Hello! I am Mark Alberecht and I have invented dimensional travel. This allows us to travel to other parallel dimensions! While most people believe that there are a unlimited number of universes, sadly this is not true: there is not an unlimited number of parallel dimensions, thanks to the conservation of energy law that applies across the Grand Metaverse. We have, however, discovered several hundred alternate Earths and my company controls access to them all. 

Whenever we break into a new alternate timeline it creates a fixed point. This generates a unchangeable alteration in the space/time continuum that forces the Company to move forward from that point onward: no going back or forward in time in that alternate timeline. In addition, our company (Alberecht Timelines or just "AbT") has focused much of its efforts towards self-sufficiency, thus we trade with alternate timelines for resources, technology, and finances. With that in mind, the Company almost always breaks into a timeline that has at least reached the Industrial Age; any other period is just too manpower intensive to be profitable. However, there are rare exceptions to this policy.

In addition, since we also control time and space using our technology a happy side-effect is anyone wanting to go to an alternate Earth can have their bio-age set back to any age you prefer (your choice). In addition, any physical ailment you have can be completely cured by simply passing through our gateways. People choosing to colonize an alternate Earth (rather than exploit or raid them) will also have their life extension increased genetically to 200 years. This reflects the need to have long-term leaders, scientists, colonists and others being able to have the time to stabilize the new planet they will be going too. Life extension on Earth Prime is forbidden by my Company's policy: with seven billion people, this world is already badly over-populated. Finally, the Company has chosen a few planets to recolonize based on strong possibility of success.

All of the planets listed below are human-habitable, and any that are not have been taken off this list.


This planet is our Earth, also called "Earth Prime" or Old Earth by AbT employees. This is the staging point for all current operations by our company across the metaverse. Plans are to move company operations to another alternate Earth very soon. Current year is 2018.


This planet is very similar to our Earth, but the timeline has only reached the year 1970, with the Vietnam War raging and the United States currently losing that proxy war because of Soviet and Chinese support. The most significant changes in this timeline is the British Royal family directly rules the UK and the Commonwealth, including Ireland, South Africa, Canada, and Australia, and many other colonies. Some of the most important are Singapore, Iraq, Kenya, and Hong Kong. Negotiations by the Company with any of these member states has not occurred, although we keep a close eye on developments across the planet using stealth satellites. 


This planet 
suffered a major nuclear war between the USA and USSR in the year 1962 (the Cuban Missile Crisis) and has been badly damaged. Many survivors from this world are being relocated to a better alternate world on Earth 17 using company assets. Mark Alberecht is a big believer in humanitarianism and insists when it comes to intelligent human life, it is the moral imperative of the Company to help when needed and able. See HERE for more.


This planet is the first of the Reich Worlds (this is Reich 1). The Germans and their Japanese allies eventually conquered the world after the Russians sued for peace in 1942 and currently the planet is in a state of cold war between Japan and Germany. The only real resistance to fascist rule is in Brazil, Mexico, and the former USA. The Company has secret operations ongoing on this world. The current year is 1970. 


During the Company's exploration of the various parallel Earths only a handful of Roman Empires have survived longer than a thousand years, and Earth 5 is such an example. Known as Rome 1... MORE HERE SOON


On this world Alexander the Great decided to invade to the West instead of the East. He lived to a ripe old age and conquered much Europe, creating an empire that has lasted to this day. This was a impressive move on the part of the Macedonian general, especially in subduing the aggressive Germanic tribes. Two other world powers have formed as well, the Toltecs and the Maharashtra Empires. The year is 1747 AD and the Company is watching the events unfold on Earth 6 with interest. 


This planet is an alternate timeline in which the Byzantine Empire never fell, but expanded (due to the early death of Mohammed). Culture, technology, and law spread from Byzantium over the whole of Europe, bringing an early Renaissance to the continent. Globally, the Byzantines are the dominant power, but other colonial powers are vying for supremacy. All nations are locked in a space race to get the first human to the Moon. The Company secretly trades with the Byzantines. Several important Company operations are occurring on this world. The current year is 1983.


On this planet is the Ottoman Empire was able to conquer all of Central Asia, including Russia and most of India. 


This planet is Reich 1 where the Axis conquered the entire world during WW2, but in this timeline both Germany and Japan later engaged in a nuclear exchange in the 1970s and the planet is still in serious disorder. AbT company officials are helping survivors from select spots in Europe, Australia, Argentina, and America relocation to Earth 10. The current year is 1986.


This planet is an empty world where human life never existed. The current timeline is in the 1940s or 1950s (according to weather patterns). The Company has chosen this world as one of its brand new rescue efforts from various devastated Earths.


This planet was the site of a devastating nearby neutron star burst which killed off the entire human race and most higher life forms. The Company has chosen this world as one of its re-population efforts. Salvage of major US military units (aircraft carriers) is the first priority; using their nuclear reactors to power the electrical grid is a critical. Date of die-off was 1995.


This planet has been renamed Hardrock Prison and violent prisoners from many worlds (including Earth Prime) are being relocated here. Many governments are thrilled to get rid of serial criminals from their society, and pay our company (AbT) a pretty penny to do so.