with Bane and Jones, typically on drug and weapons cases, including supernatural ones. He is an expert in dirty tricks gambling.

Domitus Metaxas
This guy is a good-looking dark-skinned short Greek man who immigrated to America and became a police officer by the age of 25. He has been on the force for 6 years and has exceptionally fast reflexes. He also can take a tremendous amount of physical damage, and was assigned to the Spook Squad for that very reason. He is always on time and is incredibly accurate with any weapon he uses. He has the powers of Heightened Sense of Time, Increased Durability, and Lightning Reflexes. He immigrated
when he was 20 to America and is now 30 years old. Domitus usually works with Phoenix and Steve Stice, on supernatural cases not covered by other members of the Spook Squad. Domitus had decided to become a Greek Orthodox priest when he was younger but something forced him out of the priesthood, and he will not discuss it with anyone. Sometimes his co-workers joke around and call him “Father”. He is an expert in religion.

Javier Medina
Javier has an uncanny awareness of people and events transpiring around him. This ability manifests itself as a strange sense of deja vu. He can anticipate certain events as they unfold around him and he usually cannot be surprised, as well as receiving an automatic dodge. A long time police officer, Javiers’ department head noticed his unusual abilities and transferred him (unwillingly) to the Spook Squad at the request of his boss. Javier has took this in stride (he was up for Detective, and his own office). Javier has the following abilities: Supervision: Circular Vision and Heightened
Sense of Awareness. Ethically Brazilian, his family immigrated to America before he was born. He is currently 36 years of age and has spent 16 years on the force, the longest of any Spook Squad member. Javier can select an area of trivia knowledge, such as obscure baseball trivia, that he has memorized obsessively. Javier works with Markus Ruger, usually on cases involving magic. He is a research specialist.

Markus Ruger
A young police officer noted for his amazing luck and ability to sense powerful life forms, Markus was transferred to the Squad last year and has resented it, he wanted into the Corporate Crime Division. He has the following abilities: Extraordinary Luck, Life Sense, and Supervision: Acute Sight. A typical American, Markus has no apparent ethnic background noted and he always says the “F word” in practically every sentence. He is 25 years old and has been on the force for 5 years. He can figure out exactly how much strain/load or damage any given 
object can take with impressive precision and is a small unit tactics expert. He also has a downtown apartment that several of the Spook Squad meet in after a long or difficult case.

Merlin Wellington
A unique character within the Department, Merlin has the ability to withstand most blunt blows that would kill another man. He was moved to the Spook Squad after his Captain demoted him for too many practical jokes (one involved a toilet and a senior police commander, which won't be discussed in detail here). Merlin is 43 years old and has been a police officer 10 years. He has the following abilities: Supervision: Paranormal Sight and Impact Resistant. Merlin is a typical American with no ethnic background noted, possibly British due to his light 
skin and hair (white hair). He is unlikely to be bitten by dogs, in fact, dogs just generally (noticeably) like this him for some unknown reason. He is a instructor and expert in hiding/sneaking tactics.

Nicholas Bane
Officer Bane has been in and out of trouble within the Chicago PD for years, typically for excessive force. He has been able to avoid all sorts of serious injury due to his built-in innate sense of preservation. Bane has the following abilities: Danger Sense, Energy Resistance, and Immortal (and he knows it!). Appears to be a typical American with no ethnic background noted. He has been on the force for two years now and was transferred to the Spook Squad as punishment for bad behavior 6 months ago. He as lived for centuries not a vampire though. He also has a weird bonus of +5 to called shots with small, thrown objects, but 
only if the character announces the shot and a witness sees it. Bane is working as a police officer for several different, and non-related, reasons.  Having lived for over 500 years, Bane has a unique world view of history (Lore-World History, 80%).

Noah House
Noah is a very good Detective and has only been assigned to the Squad due to his unusual ability to sense major supernatural crime before it happens. He has been on the force for 5 years and is twenty-six yeas old. He has the following abilities: Extraordinary Life Force, Multi-Tasking, and Sense Death and Destruction. Typical American, no ethnic background noted. He always has a cigar in his mouth, usually just a cigar butt. Noah always knows exactly how long it will take for the police, fire, or ambulance officers to arrive at the scene once alerted/called and is also a paramedic. 

Orlando Jones
A physically huge man who cannot be visually missed (6’8” tall and 300 lbs), Orlando Jones has been on the cover of the Chicago Tribune four times, usually after breaking some huge criminal case. Two years ago he was transferred to the Spook Squad to manage it. He has the following abilities: Extraordinary Physical Strength and Immune to Psionics. A typical American with no ethnic background noted, he looks like a football player but has real intelligence as well as extensive experience. He also carriers a huge handgun, for some strange reason (6d6 damage). Orlando has an unusual resistance to Alcohol, able to drink three times as much (of any type of alcohol) as a normal adult with only mild symptoms of
intoxication. He runs the Spook Squad and is a partially trained psychologist. He is also secretly in contact with the head of psych for the Chicago Police Department, covertly monitoring all the Spook Squad members.

Jefferson Phoenix
An African-American, Phoenix was well-educated but came from the ghetto, and doesn’t use black slang like his peers do. He has been on the force for 4 years and is twenty-three years old. He has the following abilities: Criminal Intuition, Harm the Supernatural, and the ability of Sleeplessness. He also is somehow able to avoid getting dirty, managing to keep clean and have their hair in place no matter what sort of sludge is being thrown at them. He is a expert motorcycle rider.

Steve Stice
A highly visible person on the Squad, Steve Stice has done many interviews for the Chicago PD and is one of their front men. He was assigned to the Squad to increase its’ visibility. He has been on the Chicago PD for 10 years and is 31 years old, and has one of the most recognizable faces in Chicago. He has the following abilities, Extraordinary Mental Affinity, Indestructible Bones, and Physical Perfection. A typical American with no noticeable ethnic background noted (Wolverine with an attitude, but very good-looking). Steve has a near perfect sense of direction and can usually manage to shave at least 20% off travel times by taking a "short cut". He can pilot all land vehicles expertly.

Tyrel Nelson
A black African-American, Tyrel is just 27 years old and has been working Southside PD for eight years. He needs an extraordinary little amount of time to sleep (3 hours in 48) and he was assigned to the Squad to round out its’ “ethnic makeup”. He has the following abilities: Extraordinary Mental Endurance and Heightened Sense of Recall. He is tall, thin, and intelligent. He also has a knack for finishing other people's sentences for them; bordering on the psychic, the hero can accurately second-guess the end of a spoken message just before it's delivered. Add a one time bonus of 5% to Interrogation, Streetwise and Seduction skills, or any others of a similar nature. He is a former safe cracker.