For some time now (in my opinion) the owners of the Star Trek series have been utterly destroying it (aka the JJ Abrams disaster). From the introduction of the Klingons on Earth during the TV series "Enterprise" to the destruction of the Vulcan Homeworld during one of the latest (and dumbest) Star Trek movies, the absolute abuse of Star Trek "canon" has left me mortified, and very unhappy. So much so that I will no longer be watching any Star Trek movies when they come out. In that light, I am creating my own ST universe, one that is more canon and realistic (my name is Maxx, and I am calling it the Star Trek "Maxxiverse", and here is its glossary). For example, the official Paramount book series has more than eight thousand Borg cubes attacking the entire Alpha Quadrant not long after Voyager makes it "home". This is so incredibly stupid; nothing is going to survive that level of assault. However, the Voyager crew does make it back to Earth in my timeline, like the final episode shows.

In my unofficial Star Trek Timeline, the initial break-away point is during the Neutral Zone Crisis of 2368. At Nelvana III the USS Enterprise-D was destroyed by two Romulan warbirds, none of which survived because cloaked Klingon vessels accompanying the Enterprise annihilated them all in a wild melee of fighting. Many of the Starfleet crew and passengers of the Enterprise survived and were evacuated by the Klingons, but the damage had been done and widespread military attacks between the Klingons and the Romulans began in earnest that same month. With a defense treaty in place with the Klingons, the United Federation of Planets had little choice but to join the conflict on the side of their allies.
(THE RESOLUTE WAR). In a six year war, the Klingons overran most of the Romulan Empire and defeated it soundly with Starfleet's assistance. The Federation gain a few choice pieces of real estate from this war but the Klingons held the majority of the former Empire. 

Picard receives new Enterprise-E, a Mark II Galaxy-class with improved weaponry and shielding.

Brutal suppression by Klingons against the Romulans takes place for years after the Resolute War ended, forcing the Federation to slowly withdraw its support for the Klingons.

The Borg still attack Earth and assimilate Picard, but both were saved. The USS Enterprise-E (Galaxy-class) is only slightly damaged during this confrontation.

Five Borg cubes attack the Federation: the Penzatti Homeworld is destroyed but the USS Enterprise, the USS Chekhov, and the USS Repulse are able to fend off the attack with the assistance of the "Doomsday Weapon". (See the TNG book "Vendetta")

The USS Enterprise-E (Galaxy-class) is severely damaged in tests with transwarp drive for Starfleet and is replaced by a Sovereign-class vessel.

Later, in 2373 a Borg cube again attacks Earth, but Starfleet was able to destroy it and stop its time altering efforts.

USS Voyager is thrown into the Delta Quadrant as per "canon" and arrives back home in 2378 AD. Borg conflicts with Species 8472 occur as per "canon".

The Dominion War occurs as normal (2374 to 2376). The Thallonian Empire expands into former Romulan space, reinvigorating the previously decaying Empire.

Task Force 12 disappears (my story).

The Borg Civil War ends with nearly two dozen rebel Borg vessels eventually making their way to the Alpha Quadrant, regrouping in Federation space near the Setisar Nebula. These "Unimatrix Zero" Borgs create a new small empire near the UFP, called the Borg Communality. These free-thinking Borg ally themselves with the Federation and vastly improve Starfleets' understanding of this race and their super-advanced technology.

During Operation Return Delta, Starfleet sends a small fleet of starships to re-contact many of the alien races that the Voyager did, including the the Borg Cooperative: they eventually defeat the Borg Collective, with UFP help in 2393 AD.

The Jenolan Dyson Sphere does not disappear in 2409 AD. A new interstellar route is discovered within it, leading to a second Dyson Sphere (the Solanae Sphere).

Dyson Joint Command is formed to explore the newly discovered Solanae Dyson Sphere.

Bravo Fleet is formed. Phased cloaking devices are now in limited service within Starfleet (from the USS Pegasus incident).

Operation Full Circle is launched.

Near the star Deneb, Bradley's World is discovered as well as the Ancient Planet-Maker.

Ian Worlds discovered: bridge to Andromeda and Triangulam discovered. Construction on the massive orbital Deneb Sector Hospital begins.

While my unofficial timeline doesn't have the absurd attack by 8,000 Borg cubes after the USS Voyager returns home from the Delta Quadrant. I feel what I am creating on these webpages is more realistic. The only major significant change in my unofficial timeline is the Klingons conquering the Romulan Empire. However, this is somewhat advantageous since it prepares the Klingons nicely for the Dominion War (and the Federation too). Think about it, the Klingon Empire being in total war for years and building huge numbers of ships to defeat the Romulans, and then to turn around and use them on the Dominion. Muwhahaha! The Federation too would have alot more warships and advanced military technology as well, also helping them to hold back the Dominion. Yes, this all works out very nicely. Below is a little more data on my Alternate Timeline, mainly Borg stuff.



Borg Collective:
One of the galaxy's most destructive forces, the Borg Collective could (and did) destroy or assimilate entire worlds and civilizations, creating billions of victims as it expanded across the galaxy. The Borg were only halted a few times during their aeons of expansion, most recently by a war with a toxic organic species known as 8472, and a serious civil war, and again when Admiral Janeway was able to destroy the Borgs' transwarp network and central Unimatrix. In my timeline, eventually most of the Collective would be destroyed or dissolved by humans from the United Federation of Planets (after the Admiral Janeway intervention), with the assistance of a small Borg enclave located in the Delta Quadrant, the Borg Cooperative.

Borg Communality: After a devastating civil war within the Collective, dozens of freed Borg vessels managed to make it to the Alpha Quadrant and set up a new star nation near the Setisar Nebula. They became allies and technological partners of the UFP and fought alongside Starfleet in several wars after that. This new Federation-Borg Commune  alliance is known as the Setisar Treaty of 2425.

Borg Cooperative:
This small Borg community was the result of a large Borg cube being disabled and its crew returned to their own individual minds. More than 100,000 different aliens were freed when the vessel was damaged and the survivors fled to a nearby world. With Commander Chakotay's help, these local Borg were able to re-assert a more benevolent hive mind. Over time, this Borg colony prospered and contact was re-established by Starfleet some years later. Using the Borg Cooperative's help, Starfleet was able to destroy or disable most of the Borg Collective, but details on how this was done is scanty and apparently Ultra-Top Secret. Starfleet maintains an alliance with the Cooperative to this day.

Daa'Vit Assembly:
A small militant empire located near Klingon space, these humanoids have waged an on-again off-again war with their bumpy-headed neighbors for 300 years. Now, after absorbing the Romulan Empire, a much larger Klingon Empire is a huge threat to its smaller belligerent neighbors. In response, the Daa'Vit have appealed for Federation membership, which the UFP Council is considering. Klingon ambassadors on both sides are not amused and have urged the Federation to withdraw its consideration, sparking a mini-crisis.

Dominion, the: After their brutal war with the Alpha Quadrant powers (the Federation, Romulans, and Klingons) ended poorly the Dominion leadership began to steadfastly ignore outsiders. Without their shapeshifters to guide them, the Dominion was severely weakened and Starfleets' Bravo Fleet (and Task Force 9) took advantage of the situation and began deploying starships to their region not long after the war ended.

Dyson Spheres:  Like the Jenolan Dyson Sphere, the Solanae Dyson Sphere was built by the Solanae, an Iconian servitor race, approximately 200,000 years ago. They both were constructed as immense military staging bases but the Iconians were eventually wiped out (probably by a virulent plague) and the Spheres' were later abandoned. Each Sphere was capable of many housing large armadas, able to sustain a vast population, and traveling vast distances across the galaxy through subspace via a "jump" ability fueled by Omega Particles generated by the Sphere itself. The Jenolan Dyson Sphere is a immense object  with a radius of almost one astronomical unit (AU) into which the USS Jenolan crashed in the year 2294 AD. It was later re-discovered by the USS Enterprise-D in 2369 AD and explored by subsequent Starfleet expeditions over the following years. In my timeline, the Jenolan Sphere does not jump deep into the Delta Quadrant, it remains at its traditional location in the Treva Sector (in UFP space) and has active connecting Iconian gateways to the Solonae Sphere located in the Delta Quadrant. The United Federation of Planets eventually laid claim to the Jenolan Dyson Sphere once Trill stellar-engineers were able to finally defuse the central stars' lethal radiation emissions. Considering it has the internal habitable surface area of over 500 million M-type planets, this Dyson Sphere becomes a rapidly growing colonization center for the Federation from 2410 AD onward.

Operation FULL CIRCLE: This Starfleet operation continues as per "canon".

Romulans: The Hobus Supernova still happens (but with a twist), decimating a large part of Romulan space and hindering Klingon rule of much of the region.

Task Force 12: When thrown over 3,000 light years from the Federation by an unknown force, this small group of Starfleet vessels began exploring the Deneb region where they arrived. They soon discovered some astonishing things, including a planet that looks exactly like Earth, Magna Roma, and Miri's World but inhabited by humans as advanced as the UFP....but looking very Victorian, even Steampunkish. They also discovered an immense machine, called the Originator Planet-Maker and
that could create entire planets. Almost a dozen technological races were also contacted during their survey of the Deneb area and Commodore Jose Medina decided to set down roots in the region because of its vast technological advancements, and the fact that it would take more than 5 years to return to the Federation. He was also sure that Starfleet ships with newly-fielded transwarp drive would soon discover them and support their mission in the region. Settling an empty M-class planet (Akwaterra), Task Force 12 began building a typical UFP society, including a medium-sized Starbase in orbit and a few new additional mission-specific ships. When the nearby Ian Worlds were discovered by the newly renamed Starfleet/Deneb, the shocking interstellar gateways to the nearby galaxies of Triangulum and Andromeda were revealed. These gateways could offer the Federation the universe, so Starfleet/Deneb settled in for the long haul, awaiting UFP reinforcements.

Thallonians: Revitalized by the dissolution of the Romulan Empire, the Thallonian Empire has grown much larger, tripling its size in just a few short years by grabbing nearby worlds that had belonged to the Romulans. In my timeline, the Thallon royal family was not overthrown, Thallon was not destroyed, and now the growing Empire is a pain in the neck for the inhabitants of the nearby planet Xenex.




Task Force 12a
After a second Borg attack against Earth, Starfleet began posting heavily armed warships around the Core Worlds of the Federation, and with Earth the formation became known as Task Force 12. As you can see from this picture, Starfleet's response to a Borg conduit being opened up in Sol space was over 30 warships, including 8 Galaxy-class battleships. The USS Voyager returned during this event.

Task Force 12b
As Starfleet stood down from combat operations against the Dominion following the successful end of the war, only a few dozen starships were actually located near Earth. Some of these ships (two Galaxy-class, one Nebula-class, one Prometheus-class, one Excelsior-class, and two Defiant-class ships) disappeared on a routine 
fleet exercise in 2380 AD.The Task Force somehow ended up near Bradley's Planet, over 3,000 light years away near the star Deneb.


Defiant-class Escort
These spunky little warships were built to fight the Borg and they proved extremely efficient in combat against Dominion forces. By the time the Dominion War was over, over 100 of these escort ships had been built. Armed with quantum torpodoes, burst phasers, and heavy armor, they proved formidable in any fight and their small crew requirments (less then 100 personnel) made them attractive to Starfleet leadership.

The Last Fleet
Located near the Barzan Wormhole, this Klingon Defense Force task group disappeared just before the Borg were eliminated from our galaxy. They were literally the last ships ever to be assimilated by the evil Borg.

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