A Brief History of Tamaran
The planet that made Krypton look lucky
By Marilee J. Stephens

Basic Information
Tamaran was the 8th planet circling the star Vega. Vega is the brightest star in our night sky, located approximately 26 light-years from earth. It can be found as part of the constellation Lyra (the Swan). It is 3 times the size of Earth's sun, but much brighter and hotter. Surrounding the star is what appears from a distance to be a misty, almost continuous ring of matter, known as the "Ring of Life". The Ring stretches from approximately 600 million to 2,000 million miles away from the star.

However, with closer inspection, within the ring can be found several planets, moons, asteroids, nebulae and dust. Each planet has its own orbit, but the ring also seems to rotate around the star as a whole, with a few exceptions. At one point, there was 25 planets circling Vega, but at one point in Vega's earliest recorded history, 3 were destroyed by the Vegan Goddess X'hal, such that only 22 remain.

Billions of years ago, two races, the peaceful Okaarans and the violent Branx, evolved within the Vegan system. Work done by the Psions, a reptilian race that had been evolved by the Mathusans (forerunners of the Guardians of the Universe - See entry: Psions, Who's Who '85 #18), interbreeding the Branx with the Okaarans and adding some of their own genetic material, probably led to the development of the variety of species found within the Vegan system. (Information from Who's Who '85 #25)

Tamaran itself was a tropical planet, where the environment was such that its gravity was 0.83 of Earth's gravity, it rotated once every 1.3 Terran days and it revolved around Vega once every 35 Terran years. It was a temperate, life-nurturing planet with golden skies and perfumed air. It had 2 moons, with at least one having a base constructed upon it (see entry: Vegan System, Who's Who '85, #25). Tamaran itself, it was believed, was terraformed at some point by the Psions. Tamaran had two large land masses, as well as some smaller ones. Each of the land masses were ruled by a royal family, though the royal family of the larger Northern Hemisphere landmass seemed to be the "chief" royal family. As well as the Royal Families, a Council of Elders, selected by the populace, helped guide the monarchs in their decisions. Tamarus (sometimes spelt Tamaras) was the capital city of the Northern Hemisphere and of Tamaran in general. Kalapati was the capital of the Southern Hemisphere (or Kalapatt, as it was called) and was a leading space port. As well as these chief leading families, smaller city states, who were under the dominion of the ruling royal family, were run by influential families.

The Tamaranean people, unlike Terrans, who are evolved from primates, seemed to have been evolved from a feline race (revealed in New Teen Titans vol. 1, #15). Their general appearance was that of golden-toned skin and solid green eyes. They were also able to harness solar energy which allowed them the capability of flight. They appeared to have migrated or were brought to Tamaran millennia ago from their neighboring planet, Okaara. The two races of these planets remain very similar in biology, even if their physical appearance differs. The people that came to Tamaran brought worship of the Goddess, X'hal with them, as well as some of the Okaaran science. (Information on Tamaran taken from Who's Who '85, #23 and Who's Who in the DC Universe, '90-91).

General History
Once the people who would colonized Tamaran got there, they used their knowledge of science brought from Okaara only to enhance their own pleasures, or for any military needs that arose. Tamaraneans were a passionate race driven more by emotion than reason. While unusually fierce in battle, their capacity for love was even greater than that for hate. As such, for many centuries, war was not waged on Tamaran, and the people used their time and energy to creating a tropical utopia, where they lived in accord with their natural surroundings. A feudal society developed, and battle skills were sharpened, but these were used mainly for ceremonial sake. Tamaranean leaders enjoyed such ceremonies and bits of court intrigue, and the lifestyle of the upper classes was very much like that of Renaissance Italy. However, Tamaraneans were fierce warriors and while peaceful if left alone, when provoked could be quite deadly.

The peace that the Tamaraneans enjoyed was shattered though, by the start of the Citadel War. (All information taken from entries on Tamaran in Who's Who '85 # 23 and Who's Who in the DC Universe #90-91).

Royal Family History
As mentioned previously, Tamaran was ruled by royal families, with the head royal family being that of the House of Tykayl (revealed in New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #3), based in Tamarus on the Northern Continent. The last three generations of rulers of this house are known to us. All three had been involved with fighting the Citadellians during the long Citadel War that encompassed the Vegan system (and which had been fought for years before these generations where born).

King Korithus and Family:

The third last ruler of Tamaran was King Korithus. He and his wife, Talathus, ruled as well as raised their three sons, Scrithus, Korthus and Mythus. Korithus's father had successfully fought off the Citadel in the past, and when they attacked Tamaran again, Korithus was prepared to do the same. However, the defense that was mounted did not prevent the destruction of three cities of Tamaran's southern continent. The Citadel promised to break their attack in exchange for a slave, Queen Talathus. King Korithus decided to fight instead, and it led to his death. His sons, Scrithus and Korthus went to avenge his death and also died. Queen Talathus, feeling that she had lost everything, decided to go to be a slave, as long as it meant leaving Tamaran in peace. As a result, her last remaining child, Mythus, a boy himself, in charge, but not without giving him this advice:
    "We are to serve Tamaran, to sacrifice for her good. Remember that, Mythus… Whatever we must do to keep peace, do it. Whatever sacrifices we much make -- make them. Tamaran comes before all of us." (Taken from New Teen Titans, Vol. 2, #15)

Mythus would always heed these words (and possibly come to regret his actions as a result).

(Note: For some reason, the name of Mythus/Myand'r father was changed in New Titans #109 to be Tanyss, it was stated that Myand'r already had the name "Myand'r" before his father died, and at some point his father had been given a similar ultimatum by the Gordanians that Myand'r had to face. That of them killing his child (here, Myand'r) unless he surrendered. It was stated that Tanyss stood up to the Gordanians on this point, and yet Myand'r lived anyway. Now, this sequence was part of a "vision" Koriand'r had while undergoing a Tamaranean ritual at the time, known as Kynasf'rr, which will be discussed later, so the accuracy of this version is a bit suspect.)

King Myand'r and Family
Mythus grew and became King Myand'r (why the change in name was never explained). He married Queen is and had three children: Komand'r, Koriand'r (whose "given" prefix is obviously a tribute to her grandfather, Korithus) and Ryand'r. His first born, Komand'r, was born without the flight capabilities that all other Tamaraneans enjoyed and was thus considered crippled and unfit for leadership. As such, the right of ascension to the Tamaranean throne was passed on to her younger sister, Koriand'r, upon her birth. Koriand'r's birth, at dawn, considered "the hour of innocence", "the day yet to be and thus still brimming with hope and possibilities" (Tales of the New Teen Titans #4), was greeted with great rejoicing. That is, by all except Komand'r, who hated her sister. She felt nothing wrong about killing small animals, as well as Koriand'r pet dror. After one successful routing of the Citadellian forces that had come to attack the planet, during the celebration, Komand'r even took the opportunity to beat on her younger sister.

Then, shortly after the birth of their younger brother, Ryand'r, both Komand'r and Koriand'r were sent to Okaara to commence with training from the Warlords of Okaara. Children of the various ruling bodies around the Vegan System were sent to Okaara for formal training in the arts and philosophies of War. Two of Komand'r and Koriand'r classmates were Kalista and Primus, who would later lead the Omega Men team that Ryand'r would join. Both girls spent several years there, learning various techniques and concepts. Finally, before they could return home, a "Graduation exercise", or a tournament, was held to determine if they had learned what they were supposed to. The two girls faced each other in armed, mounted combat using Solar Lances. However, Komand'r cheated at the tournament, causing Koriand'r both physical pain and emotional grief. Still, that did not cause the younger princess from saving her sister when Koriand'r's own actions placed Komand'r in fatal danger.

Still, Komand'r's actions during the tournament caused the Warlords to banish her in disgrace. Koriand'r returned home to her parents and younger brother, though that was not to last long. For Komand'r, in retaliation for all the hurt and humiliation that she felt her family and the rest of Tamaran had caused her, gave the secrets of the Tamaranean defense plan to the Citadel. Five million Tamaraneans died in the first attack, with more perishing later. When the Citadel approached Myand'r with terms for a truce, he remembered what his mother had told him years earlier about peace at any sacrifice. Thus, when they demanded Koriand'r as a slave in exchange for peace, he agreed. It was stated that if she ever returned to her homeworld, it would be destroyed. She was 12 when they first took her (as revealed in New Teen Titans Vol. 1, #20).

However, it turned out that it wasn't so much the Citadel that had wanted Koriand'r, as her sister, Komand'r. Citadel slavery allowed the slave to be sold for a year at a time. For six years, Kory was sold repeatedly, but always returned to her sister at the end of the year, where Komand'r would torture her some more. Finally Koriand'r killed her last master, and was returned to Komand'r one last time, where Komand'r decided that her sister would have to die. Before the sentence was carried out, however, the ship the sisters were on was attacked and boarded by the Psions. The cold-blooded scientists decided to experiment on the two Tamaraneans to try and find out just how they were able to harness solar power and convert it into flight. Solar energy was pumped into the two women to increasingly painful levels when the Citadel attacked the Psion ship. Somehow the attack affected the apparatus Komand'r and Koriand'r were strapped into, such that the machine exploded, releasing Koriand'r. When she saw her sister still strapped into the machine, she wanted to leave her there, but her compassion out-fought her desire to see her sister dead. Using instinctively the new solar blast that the experiment had given her, she freed her sister. However, Komand'r did not return the favor, and instead used her own new-found powers to take Koriand'r down. Koriand'r was placed in a security device to hold her and was being taken to the Prison Planet on the slaveship, Q'St'R, when she was able to manipulate a guard into freeing her before she killed him and stole a star-slider to escape, eventually going to Earth (seen in New Teen Titans Vol. 1, #1). (Information about Myand'r and his family from Tales of the New Teen Titans #4).

When Koriand'r reached Earth, she was being pursued by the slavers she had managed to elude earlier. The injured Koriand'r was found by Grant Wilson and taken to his apartment, where he and his girl-friend, Carol, treated her. At the same time, Raven had called together the other original members of the New Teen Titans (Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Changeling and Cyborg), who were now looking for the princess. Before they found her though, the Gordanian slavers found her at Grant Wilson's apartment and took her back, just as some of the new Titans team arrived.

The Titans then set out to rescue her from the Gordanians again. They succeeded, and took the alien princess/slave onto their team, giving her the code-name Starfire, due to her solar energy blasts. (See New Teen Titans Vol. 1, #1 for details).

In the meantime, her sister Komand'r was rising within the ranks of the Citadel hierarchy, finally being just below that of Lord Damyn, the current head of the Citadel at that point. With regards to the work that she had done for the Citadel, he gave her a slave ship and the opportunity to go to earth to recapture Koriand'r. This she did. The Titans, who by this time regarded Koriand'r as one of their own, followed to again rescue her. But before that finally happened, they all ended up in the Vegan system, where Koriand'r's fellow Titans aided the Omega Men on an attack on the Citadel after the Citadellians captured the Vegan goddess, X'hal, from the planet Okaara.

While Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Raven helped in the preparation and direct onslaught by the Omega Men to free their Goddess, Robin, Cyborg and Changeling were infiltrating the Citadel to rescue Koriand'r, who had been repeated tortured by both her sister and a Psion. This Psion, having made the Citadel believe that he was working for them, was actually working for his own people. Robin, Cyborg and Changeling eventually did locate Koriand'r, but ended up in the midst of a battle after Komand'r killed Lord Damyn and took over command of the Citadel.

However, Komand'r's rule was not absolute. The Psion traitor came up with the idea of a duel to the death between Koriand'r and Komand'r to decide if either Koriand'r, her fellow Titans and her people lived, or Komand'r remained head of the Citadel. The duel took place on Tamaran. At the same time, the Omega Men, with Raven, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash's help, launched an attack on the Citadel homeworld to free X'hal. While they succeeded in both doing that and rescuing Robin, Cyborg and Changeling, the fight continued on Tamaran. Komand'r, of course, cheated, but still Koriand'r preserved. In the end, Komand'r's own powers back-fired against her, as she used them while the sisters fought in one of the rivers leading to the Seven Falls of Tamaran. While Koriand'r managed to survive the boiling waters, at the time, it appeared that Komand'r didn't.

Still, the Psion had set it that if either one of them died, bombs placed on each of the Citadel worlds would be activated. However, the released goddess, X'hal, managed to absorb the bombs into herself, thus saving the worlds of her homestar.

Koriand'r was reunited with her parents and brother, Ryand'r, but only for a short time. This was due to the fact that the treaty with the Citadel, who were still in power, was still in existence. Hence, Koriand'r presence on Tamaran could lead to a new outbreak in the war. They rest of the Titans (especially Robin) reminded Koriand'r that she had another family on earth, and that she would be welcome there. As such, she returned to earth with the rest of the Titans (and shortly thereafter, started a romantic relationship with Robin, who she had been attracted to since she first showed up on earth). (For story, see New Teen Titans, Vol. 1, #23-25 and Annual #1).

This was the first of three trips to her homeworld that Koriand'r would undertake while a member of the Titans team. The second one occurred several months, if not a couple of years later. Here, she was not kidnapped, but invited to return to Tamaran after the Citadel War had been concluded, with the Omega Men and their fellow rebels being victorious. However, during the time elapse between Koriand'r's first and second trips home, several developments had occurred.

First, her younger brother, Ryand'r, had gone for his training. Knowing that his two older sisters were regarded as two of the most fierce warriors in the Vegan system, he had decided to pursue fields different from their. Hence, he became a communications specialist and excellent pilot. With these capabilities, he was recruited by Primus of the Omega Men to join them in their war. However, on his first mission with them, he was captured by the Psions (Myand'r and Luand'r had the worst luck with regards to their children in this manner). The experimentation the scientifically-curious reptiles conducted on him left him not with the starbolts characteristic of his sisters' powers, but with the ability to generate intense heat in his hands. (See entry: Ryand'r, Who's Who '85, #20).

As well, certain factions on Tamaran were growing who had not been pleased with King Myand'r's rule. They felt that he had denied them, warriors all, the right to fight, by sacrificing their beloved princess to the slavers instead. These factions were both apparent, as shown by the Southern continent's ruler, Tharras, demanding a more equal sharing of power between Tamarus and his own court, and hidden, as shown by the rebels who had gathered under a new leader, Princess Komand'r.

Yes, Komand'r had managed to survive her fight with Koriand'r, though it had left her blind. She had been found by one of the rebels against her father's rule, Dor'ion. But Komand'r's defeat at Koriand'r hands had left her shattered emotionally as well. She felt that she had lost the will to fight, to lead, to kill. To help her regain that will, Dor'ion, who loved her and who Komand'r had fallen in love with as well, allowed her to believe that the King's men who were hunting down rebels had found and captured him. The blind Komand'r, using skills that Dor'ion had taught her, tracked the noise of the hunters and fired a starbolt at them, believing she had hit them. But she had really hit Dor'ion, who had set up the scenario to cause her to use the instincts that she felt she had lost. With that, he died, and Komand'r found renewed purpose to her cause. She eventually regained her eyesight. (See New Teen Titans, Vol. 2, #16 for details).

So, when Koriand'r was asked to return to Tamaran, it was a planet of unrest. And her father, King Myand'r, had an ulterior motive for bringing her back. As previously stated, King Tharras of the Southern continent of Kalapatt, was demanding independence from Tamarus. Fighting had broken out amongst the different factions of Tamaraneans. As a result, even after the Citadel war ended, thousands of Tamaraneans had died in civil war, with more bloodshed on the horizon. To prevent this, Myand'r had brokered a deal with Tharras, such that the two royal families would rule Tamaran together. And for this to occur, Tamarus's Royal Princess, Koriand'r, would be required to marry Karras, the son of King Tharras and Queen Salja, the Prince of Kalapatt.

Koriand'r, who had traveled back to Tamaran with Dick Grayson, formerly known as Robin, but now going as Nightwing, and their friend, Joseph Wilson, also known as Jericho, initially refused to do her father's bidding. As she pointed out, she had already been used once, but she wouldn't be a pawn anymore. However, King Myand'r pointed out that if she didn't go through with it, thousands, if not millions, of Tamaraneans would die in the resulting civil war.

As such, Koriand'r, who had been raised with the ideal that as a member of the Royal Family, it was her duty above all else to sacrifice for her people, eventually agreed to the marriage, though she didn't want it. Nightwing, of course, could not accept her decision, and told her that if she did this, it was over between them. She tried to convince him that this was simply a political treaty that was done on Tamaran, and didn't affect their relationship. He, however, could not agree with this.

Still, Koriand'r knew that she would have to do this, much as she hated it. It should be noted that Karras felt the same way, as he was also involved with a fellow Tamaranean, Taryia. But the three Tamaraneans knew that for their people, this was what was needed to be done.

However, at the same time, her sister, Komand'r's forces were gathering. They managed to capture Nightwing, Jericho and Ryand'r before the ceremony, but the trio subsequently escaped. Still, the ceremony had just started by the time the trio reached Tamarus and the Temple of X'hal. The wedding was concluded, even as Komand'r's forces were entering the city. They attacked the Temple and the fight was on. In the end, Komand'r's forces were victorious and took Tamarus, as well as taking her parents and siblings captive.

Then, to ensure her victory, she set a plan in motion that would result in the deaths of the rest of her family. However, sympathizers to Myand'r managed to save the family, as well as release Karras, Nightwing and Jericho from where they were being held captive. All were reunited on Okaara, but with the situation the way it was, Nightwing knew that he had no place in Koriand'r's life, which was being dedicated to ousting her sister and returning her parents' to Tamaran's throne, at that moment. As such, after a while, he and Jericho returned to earth, leaving Koriand'r to focus on her goal, much as she didn't want Nightwing to leave. She had hoped that he would realize that regardless of what she had done for the political well-being of her planet, she still loved him. Koriand'r was to be disappointed in that hope however. When he left, she focused all her energies on her goal of over-throwing her sister.

However, even with Tamaraneans who still were sympathetic to Myand'r, it became apparent that the people were responding to having Komand'r as their leader. They accepted her as she was a descendent of Myand'r and thus did have title to the throne. As well, Tamaraneans in general had never been told of Komand'r's previous treachery. Still, Koriand'r was determined, as she felt she knew her sister better than anyone and refused to believe that Komand'r would act for Tamaran's good, as opposed to strictly her own. Koriand'r took the war back to Tamaran. Even as she did so, though, she found that she could not be as blood-thirsty in her fighting as she had been before she spent time on earth. Her relationships with the Titans and learning earth's customs had changed her way of thinking somewhat. Still, when her father indicated that he was beginning to feel that their cause was not the correct path, she refused to surrender and instead went to battle Komand'r herself. While the sisters battled, Myand'r and Luand'r consulted with the Council of Elders, who made them realize that the people stood behind Komand'r. As such, just as Koriand'r, who had poured all her rage at the injustices her sister had caused her over the years into the battle, was about to deliver a killing blow, her parents and the members of the Council stopped her. A compromise had been reached. Komand'r would remain Queen, but her father and mother would serve as advisors to the throne. The rest of the family accepted this bargain. All except Koriand'r, who decided that with her change in attitude, and the change in the political climate of her planet, just could not remain on Tamaran. Karras offered to return to earth with her, but she told him "no", that while she had come to care for him, she didn't love him, and while his life was on Tamaran, with Karyia, hers was elsewhere. After that, Ryand'r flew her back to Earth, leaving Komand'r on the throne of Tamaran. (For further details, see New Teen Titans Vol.2, #15-23).

Prior to these sequence of events, as mentioned above, Ryand'r was a member of the Vegan rebel fighters, the Omega Men. During his time with them, he fell for one of his teammates, Ynda, from Euphorix. The Omega Men came to Tamaran just prior to Komand'r attack on the wedding, looking for the then mad Goddess, X'hal, and Komand'r manipulated them into fighting with the three Titans present on the planet, as well as a few Tamaraneans. Ryand'r stayed for his sister's ceremony and was with his parents and Koriand'r when Komand'r attempted to have them killed, though the family escaped to Okaara. While on Okaara, his Omega Men teammates also arrived, with a hurt Ynda. There was a plan afoot to try and get as many Vegans that wanted to go out of the reach of the Spider Guild and the remnants of the Citadel. So a mass transportation was being planned. Ynda decided to go, but Ryand'r couldn't leave his family. As such, when his parents returned to Tamaran, and the agreement to allow Komand'r to stay in charge, he decided to stay on Tamaran and not rejoin what was left of the Omega Men.

But life was not easy for Ryand'r while his sister ruled. She would not allow him to work as either a pilot or in communications, but declared that he was her "plaything". As such, he resolved to make his escape from his sister's clutches. Using a jury rigged subspace communicator he had built from scratch, he sent out a message on the Omega Men's communication channel. He then flew straight up into the stratosphere of Tamaran, hoping that someone had heard his signal and would come for him. He almost flew too high, and was passing out before he awoke to find himself on a ship with a number of his old teammates, including Ynda, with whom he was reunited. Thus, Ryand'r also left the planet of his birth for several months due to his eldest sister's actions. (See Spotlight On Teen Titans: Omega Men #15).

The history of the family of King Tharras and Queen Salja of Kalapatt is also of some importance, since their son, Karras, was the man Koriand'r had to enter the political marriage with. For they had also suffered tragedy in their lives. At the time that Koriand'r was taken into slavery by the Citadel, Tharras and Salja were also supposed to send their eldest daughter, Xyannis. However, King Tharras refused to comply with the order, and instead told the Citadellians that Xyannis had died during the attack by the Citadel on Tamaran. Instead, he put her in stasis and sent her into space, such that the Citadel could not find out that she was still on Tamaran. The space ship she was put in would go to the rim of the Vega solar system and wait there for a signal to return when the Citadel war was over. Of course, the best of plans go awry. For a year, this worked, until a salvage ship from the world nicknamed "Junk World" found the ship. Selling off the parts, the pirates sold Xyannis into slavery.

Several years passed, as Xyannis was bought and sold 17 times. The one secret she managed to hide all those years was the fact that as a Tamaranean, she could fly. However, one man, Zorgan, found out her secret by observing her on a night flight one time. He then set out to successfully win her in a gambling match from her current owner, Skootch. Using his knowledge and her powers, they set out on a crime spree that rocked Junk World. They also fell in love, or at least, what they considered love. As their crime wave escalated, they eventually ended up destroying a city on the planet. But what passed as authority on Junk World disagreed. Xyannis devised the plan to go to Tamaran and manipulate the Tamaraneans into doing their fighting for them.

Arriving on Tamaran, she was reunited with her brother, Karras, who was in Tamarus, acting as an advisor to Queen Komand'r, as there was still unrest to her rule. When Xyannis arrived, she managed to convince her brother and Komand'r that the aliens that were pursuing her and Zorgan were invaders, out to destroy Tamaran. Komand'r, perhaps knowing that her people needed the battle, was glad to take them on. However, the battle did not go well for the Tamaraneans, and as such, Komand'r made the decision to send for the one person she thought could make the difference. Koriand'r.

At some point, Ryand'r must have rejoined his family on Tamaran, as he was with Karras when they took a special ship adapted from spatial warping to retrieve Koriand'r. The other Titans accompanied her, and they all engaged in the battle. However, it quickly became apparent that there were holes in Xyannis and Zorgan's story, though not before the Tamaranean forces, with the aid of the Titans, managed to defeat the aliens. It was only then that they all found out what Xyannis and Zorgan had actually planned. Knowing that they couldn't allow Xyannis and Zorgon to succeed, a ship, carrying the Titans, with Komand'r, Karras, Ryand'r and Taryia, as well as others, went to stop them. In the meantime, Xyannis and Zorgon had mined more cities. Thus, while some of the Titans went to locate the mines, others were involved in taking on Xyannis and Zorgon. At some point, Xyannis had also been given some sort of energy powers, though when this occurred is unknown. Such that she took to battling the Titans. Raven and Cyborg managed to find one bomb and defuse it, but the bombs had been linked, such that another went off in its place, destroying another city.

Finally, Karras challenged his sister to battle one on one. He managed to defeat her, but when she was about to tell him where the other bombs were, Zorgon fired on her, killing her. Karras then took on Zorgon, which lead to an explosion on the craft they were fighting on. Both men were badly injured in the explosion, so badly that Karras succumbed to his injuries within minutes, though he had long enough to bid both Koriand'r and Taryia farewell. Zorgan lasted a few minutes more. Long enough that Raven could take the knowledge of where the other mines were from his mind.

So King Tharras and Queen Salja lost both their son and daughter that day. However, it was revealed that Taryia was pregnant with Karras's child and that the line would continue, at least for a while.

During this incident, Koriand'r had also observed the love that Komand'r had developed, both for her parents and for Tamaran. As a result, a number of the wounds between the two sisters were healed, though Koriand'r chose to return to earth, as her life was now there. (See New Titans Annual #6 for the history of Tharras's family and the death of Karras).

Queen Komand'r
Komand'r would be the last of Tamaran's rulers. Under her rule, the planet had generally prospered, though there were still some rebel outbreaks. But with the end of the Citadel war, she was able to establish new trading lines and set up various projects to improve life on the planet.

Koriand'r's life on earth was however, undergoing some severe changes. Due to actions of the group known as the Wildebeest Society, a number of her teammates and herself were kidnapped. It turns out, they were to be used to house the souls of the Azaratheans, the people who had raised her friend, Raven, and who had been instrumental in destroying Raven's father, Trigon. However, these souls had become corrupted by absorbing Trigon's evil, and had housed themselves in Koriand'r's teammate, Jericho, years before. They had taken over Jericho and were going to use his fellow Titans as other vessels to place their souls in. After the defeat of the Wildebeests by the Titans and a number of new allies, several of the Titans were dead or changed in ways that they were no longer anything like they had been before. (See New Titans #71-83 for details).

These losses sent the team into a time of chaos. During that time, trying to maintain some sort of normalcy, Dick Grayson proposed to Koriand'r. She accepted and their wedding was to be held at the home of Donna Troy (their teammate Troia) and her husband, Terry Long. However, just as the minister was pronouncing them "husband and wife", Raven, who had been thought killed during the Wildebeest incident, attacked. It seemed that the evil part of her soul had survived the death of her body, and inhabited another woman's. She, with ours she had recruited to her evil ways, killed the minister and attacked the young couple, herself focusing on Koriand'r. She sought to plan a "demon seed" in her former teammate, what she believed to be the soul of one of her long-dead siblings. By "kissing" Koriand'r, she thought she had accomplished this. Koriand'r was seriously injured as a result (See New Titans #100 for details).

With the help of a new teammate, Phantasm, Koriand'r appeared to have managed to shake off the effects of Raven's attack (see New Titans #101). However, she was still plagued by nightmares and uncertainty. Finally, she went to see Elizabeth Alderman, a woman that Dark Raven had also attacked and implanted with a seed, in the asylum where she had been placed. Alderman taunted Kory with what had been done to both of them, even though Nightwing sought to protect her. During this verbal and psychic attack, Koriand'r experiences a vision of a Warlord of Okaara, calling her to undertake the ritual "Okaara Dytynka Kynasf'rr. The effect of this was to cause Koriand'r to blast out of the asylum and head south, to the Andes Mountains, where her flight and powers caused her to crash into the mountains, into a deep chasm.

There, she underwent a ritual that she should have completed many years previously, when she was training on Okaara, that of "Kynasf'rr", the Way of the Warrior. However, the ritual had been interrupted when her father, shaken by her screams, had stopped the ceremony. Now, she underwent it, and it caused her to face a number of uncertainties about herself. About how she had been living her life trying to be what everyone else wanted her to be, and not who she really was. In admitting this, she found a new strength within herself. (See New Titans #108-109 for details)

However, undergoing the ritual had changed her, such that when Dick Grayson tracked her to the Amazon, she didn't recognize him. She had been taken into an Amazonian Indian Tribe. When the Amazon was attacked from space, she went to protect her new "people". Through unrelated events, a new team of Titans, led by Roy Harper (formerly Speedy, now Arsenal) were also going after the terrorists behind the attack. Between the Titans and Koriand'r, they managed to stop the terrorists, and Koriand'r regained her memories with the help of Leonid Kovar (Red Star). Still, she had changed, and knew she could no longer stay on earth. Without even saying good-bye to Dick Grayson, as she felt seeing him again would ruin her resolve in this matter, she left to return to Tamaran, making use of the Darkstars, a space-based team her former teammate, Donna Troy, had recently joined. (See New Titans #110-114 for details).

These developments with regards to Koriand'r are important when considering the final fate of Tamaran. For it turns out that when Dark Raven had tried to implant her "demon seed" in Koriand'r at her wedding, she had left something else. The "good" portion of Raven's soul. This was shown manifesting itself by Koriand'r developing empathic powers, much like Raven had always had. It was later revealed that this part of Raven's soul had also been influencing some of Koriand'r's actions, as it was this portion of Raven's soul that "awakened within you the need for Kynasf'rr, the Way of the Warrior… then gave you the desire to return home to Tamaran" (New Titans #130). What other decisions Good Raven was influencing Koriand'r about is unknown. However, she had a just cause. She needed to get as far away from the evil portion of her soul as possible. But Dark Raven finally managed to locate her "twin" on Tamaran, within Koriand'r. As a result, she contacted the Psions and the Gordanians. Using them, she arranged for them to attack Tamaran, leading to a battle which allowed her to kidnap Koriand'r and her sister, Komand'r. At the same time, a signal was set up to alert Technis/Cyberion, the former Cyborg, to draw him into the conflict. This resulted in his rescuing Koriand'r and Komand'r, but them also heading for Earth to collect allies. This is what Dark Raven wanted, as she needed Garfield Logan (Changeling), who also housed one of her "demon seeds", and a means to get herself to the Vegan system. However, while Koriand'r and Komand'r were gone to Earth, the Psions attacked Tamaran. While the Tamaranean fleet, headed by General Phyzzon, First Order of the Golden Sun, fought valiantly, they were overwhelmed. Knowing they couldn't stop the Psions, Ph'yzzon alerted King Myand'r and Queen Mother Luand'r of the situation. The two called for an evacuation plan, to save as many Tamaraneans as possible. However, they themselves decided to stay on the planet, to man what ground defenses remained. But they were no use. The attack by the Psions lead to the core of Tamaran imploding, taking the entire planet and whoever remained on it with it. (See New Titans #127-128 for details).

Tamaran was gone, but approximately one-half million Tamaraneans survived, carried on over three thousand ships that had made it off planet before the destruction. From there, they headed for the farthest reaches of the Vegan system, to the planetless moon, Jalascis, where they planned to settle for the foreseeable future. Jalascis's planet had been one of the three destroyed by X'hal when she had been driven mad by the Psions years earlier. But Dark Raven and the Psions were not done with them yet, as Koriand'r still retained Raven's good soul inside her. They had the Gordanians attack the new settlement, and again kidnapped Koriand'r. It was during this attack that it was revealed that Ph'yzzon also had powers, due to Psion experimentation, which allowed him to send energy forms of himself, or "binaries" as he called them, out. After this attack, it was revealed that he and Koriand'r had also gotten married at some point after her return to Tamaran. The remaining Tamaraneans and the Titans managed to rescue Koriand'r and Garfield, who had also been kidnapped, and defeat Dark Raven and the Psions. It was revealed that it wasn't Raven's brothers and sisters that would have been resurrected, but Trigon himself. Using the good "Soul-Self" that Koriand'r housed within her, as well as the powers of the Titans, Trigon's soul was finally destroyed for good, and the dark and light portions of Raven's soul reunited as one. Following all this, the remaining Tamaraneans worked on building their settlement. A few of the Titans decided to stay for a while to help, before some of them went home, or in the case of Cyberion and Changeling, off to explore space. Raven decided to stay on New Tamaran as well, and alluded to the fact that Koriand'r was now expecting her first child. Such, it appeared that the Tamaranean culture and way of life would continue to grow and flourish (See New Titans #129-130 for details).

However, this was not to be the case. Whether the Tamaraneans stayed on Jalascis, or decided to relocate is unknown. But At some time following this, the sun that provided heat and light to New Tamaran was enveloped by an entity known as the sun-eater, who used solar power to sustain itself. If the Tamaraneans were on Jalascis at the time, that means that it was Vega that was destroyed. If not, then some other star. Regardless, the Tamaraneans, warriors all, were certain that some enemy was attacking them. An alien woman had shown up on their world at the same time as this occurrence, but the Tamaraneans were suspicious, and in turn, probably destroyed the equipment that she would have used to communicate with them. That is, all except Koriand'r. She attempted to communicate with the alien, even as her sister and husband were planning an attack on whoever had done this to their source of energy. At some point, the relationship between Koriand'r and Ph'yzzon must have changed at some point, for she remarked when he took off with his fleet to go up against whatever they faced, "While ours was a marriage more of politics than passion, I was never more proud of my husband". There was also no mention of the child Koriand'r was said to be expecting at the end of the battle with Dark Raven.

However, whatever Ph'yzzon's fleet went up against, it was too much for them, as they vanished without even firing a single weapon. Koriand'r decided that she had to help her people, who were becoming despondent. But first, she had to help the alien escape from her sister's tortures. She managed to get her to her ship, and took a small ship to run interference for her. Komand'r, outraged at what her sister had done to free what she considered a spy, even to the extent of attacking her, ordered that cannons, which tapped into the thermal generators that were being used to provide heat and energy to the Tamaraneans, be fired upon the fleeing ships. Koriand'r had just gotten the alien woman's ship past where Komand'r could reach them, when she turned back to return to New Tamaran and help her people. What she didn't expect was to the see the planet enveloped in fireball. It turned out that the conduits that the thermal-tap generators used where not designed to do what Komand'r had commanded. The resulting explosions destroyed New Tamaran, leaving only a charred husk in its wake. (See Final Night Preview Special and the Final Night Trade Paperback for details).

Thus, the history of Tamaran and its people ends. Koriand'r has made her way back to earth and rejoined her former team, the Titans. How many other Tamaraneans were off-planet, either when Tamaran or New Tamaran exploded, is unknown.