So this page covers "new" words that I like, enjoy!

3Self: Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, and Self-Respect. Without all three of these you cannot have a functional stable long-term society. These concepts should be taught at home and in schools. Respect for others will be a happy side-effect of this sort of thinking.

Antiempire Democracy: America is an anti-empire country, a nation that is continually at odds with totalitarian empires and nations. Read Ralph Peters book for a summation. Democracies are natural enemies of empires and almost always overcome them during conflicts. Some (European) democracies foolishly try to bargain with  neighboring empires (like Russia), to their utter ruin.

Apocalyptic Terrorist: These deadly terrorists are almost exclusively muslim by faith, although very few can be found among fringe Christian groups (David Koresh in Waco, Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City). Apocalyptic Terrorists are not like Political Terrorists, who can be brought safely into society or the government through negotiation. These religious fanatics aren't afraid of death like their political (secular) counterparts, which makes them especially dangerous and difficult to eradicate. Read Ralph Peters book for a more exstentive description (and history) of this concept.

DNA Denier: someone who treats friends better than relatives. This is a sign of very unhealthy relationships with your supposed loved ones.

Ecopagan: A dangerously radical pagan or atheist true believer who deems your life worth less than a tree; especially so if you are a conservative, Republican, or Christian. Usually part of the "Save the (Mother) Earth" pagan movement, ecopagans dominate the entire "global warming" leadership as well. Famous ecopagans like Dr. Doom (Dr. Eric R. Pianka) would like to wipe out most of mankind to make the planet more "sustainable". These people are dyed-in-the-wool human being haters and rarely ever change their minds, no matter what evidence is shown to them. This is a "hate belief" way of thinking that is very popular with the  political left in America.

Genetic Entropy: The concept that human DNA loses its elasticity over time, making it impossible to marry closely related relatives. This "drift" has also allowed significant genetic disorders to creep in over time, causing serious illnesses around the globe. "Pure" DNA from Noah's time allowed for family members to sleep with each other without causing retardation or other genetic issues, but over time DNA is losing its ability to adapt, some of which is caused by radiation exposure over long periods of time by the Sun. This is a theory (my theory) and not a fact.

Homoradicalism: These are diversity-hating homosexuals who cannot tolerate any criticism of homosexuality, especially from any straight, conservative, Christian, or Republican people. Some of the most extreme of these fanatics are intent on teaching gay, bisexual, and transvestite lifestyles to your children. This is a dangerous group of radical sexual perverts intent on spreading their perversity as far and as wide as possible, except to muslim lands of course (multiculturalism must be respected). These are not all gays and lesbians, but they certainly are a significant minority within this community.

Infodiscernment: Trying to discover the truth based on the quality of information available to the general population; and the ability of the general population to discern quality information. A vital tool for living in the Information Age. Read Michael Crichtons' article on this subject for more info.

InfoPhoto: An online photo with words plastered across it, usually to make a point. Usually one sentence or less, very concise. Much like a "infographic".

Micro-Civil War: Most civil wars begin with the actions of a small fraction of the population (less than 5% might actively participate in or support the initial violence). The future Second American Civil War will be started this way. Civil wars like that of the First Civil War of the United States, featuring conventional armies facing off along well-defined fronts, have been highly unusual.

The foreign leader (always male) from an oil-bearing country; usually the Middle East. Generally a despicable character who diverts money to radical muslim causes (killing people like innocent women, children, gays, etc ). This klepto-leader embezzles the rest of the country's' wealth into his Swiss bank accounts to buy expensive cars, homes around the world, and yacht trips with sexy women on board. A dangerous Third World political leader.

Robomediation: The process by which your daily casual mediation is done by machine interfaces of various kinds: automated bank tellers, telephone operators by touchtone or voice, DVD automatons, etc. The future is Terminator-friendly.

Sympathetic Universal Connection: quantum entanglement used for instantaneous universe-wide communication (MORE HERE SOON)

Technofossil: Any alien technology that is discovered on our planet, especially ancient ones from the past. Also known as a "synth fossil" in slang terms.